Time Travel Event Is Nearing The End……..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Time Travel Event Ends TOMORROW July 5th. 

This means that you will want to make that final push to gather up all the things you want from the Event before it goes with the Event.

As far as what is going to happen AFTER the Event… well, we can’t know… until it is over. Lol. Until then all we can do is speculate. So, patience. We all have to verify what happens after together.

Now as far as to what is going with the Event, here is a brief rundown…

  • Questlines linked directly to the progression of the Event will go. Like the Main Questlines that pulled you through all 3 Acts.
  • However, the questlines linked directly the the prizes and Premium Characters you’ve won will remain. (so Sexy Pirate, Blackbeard etc)
  • The event removal will require an app store update to fully remove it from your game.  So don’t panic when the timer runs down and the event isn’t out of your game…  It will require an app store update to remove everything.

I know some of you still try to push that last few minutes of collection as far as you can. If you turn OFF the auto update feature in your App Market, you may give yourself an extra day or so just know that ANY time after the 5th is borrowed time and you are doing so at YOUR OWN RISK. EA can force the update at anytime after the 5th and make you update. So use any extra time wisely and get what you need before you have to remove the Event completely.

Also, we’ve seen with a few recent events EA shuts off the ability to earn one item or another.  So don’t bank on being able to get that extra time.  Try to earn as many eyepatches as you can until the event ends.

And don’t forget to craft! Use em (the Specimen) or lose em!

So tap those last few agents and relax and wait to see what EA has next in store for us.

Additional note:

Some of you are asking what you should craft with all of your extra crafting currency.  There’s no magic item to craft.  There’s no way of knowing what EA might make premium in the future, with a bonus %.  Best advice I can give you is craft at least one of everything.  If there’s something you think you could use in a particular design craft a bunch of them and stick them in storage.

If you feel like you’ve crafted everything you want, then it’s ok to not use all of your crafting currency.  Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to spend it.

Crafting Post, with item breakdown

A few others asked me about which gives the most XP when placed in Springfield…it appears as if each item (you can craft multiples of) gives you 100xp when placed in Springfield.  So there’s no item that gives you more of an advantage.

Also, the premium items WILL BE LEAVING THE STORES TOMORROW FOR GOOD.  (or until EA brings them back at some point in the future) So if you want something get it before it’s gone.  Because these items WILL leave the store once the timer runs out.  (with or without an app store update)

Finally, the 4th of July Items will ALSO be leaving stores tomorrow.  So be sure to pick up any of those items (including the Mystery Box) before time runs out!

Are you sad to see the event go?  Or ready for it to finally be over?  How did you do with the prizes?  Get everything you wanted?  What are you hoping to see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

97 responses to “Time Travel Event Is Nearing The End……..

  1. I was very disappointed at this event. It had potential, but failed. I thought the storyline was too short and it was lacking in creativity.

    My job doesn’t allow me tap every 4 hours, but I’ve been playing for years, started around the first Christmas event way back in the day and I play 3 or 4 times a day, depending on my work schedule, and I’ve always managed to get all the prizes. Not this time though. This is the first event I wasn’t able to get all the prizes, far from it. It left me feeling bitter because it seems like it doesn’t matter if I play regularly, only that I play at the rate EA wants me to.

  2. BanglesDupree

    I liked digging for prizes. I did okay on the prize track once I bought the waterwheel. Storyline was good. Didn’t get to craft as many camels and columns as I wanted. All in all, a fun event! Kind of sad to see it go.

  3. Man, what a lousy event. It’s two biggest problems were that the currency to get the prizes was WAY too tight, and that the prizes were very lackluster. And this event had a lot of potential. Time travel is an interesting concept, and Egypt, Dinosaurs, and Pirates are good choices for the time periods. I hope we get a sequel event where they tackle this idea a lot better. Ironically, the thing this event arguably did best, the shovel mini-game, was the biggest complaint people had had in the last few events. ( ie the Surveillance Game in Agents, which was very similar to the SciFi event, or Norberts riddles in Around the World). If you could combine the quality of the dig mini game with the quality of the last two events, EA would have something great. Oh well.

    • Oh and I forgot to mention, the storyline was better than normal. I don’t know, something about homer going back in time and meeting various reincarnations of Artie Ziff spoke to me. But that still doesn’t make up for all the other negatives.

  4. Updated a few minutes ago and a new event has started. A “gay pride” type event

  5. When the event started I was excited to see a pirate section, however once it started I was very disappointed with the item selection. I couldn’t wait for it to be over after that point.

  6. Another event that seemed more like work than fun.

    Tapping all the time, but w/o spending donuts to get extra event currency things, I missed out on a bunch.

    Seems to be the norm anymore.
    if I was just starting this game instead of already being vested into it for years, I probably would say screw it..

  7. Keith1Roon991

    Was able to buy 1 mystery box but didn’t get a President, until next time EA, its on my most wanted list now especially Lincoln, my favorite President because he fights vampire

  8. Alissa: “So tap those last few agents…”? I think you meant to say rats. Obviously just a carryover from the secret agents event post.

    • Sorry I was attempting to have a life and enjoy my time with my family…put this together quickly before running out the door for those who don’t pay attention to timers, hence some carry over.

  9. Got none of the final prizes each round but I really didn’t care if I did. Put very minimal effort into this event. Just not a fan of any of the prizes. The museum is cool, but I already have 3. The historical society was by far the best thing to come out of it.

  10. Alot going on, was planning on spending a few donuts to finish, but alas ea prob and unable to buy donuts. So for the first time in 2 years won’t be finishing an event.

  11. I’m happy with this event… Managed to get everything with 3-4 days left and the mystery boxes were just pure win. For me the event was same as usual although saving the shovels helped a lot… I bought Booberella skin straight first day but other than that I didn’t have any premium item… I tried to tap whenever I’m free because with my job I’m without internet connection all the time (I wish there is wifi up in the sky, but not with my airlines 😂😤 ) Anyway.. Was farming whole week just to get more donuts for at least one more try in 4th july box… Almost smashed my phone when yesterday with 11hours to go I got Republican HQ😭… So overnight I spend all my money (Literally end up with 1800) just to get enough donuts for my last try…With no cash and no time left, my bank was 74donuts…🙈 I got my last donut 4minutes before box dissapeared from the stock of debris I was making in my town (phew!) And the prize was : Kumiko😍🙆‍♀️ So now I’m in euphoria from whole event… I hope I will manage to get some donuts before Tuesday, Akira just finally showed up in my vault and it’s just amazing deal…
    And I really hope EA will keep excavation site as minigame 😊

  12. This event was far too difficult. I have been playing TSTO for years (almost the beginning, I believe) and was so disappointed with this event. They have gradually been getting harder but this is the first that I haven’t managed to collect everything.

    I’m a Mum and a Freemium player. I don’t have the time to be logging in 5 times a day. I refuse to spend actual money to reach the end of these events. I save my donuts for premium characters (Barney, Disco Stu, etc) I enjoyed being able to finish the Events in the past but this one was too hard and even then I was logging in 3-4 times a day (but never less than 3).

    I’m almost wanting to give up!

  13. Got the last prize this morning. Might get one bonus box, but I wasn’t trying that hard for it. (Meanwhile, I bonus leveled a dozen times.)

  14. It was alright, wasn’t overly enthused. Highlight for me was getting booberella and the pirate/ghost ship combo!
    Now I’m saving my hard earned donuts all summer for Halloween! My favorite event of them all in tapped out!! 🎃

  15. Got the pirate ship before I went to bed last night, and got the last craftable two or three days ago.

  16. Maddiethecool101

    I guess we are in the minority but we really liked this event (family plays 1 account). Just earned the final pirate prize this morning. The dig site was a fun change. Only crafted that which we wanted. All in all, much better than the Christmas/pagan event (boring prizes).

  17. I think I had the wrong strategy with the digging. Was I not supposed to be always looking for the diamonds? I hopefully will finish but this event was a struggle.

    • It is a struggle indeed, but if you have premium characters it is (very) easy.

    • Yes, you get the exact same main collectable (e.g. eye-patches) per shovel so whether you use 2 shovels or 36 doesn’t matter for the main prizes (94 vs 1692 = 47 per shovel). However, I found you get a fairly consistent amount of crafting currency regardless of shovels spent. e.g on 2,4, 5, 7, 36 shovels spent getting the gem I got 353, 265, 114, 110, 316 crafting currency respectively. So I actually got more from 2 shovels than 36 shovels! So yeah, despite what a few others said I found it best to find the gem as quickly as possible. You should’ve been visiting 30 neighbours per day to get another 1,710 eye-patches a day. I did buy Booberella and Blackbeard with my farmed doughnuts, so I finished the event 6 days early (Phase 1 was 4 days early, Phase 2 was 5 days early)

    • To say it simply: If you keep looking for the diamond every time, you are going to speed up your Excavation Prizes. If you tap on every square before looking for the diamond, you get more payout (event currency + crafting specimen) to speed up your main prize track.

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