Pride 2017 Prize Breakdown: Crosswalks, Mopeds & One Night Stan’s

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for a little Pride in Springfield! As the Pride 2017 mini event hit our games last week.

New mini event means all new prizes.  So let’s break a bunch of them down now…


So normally I do an individual breakdown for each prize, but it’s summer and I’m exhausted (and it’s pretty likely that EA will release a major event pretty soon, so better for me to recharge now) so I’m combining most into one post.  All except one.  You’ll notice Grady is missing from this post.  That’s because he’s got a questline & tasks, plus he’ll likely come back as a premium character one day, so I want to make sure we go into detail in a separate post for Grady.  So look for that post soon.

Here are the details for the other Pride prizes…

The first prize unlocked during the Pride Mini Event is the Pride Crosswalks (x5):

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Pride and Prejudices Pt. 1
Make Lisa Collect Signatures- 3hrs
Collect Pride Badges- x500.

Where Can It Go?: One of the few items to go right on the street.
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Obedience +5
More Details: The prize unlocks 5 initial crosswalks in white.  Every 3hrs you’ll be able to tap each Crosswalk and unlock another color.  You’ll also earn 5 badges each time you tap the Crosswalks.
Once fully colored in you’ll be able to change the appearance of the walks by tapping on them…

Once you’ve finished the prize track and unlocked One Night Stan’s you’ll be able to make more Crosswalks.  More details on that in a minute.

The second prize unlocked during the Pride Mini Event is Armistead’s Mopeds:

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Pride and Prejudices Pt. 2
Make Homer Sign Lisa’s Petition- 3hrs
Collect Pride Badges- x750.

Size: 6×6
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Consumerism +10
Build Time: Instant
Earns: $200, 20xp/12hrs
Task: None.  But does come with a little bit of dialogue…

Lisa: Ooo, mopeds! Dad, you should get one.  They’re much more environmentally friendly than a car.
Homer: Well, I have always wanted to ride around, wind in my hairs.
Julio: You do know that a moped has no 48-ounce cup holder.
Homer: Oh, then forget it!

The Fifth (and final) prize unlocked during the Pride Mini Event is One Night Stan’s:

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Pride and Prejudices Pt. 5
Make Homer Go Through Door Marked “Men”- 3hrs
Collect Pride Badges- x 1,050.

Size: 4×6
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Consumerism +10
Build Time: Instant
Earns: No income. BUT you can build more Crosswalks there.  See image below.
Task: Julio has a task there. When in use with Julio, or making Crosswalks it’s animated.  Lights up.

Here’s the dialogue that pops up:
Grady: Hey, I thought this was a gay bar?
Roscoe: They do a Straight Night on Tuesdays.  Stan’s trying to bring in more money so he can buy a new widescreen TV.
Grady: *sigh* I guess we could do something else?
Roscoe: Like what?

To create more crosswalks tap on Stan’s..

Tap Build…

Each Crosswalk will cost you $20,000 to build and takes 12hrs.

Beyond that Stan’s earns no income.

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the non-Grady Pride 2017 prizes.

What are your thoughts on the prizes?  Where have you placed them?  Have you unlocked them all by now? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

52 responses to “Pride 2017 Prize Breakdown: Crosswalks, Mopeds & One Night Stan’s

  1. Now it earns $ every 4 hours!

  2. The Gayborhood in my Springfield is looking very WeHo (West Hollywood), I just wish EA would add Tasks for existing Springfield Characters with the Buildings (who doesn’t want to see a Moped Gang cruise their Town?)

  3. Love all the buildings…I have a full fledged gayborhood now! Glad I bought the she-she lounge back at Valentine’s Day so it’s complete.

  4. Kumbaya ❄️

    Wish there were some, uh,hetero crosswalks offered for diversitys sake. Not tryin to ruffle any fathers here. 🐓🐓🐓

  5. I really like this event. I just got out of the hospital and got a late start but it still allowed me to join in without feeling overwhelmed. Cool prizes too. I took out some of my previous pride flags and decorated with some of those as well. *)

    Question: Pride and Prejudices Pt.4 Does anybody know who is participating in the Collect 50 Pride Badges? I have Moe switch signs & then only 2 characters, Sea Captain & Comic Book Guy participating. Usually there were three, so I wonder if I have them locked up in tasks and don’t know there could be another one who could be earning more badges. Anyone know who participates in this part of each of the 5 parts? t.i.a.

  6. I unlocked all the prizes the other day. Working on getting all the land for krustyland right now. One more bit left.

  7. I’m gonna have so many crosswalks.

    • Yes, my town will be loaded with the rainbow crosswalks and my game cash stockpile will dwindle if I manage to unlock Stan’s… I’m already spending all my donuts on rainbow billboards. What can I say? I like rainbows.

  8. Please do not forget the crosswalks earn 50XP!
    Much better than KEM farming and selling KEMs at decreasing sales values….

    • ??????🙃??????

      You get 2,000 XP for building one Kwik-E-Mart, at a net cost of no more than $10,800. How can spending $20,000 to build one crosswalk to earn 50 XP be a better deal? I think you’re confused about something…or I sure am!

  9. Sorry if it’s been mentioned, but can characters actually WALK on the crosswalks? So far it seems like all of my characters go out of their way to walk around them. I wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence or not.

    • I haven’t seen any of my characters use them…in fact yes I think they do avoid them 🤔

    • street tiles are the main thoroughfares for characters to traverse, and the crosswalks are like any other decoration in the game. so, by default, the characters will try to walk around it, like they do with the manhole covers and barriers that are placed in the street.

      if ea is gonna allow us to clog our roadways with as many of these items as we want, then they might as well let us place vehicles there too…

    • I’ve noticed that the golf cart drives up on the sidewalk to go around them and then back to the street…so much for making the streets safer😆.

      • Lol!

        Such lazy programming…how hard wood it have been to code the crosswalks such that they’re considered “road” and are, therefore, traversable.

  10. Gabe "glue man" degrossi

    The wise guys 10 hour “work a clerk shift” task can actually have him go to the armisteads mopeds building. Not that the animation is interesting or anything, the door just opens and that’s it…

  11. I’m so happy we finally have crosswalks. Now we just need regular roads to use outside the city and maybe country roads. I have to use dirt for the time being, it does the trick. ^^’

  12. 20k seems steep but I can live with it given that it completes the town more.

  13. When I got the gay crosswalks, I got annoyed because I couldn’t buy more crosswalks. Then, I got One Night Stand and was told a crosswalk was $20,000. I laughed, then I laughed some more. All before throwing that building in my storage.

    EA is crazy if they think I’m going to spend time and money on those crosswalks. I’d rather use that money to farm for donughts.

    • Lenroy Jenkins

      I can understand the other commentators who like the crosswalks but I’m in agreement for the time being that until my KEM donut farming reaches some crazy level where I can buy everything and then some, I’ll pass on building more crosswalks for now. They’re no word priced that squidport tiles really but at least then you were basically getting a land expansion of sorts.

    • Is 20,000 expensive?? I’ll earn around 500,000-1,000,000 per day, so 20k seems like a drop in the ocean

      • I’m up to 7 mil a day, but I can sure remember when 20,000 was a whole lot of game cash…and when buying my first white house was a big deal😁.

        • Oh, totally! I fact, if I hadn’t been home on disability when I first started playing, and, therefore, able to use 1-hour tasks and constantly collect from my few meagre buildings, I don’t know how I would have ever progressed quickly enough to get through those first several levels! In fact, back then, I was a VERY demanding neighbor….I only wanted neighbours who would visit my town daily, because I needed the income! (To be fair though, I always visited all of my neighbours fault in return.) But three years, 939+ levels, millions of in-game dollars, and lots of donuts later, my standards and gameplay have definitely changed.

        • Dayum, that would be an amazing income. I’m max level with 350% bonus, and still have an extensive house farm. I used to have a lot of cash on hand, but with doughnut farming it’s almost always hovering around 300k in savings as I spend any extra for more doughnuts. I’m still trying to buy the extra land we got recently – 5 blocks to go, but they’ll cost me 10 mil. I can only dream of being able to buy those in less than 2 days like you! 🙂

      • I only have a 25-KEM garden, which generally together with task and building income gives me about six donuts per harvest while also letting me creep up to an extra million dollars frequently enough. I also play the Maggie game and always pay to get three donuts from her and the level ups. I’d rather do that with the cash than expand my garden right now. I want to build up my cash so I can get extra donuts from rat trap delivery trucks when I see something I want in an event but harvesting donuts won’t be fast enough. Plus I really need to buy a lot of land.

        I could afford to spend $20,000 now and then for a new crosswalk, since I’m up to $10 million. But if I were still at $2 million, I might feel too close to the edge to get one very often. I hardly ever spring for new Squidport squares, although I need them.

  14. The prize selection for the mini-events lately is really good, especially compared to the major events. I’d vote for more mini-events, less major ones. Maybe something like two minis in a row, before the next major event hits. That would also create less of a burn-out, towards the end the long events are more chore than fun…
    The crosswalks are a nice addition, in my opinion we could really use more small “normal” things like this. The buildings are nice, too, not like the huge monstrosities we always get with major events. By now, most of my Springfield consists of “theme parks”, I am always happy to get more stuff that can fit into a relatively normal neighborhood.

    • I like the idea of more mini-events…2 weeks seems an ideal amount of time to cover a theme.

    • Yes, I agree 2 mini-events in a row and then a major event after would be a good idea, with 1 week events like the Forgotten Anniversary update before the Time Traveling Toaster event can be put between them as well.

  15. Loving the crosswalks and the ability to make more. Some nice free buildings, inexpensive decorations I’m quite happy with this. Oh and Father Sean has got some more company on the road now. Definitely need more of this EA. The mini events are out doing the main events.

  16. I’m making as many crossings as I can for a rainbow road 👣😊🌈

  17. The crosswalks are awesome, I’m gonna have em all over town. I was worried they were gonna be sold for donuts after the event. My Springfield gets more colorful every 12 hrs now.

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