Addicts Housekeeping: Addicts Live and Meetup

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  Hope y’all had a great week and an even better start to your weekend! Just wanted to pop in this morning with a couple of notes about a few things..

First up, Addicts Live!

You may have noticed it’s been a few weeks since the last Addicts Live, and we’re halfway through July and we haven’t announced another one yet.  In fact, a few of you emailed me asking about it.  While we LOVE doing Addicts Live, we’ve all go a bunch of stuff going on in our lives this month so we’re taking the month of July off. (in fact Pat’s daughter is getting married next weekend(!), so you know he’s been otherwise preoccupied this month!)

But don’t worry, we’ll be back at it in August!  In fact, we’re already talking about ways we can do one where we’re all in the same room during our Addicts Meetup next month!

And speaking of the Addicts Meetup…

We’re just about a month away from our Addicts West Coast Adventure! You can find out more details about it here, but Wookiee, Patric and I are hoping to meet up with YOU the Addicts Readers next month (August 19th) at Universal Studios Hollywood! A bunch of you have RSVP’d already, but I thought a reminder a month out doesn’t hurt! So if you’re interested in attending, don’t forget to RSVP so we can get an approx headcount.

Looking forward to meeting up with our West Coast Addicts in about a month!

And that’s it from me (don’t worry a fun Caption This will be coming up a little later today).  Hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend!  And remember to enjoy the downtime in TSTO, because very likely something is hitting our games next week!

13 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping: Addicts Live and Meetup

  1. Funny that “Eyecarumba” the building made into Universal Studios but didn’t make the cut in the bracket challenge. (It’s behind Krusty in the picture above.)

  2. Wish I could go, but got to explore Springfield in Orlando! Have fun!

  3. This is the first time since I started playing in January that I have a “0” next to my task book! What to do, what to do….

    • Collect money and invest in road to riches with Cecil that’s what I’ve been doing. 90% of the way to getting mansion gardens should get it by either tomorrow or Monday.

      • Forgot all about getting Billonaires Retreat in Springfield Heights, still have available land to buy both in Springfield and Krustyland. I’ll save Bob for after those are complete I think. Got plenty of sprinkles for the upcoming event, but I’m Really looking forward to my first TSTO Halloween!!! 😀

  4. Have a great wedding, Pat and Pat’s daughter!

  5. Would be great if Addicts Live could be done during the Meet & Greet👨‍👩‍👧‍👦…would probably be fun for some of the attendees to say Hi 🙋🏻‍♂️…and I’d love to meet some of the regulars👩‍💻👨🏾‍💻 who made it out to the west coast.

  6. That’s funny…I was just thinking about Addicts Livethis morning . I messed the last one or two, so it feels like a REALLY long time for me! But I certainly understand about life taking priority (and congrats, Patric!).

    Speaking of Patric…did you get my message about possible additional lights for your village in the Open Thread? There was a link to a site that I thought you’d find interesting…

    • No need to “mess” an episode, … can still watch the video, long after today is over.

      It IS better if you can watch live because you can type a comment/question ….and it gets discussed straight away…’s truly interactive.

      Technology makes us impatient, …..
      Who remembers when you used to write a letter, and wait weeks for a reply?

      “Six seconds?… But I want it now!”


      • I dunno….somehow, without the “live” aspect, it ends up in line (and pretty far back in the line) of all the things I want to “get to.”

        And, yes…these days the mantra is, “I want it all, I want it now, and I want it for free!”

        Of all the possible enhancements to WordPress, the one I want most is the ability to edit after the fact. I noticed the “messed” mess too late, and didn’t feel like posting a correction, since I figured most folks would still be able to figure out what I was trying to say. But it really annoys the editor side of me, who totally would take the time to go back and correct stuff if I had the ability.

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