Bracket Battle Pick’em Contest: Week 5 Leaderboard

Note from Alissa…still nothing update wise but decided to post the leaderboard a little earlier than usual so a) it doesn’t get lost in posts later tonight & b) hoping by posting EA will drop an update 5-10 minutes later (it’s happened before).  So fingers crossed we get something soon 🙂 

Bonjour Brilliant Beautiful Building Bracket Battle Best Buddies,

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As many of you know, the third edition of the Bracket Battle is back this summer. This time it’s to determine the most desired building in our Springfield’s. However, this time, we have an added pick’em contest to go along with the Bracket Battle and the Addicts have been kind enough to provide a prize of $10 USD gift card (or equivalent) to one winner from the United States and one International winner.

While it’s too late to enter the contest now, the original contest post with rules can be found here.

A quick recap of the contest:

  • Basically everyone who entered made their 63 picks for who will win the 63 head-to-head matchups.
  • Every correct Round 1 (weeks 1-4) matchup is worth 1 point.
  • Every correct Round 2 (weeks 5-6) matchup is worth 2 points.
  • Every correct Round 3 (week 7) matchup is worth 4 points.
  • Every correct Round 4 (week 8) matchup is worth 10 points.
  • Every correct Round 5 (week 9) matchup is worth 20 points.
  • And correctly predicting the winner in Round 6 (week 10) is worth 40 points.
  • The two people (1 from US, 1 international) with the most points at the end of the Bracket Battle each win a prize.

So who entered?

278 people entered the contest, plus we have four picks that are not eligible for prizes: Namely from our three Addicts and I also made my picks.

We received 179 contest entries from USA; 28 from Canada; 21 from UK (I included those who entered England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as UK); 9 from Australia; 5 from Germany and the Netherlands; 4 from Spain; 3 from Ireland; 2 from Austria, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa, and Sweden; and 1 entry apiece from Brazil, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, and Thailand.

But we’re all Addicts and the picks we made must all be the same, right?


All 282 entries had a unique combination of 63 picks winning their matchups (i.e. not even including the tiebreaker). Granted there are 1,329,227,995,784,920,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unique entries that could have been made, but I thought there might be some consensus amongst Addicts. 40 of the 64 buildings were picked as winner of the title of the most desired building.

So how am I doing so far?

Here is the Leaderboard after Week 5 and with the start of two points for correct entries in Round 2, sorted by points then alphabetically by name:



Congrats to Nida who had a perfect week and is now is sole position of first place after the first half of Round 2 with 43 of a maximum 48 points.

I’d also like to give myself a special shout out, for correctly guessing all 8 matchups and jumping 59 places to tied for fifth. What can I say, I’m awesome! (and very modest!)

So who picked who in Week 5?

#5 seed Lenny’s House (61% – 905 votes) upset #1 Bouvier House (39% – 571 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 64 people (22.7%) who picked Lenny’s House from the get-go to get the point.

#1 Moe’s Apartment (62% – 919 votes) defeated #4 Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn (38% – 555 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 171 people (60.6%) who picked Moe’s Apartment from the get-go to get the point.

#1 Springfield University (62% – 918 votes) defeated #4 Krusty’s Clown College (38% – 565 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 140 people (49.6%) who picked Springfield University from the get-go to get the point.

#1 Praiseland (61% – 893 votes) defeated #5 Springfield Speedway (39% – 581 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 143 people (50.7%) who picked Praiseland from the get-go to get the point.

#5 Moe’s Express (68% – 985 votes) defeated #8 P.F. Wangs (32% – 474 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 56 people (19.9%) who picked Moe’s Express from the get-go to get the point. By introducing The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen, EA cost 102 people (31.9%) a potential point.

#1 The Slaughterhouse (51% – 740 votes) barely beat #5 Kentucky Fried Panda (49% – 712 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 142 people (50.4%) who picked The Slaughterhouse from the get-go to get the point.

#1 I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm (77% – 1,120 votes) defeated #5 The Creamatorium (23% – 331 vote),  allowing the 165 people (58.5%) who picked I Can’t Believe  It’s a Law Firm from the get-go to get the point.

#5 KrustyCo SweatShop (76% – 1,097 votes) defeated #8 Quitters (24% – 344 votes) in the Bracket Battle, allowing the 135 people (47.9%) who picked KrustyCo SweatShop from the get-go to get the point.


Well that’s it for this weeks pick’em contest leaderboard recap. Don’t forget to vote on the Week 6 Bracket Battle matchups here. Voting is open until noon eastern this Thursday. And be sure to come back this Friday evening for the second half of Round 2 when the Week 7 matchups go live.

How is your Bracket going? What did you do right and what did you do wrong? Are you doing better than the Addicts? Did doubling points help or hinder you? You know we love hearing from you!


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  1. Great job Safi!

  2. Just getting an update on android. Hoping my favourite building is just about to be disqualified from this competition so long as it comes with Bleeding Gums.

  3. Live on Android. Just bought bleeding gums

  4. Update in Android store (US). Lisa starts. Bracket breaker warning.

  5. Whooohoo! In the back- but coming up from below!

    • Well, you only had one direction to go in, lol!

      The bad news for me jumping to 5th means I essentially only have one direction to go in. My goal is to finish in the Top 100!

  6. Update just hit Apple App store! Music!!!

  7. The update has hit. It’s jamming!

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    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE yay finally lol woohoo!

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  16. I have an update! Quirky load screen. Lisa starts for summer jazz concert

  17. I don’t think were getting an update today its already 3:30 p.m here in Colorado and nothing yet! EA usually will release a tease photo of the next update a few days b4 the update and they havent done that yet unless i missed that! Sitting here bitting away at my finger nails waiting ever so inpatiently..

  18. Can I get this update started by complaining that there’s no update yet?!?!

  19. Nice work Safi as usual, been enjoying this contest & appreciate the hard work you put in.
    Regarding the update is there anything in the files that suggests it would hit today ? or was this just pure speculation ?

    • I’ve just downloaded major update on Android

    • If I had to guess now, I’d say yes an update will hit today.

      Breaking news, my guess was right.

      Sorry for the late reply but have to work to buy the sweet sweet donuts. Just to clarify, that’s real Tim Hortons donuts; not in game donuts, as I’m basically a freemium farming player.

  20. Maybe a little off topic but I’m really puzzled on when the next Event will be dropped if been eagerly waiting….

  21. It doesn’t look like we’re getting a new event today. Famous last words…..

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    I had a new update notification on my tablet and I was thinking ahh yay finally the update is here, but the update wasn’t even for tapped out. 😞

  24. Still no update? Lol

  25. I completely forget what I originally voted for, so I’m probably working against myself at this point hahaha

    And I’ve changed my standing…I’m lower than Safi but higher than Wookiee this week!

  26. And I soooooo wanted the Extra Krispy Panda Deal Meal….sigh….☹️

  27. I dont get it….i voted but dont/havent ever see my name? Did i need to enter somewhere? Sorry….I’m not too bright….. Lol

  28. Oh the suspense! Where’s the dang event update? It’s gotta happen soon,

  29. Oof – I dropped down a lot further than I thought…I actually thought I might even have gone up, not down! I only missed 2 of these, at most (can’t remember whether I had picked Quitters or the Sweatshop FTW, but I knew I had blown it with Kentucky Fried Panda).

    Is there still hope for a rebound?

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