Homerpalooza 101: Jam Sessions for Act 2

Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield! That’s right the rock fest has begun! One key aspect introduced in Homerpalooza is Jam Sessions.

NOTE: This post is a continuation of the Act 1 – rock post, but will focus on Act 2 – Pop. We’ll have another separate post for Act 3


Jam Sessions:

So in this event, similar to a few events in the past (TapBall, Superheroes, Halloween come to mind), you’ll be tasked with sending characters on a secondary task.  In this case it’s Jam Sessions.

From the Event Hub or in the top right of your screen, click on the stage icon to send characters to Jam Sessions.

Jam Session Stages:

Jam Sessions are conducted at various stages in each Act. In Act 1 – Rock, Jam Sessions were conducted at the Rock Stage, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, and eventually The Simpsons House (if you unlocked it in the prize track). In Act 2 – Pop, your Rock characters (identified by the logo) will continue to have Jam Sessions at these four stages. However, you’ll now also have Pop characters (identified by the  logo) that can have Jam Sessions at the Pop Stage, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, and eventually Springfield Elementary (when you unlock it in the prize track).

As you may have noticed, Moe’s Tavern and Kwik-e-Mart are listed as venues for both your Rock and your Pop characters. Every time you go to conduct a Jam Session at these two venues, the game will randomly assign whether the stage is a venue for your Rock  characters or your Pop  characters. The game will only show you the characters that can jam on that stage at that time. So if you go to Moe’s and only see Rock characters, it’s a Rock stage for this Jam Session; or vice versa if you only see Pop characters. As it’s random, you could have one of four possibilities for these two venues:
1) Moe’s Tavern = Rock, Kwik-e-Mart = Rock
2) Moe’s Tavern = Rock, Kwik-e-Mart = Pop
3) Moe’s Tavern = Pop, Kwik-e-Mart = Rock
4) Moe’s Tavern = Pop, Kwik-e-Mart = Pop

4 characters can jam at the Rock Stage and Pop Stage, while only 2 can jam at Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, The Simpsons House, and Springfield Elementary. If you fill a stage, you get 100 bonus event currency ( in Act 2). So if you don’t have enough characters to fill all the stages, it’s in your best interest to fill as many of the small stages as possible.

Jam Session Characters:

Various characters can Jam (perform on stage) to earn more event currency.

In Act 2, Rock characters that can jam at any of the four Rock stages are the same ones from Act 1 that have a blue icon next to them, and include:

  • Homer
  • Apu
  • Rev. Lovejoy
  • Dr. Hibbert
  • Lisa
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Shredder Stevens
  • Freddy Freeman
  • Rockstar Maggie
  • Nick Delacourt
  • Peter Dabbruzio
  • Rockin Otto
  • Weird Al

In Act 2, Pop characters that can jam at any of the Pop stages have a pink icon next to them, and include:

  • Lisa
  • Bart
  • Milhouse
  • Ralph
  • Nelson
  • Alaska Nebraska
  • Leon Kompowski
  • Maggie
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Rockstar Maggie
  • Weird Al

NOTE: Act 3 – Hip Hop characters will be discussed in the Act 3 conclusion of this post.

Star Management:

The more frequently you send characters, the better the character will get (i.e. Practice Makes Perfect), and as a result, the more event currency they will earn. The goal is to get your characters to 5 star performers to earn the most event currency possible from each Jam Session, as higher star ranks earn more rewards from Jam Sessions.

Each character has a base star value: (NOTE:  Act 2 characters have been added this time, while Act 3 characters will be shown in the subsequent post!)

Star Ranks Characters Currency Payout
1 Star Homer, Apu, Rev. Lovejoy, and Dr. Hibbert. 25
1.5 Star Weird Al Yankovic, Nick Delacourt 37
2 Star Lisa, Bart Mihouse, Ralph, Nelson, 50
2.5 Star Bleeding Gums Murphy, Shredder Stevens, Freddy Freeman, Rockstar Maggie 62
3 Star Maggie, Alaska Nebraska 75
3.5 Star Leon Kompowsky 87
4 Star 100
4.5 Star 112
5 Star 125

As shown above, 1 star characters earn 25 event currency. 2 stars earn 50 event currency, 3 stars earn 75, 4 stars earn 100, and the maxed out 5 star characters earn 125 event currency.

When sending characters, you get 50 bonus event currency for filling the stage, so best to fill those stages up.

Upgrading Characters:

Each character requires 80 star points to rank up to the next half star. Each Jam Session awards the character 5 star points. So it takes 16 Jam Sessions to be upgraded to the next half star. Alternatively, you can spend 1 donut per 5 star points (or 16 donuts to level up a complete half star) – though we never recommend spending your precious donuts to do so.

Time commitment wise, it takes 4 hours per Jam Session, 16 Jam Sessions to upgrade half a star, so 64 hours to upgrade half a star. Homer, Apu, Rev. Lovejoy, and Dr. Hibbert will require 8 half-star upgrades to reach 5 stars, so that’s 512 hours or 21 and a third days of practice. This time commitment is reduced by 64 hours for every half star a characters base star rank is higher than 1 star.

You’ll notice, for this reason Act 2 characters start at a much higher base star value. So someone like Leon Kompowsky that starts at 3.5 base star value would only need 3 half-star upgrades, or 192 hours of practice, to reach 5 stars.

Tips and Tricks:

Be sure to check out the Act 1 post for Tips and Tricks.


And that’s it my friends. A few quick tips to make Jam Sessions in Springfield rock….

What are your thoughts on Jam Sessions? Have any other tips or tricks you can share for Act 2 only? Rank up any Act 2 characters yet? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



98 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Jam Sessions for Act 2

  1. I have one venue that still has curtains down, so I can’t place any characters. I have completed act 2. How do I “raise” these curtains?


  2. For some reason I am not getting any sunglasses or tickets for lawyers I drop in friends town. It worked fine during Act 1, but hasn’t for Act 2. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  3. Into the last week of Act 2 and I haven’t seen any sign of Baby Maggie joining the list of Pop performers. Have I missed something?!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Does it matter what character fills the first slot in jam sessions? I think I remember one of the first posts on this event saying something about making sure to put higher rated characters in the first slot.
    It’s difficult trying to always leave a high rated character for each stage to be in the first slot, and I was wondering if it really makes any difference once you actually add the rewards from every stage up as a combined total.

    On a related note, Would putting a higher rated character in the last slot (bonus slot) create any additional overall benefit?


  5. Hey all! Just wondering if anyone else is running into a glitch where performers suddenly can’t play at venues? Two days ago, I had enough characters to fill every slot (have all of Sungazer members, Bleeding Gums and Rockstar Maggie), and yet now characters like Dr. Hibbert can’t go to the same place. It is kind of frustrating, as I cannot seem to fill all the spots now. Did KEM switch the “type” of venue it is? I truly wish the style system was just dropped completely, allowing for anyone to jam anywhere. I have seen a few tips hete, but is there a good guide for this somewhere?


    • Okay, just read that KEM and Moe’s switch styles randomly. Disregard, seems that this is intentional. Kind of silly though, it would be nice if these were either set as a style, or allowed for either.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I believe each venue changes the type of venue they are each round so yeah the same characters do no always get to play the same venues


  6. I just fill the two-slot venues first and then whatever is left goes in the four slot venues. That way I’m guaranteed four bonuses and depending on how the two random venues play out, maybe I’ll get a fifth. (this time I have three rockers and two poppers)

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  7. Hi Everyone! Have you been able to send Maggie to a jam session?


    • No, not yet. My new guess, she won’t be released until the end of Act 2 (or I guess I should say when Act 3 starts).

      You can see Milhouse has the Hip Hop icon in addition to the Pop icon. Likewise, other Pop characters might be used in the Hip Hop Act. So to balance this, Maggie might not be released until Act 3 hits. Time will tell.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the response! I hope to see Maggie Jaming soon! Lol…. Do you know what the green dollar sign next to a few of the jam session charters is all about? They’re displayed in line with the rock and/or pop icons. ??


    • Baby Maggie is here for both Pop and Hip Hop!!!


  8. I just unlocked Wierd Alex, and I was unable to send him to any of the pop venues. I sent everyone but one pop kid and the pop stage, then exited the game and opened it again still no luck


    • That is weird. I unlocked Weird Al’s pop capability yesterday and have sent him to Pop stages a couple of times. Does he show the pink Pop icon at least?


  9. This event is starting to get annoying, there is hardly anyone left for railroad construction once you start Weird Al’s quest and the performances. Usually I’m done with it Friday at the latest but now I’m not even halfway. And I don’t see it getting any better in the last act.


  10. Weird Al doesn’t become a Pop Star until after you unlock that ability (after getting Springfield Characters to perform Tasks and earn 200 Special Currency) – just like Tappers did in Act 1 to get Weird Al unlocked as a Rock Star


    • You actually need to complete three sets of 200 tasks. The first set awards event currency, the second set awards crafting currency, and then the third set awards Weird Al’s Pop capability.

      I just unlocked him last night and can now send him to all 6 Jam Session Stages.


  11. I have completed the build of the Pop Stage but when I tap on it It’s not even opening a window (just playing the stage sound) to send the kids who have the task to use the stage or have a go to button next to the kids even though it says they are ready.


    • Can you send them through the event hub?


      • No I can’t do anything with them. They are in my options for characters to send to the Pop Stage but the Pop Stage isn’t even in my stages to switch to like at the top with the arrows that go left and right to switch to each of the stages. I click on the Pop Stage in my town and it just makes the sound but no window that gives me a way to pick the kids. I don’t even think the quest started with whoever starts the quest Pop and Circumstance.


  12. Hi there is there a problem with my game? I can’t seems to use baby Maggie at pop moe or kem


  13. Ah I wish I had seen this before I sent them out on stages today. I knew I had more than enough characters to fill but for some reason couldn’t put anyone on my last two stages. Must be because now I have to be strategic about who goes where

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  14. i’m confused. can you only have 10 performers going at a time? i have 6 locations now…but al, peter and nick can’t be used (at the time of this post). 3 locations with nothing going on. maybe i need to be more careful on who i’m sending where? seems a little ridiculous…


    • I have 15 of the 16 available characters so far (no Rockin Otto and no Pop Weird Al yet either). I have 14 of them filling all 6 venues again.

      Here’s one option you can do:
      Rock Stage (Rock only): Peter, Freddy, Shredder, Nick
      Simpsons House (Rock only): Dr Hibbert, Apu
      Pop Stage (Pop only): Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson
      Springfield Elementary (Pop only): Leon K, Rockstar Maggie
      Moe’s and KEM (both Rock): Lisa, Bleeding Gums, Weird Al, Rev Lovejoy, Homer, or Rockin’ Otto
      Moe’s and KEM (one Rock & one Pop): Weird Al, Rev Lovejoy, Homer, or Rockin’ Otto on Rock and Lisa or Bleeding Gums on Pop
      Moe’s and KEM (both Pop): Lisa, Bleeding Gums, and eventually baby Maggie and Pop Weird Al

      If you only have freemium players, you will have empty venues. Here’s what I would do:

      Scenario A – Moe’s and KEM (both Rock)
      Moe’s and KEM (both Rock): Lisa, Weird Al, Rev Lovejoy, Homer
      Rock Stage (Rock only): Peter, Nick, Dr Hibbert, Apu
      Simpsons House (Rock only): empty
      Pop Stage (Pop only): Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson
      Springfield Elementary (Pop only): empty

      Scenario B – Moe’s and KEM (one Rock & one Pop) if Pop Weird Al unlocked
      Moe’s and KEM (one Rock & one Pop): Rev Lovejoy and Homer at Rock; Lisa and Pop Weird Al at Pop
      Rock Stage (Rock only): Peter, Nick, Dr Hibbert, Apu
      Simpsons House (Rock only): empty
      Pop Stage (Pop only): Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson
      Springfield Elementary (Pop only): empty

      Scenario C – Moe’s and KEM (one Rock & one Pop) if Pop Weird Al not available
      Moe’s and KEM (one Rock & one Pop): Rev Lovejoy and Homer at Rock; Lisa and Bart at Pop
      Rock Stage (Rock only): Peter, Nick, Dr. Hibbert, Apu
      Simpsons House (Rock only): Rock Weird Al alone
      Pop Stage (Pop only): Nelson alone
      Springfield Elementary (Pop only): Milhouse and Ralph

      Scenario D – Moe’s and KEM (both Pop)
      Moe’s and KEM (both Pop): Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson
      Rock Stage (Rock only): Peter, Nick, Dr. Hibbert, Apu
      Simpsons House (Rock only): Rev Lovejoy, Homer
      Pop Stage (Pop only): empty
      Springfield Elementary (Pop only): Lisa and Weird Al Pop if available at Pop



    Maggie baby will be able to play jam sessions? Unlockable? When?


  16. My Nick Delacourt doesn’t seem to be earning stars for jam sessions. Peter D’abbruzio is at 70/80 for his next level-up, and all of my musician characters have some progress to show for the jam sessions I’ve been sending them on. But Nick is still 2.5 stars and 0/80. I ignored his character quest in favor of sending him to jam sessions and he’s been jamming non-stop since I unlocked him. Am I missing something here?


    • I’d contact EA. That is an unfortunate glitch, because he should be awarded 5 jam sessions points towards the 80 required to level up regardless of which stage he jam’s at.


    • Are you sure he didn’t just get a level up? I think he only started at 1 or 1.5 stars. My Nick is at 2.5 stars, 20/80.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, BrianK is right. Nick starts at 1.5. So he has leveled up twice. I had copied the table from the Act 1 post that listed Nick as 2.5. When I was notified of the error, I updated Nick to 1.5 stars in the Act 1 post only. I just updated the Act 2 post to reflect Nick starts at 1.5. I’ll update the Act 3 post too.


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