Addicts Meetup, Where To Check Out Live Videos

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today’s the day…we’re LIVE at Universal Studios in Hollywood for our Addicts Meetup!  If you’re in California we’d love to have you join us…but for those who can’t make it we’ll be trying to do a few live videos from the Meetup & our antics at Universal.  Here’s where you can check them out….

And NO you don’t need an account on either platform to view the content…

Alissa’s Instagram: @AddictsAlissa I’ll be doing some instastories throughout the day. (Just click on my icon image to view the instastories)

Addicts Facebook: TSTOAddicts we’ll be doing Facebook Lives throughout the day.

I’m going to try and do a YouTube video, like we do for Addicts Live, but I’m not sure how we’ll it’ll work from my cell phone.  If we can get it setup I’ll embed the video here.

Thanks for tuning in!

12 responses to “Addicts Meetup, Where To Check Out Live Videos

  1. So much fun. It was great to meet fellow addicts and the two other people who write for the blog.

  2. You are a photogenic bunch! It really makes me smile seeing Patric in his iconic OregonIan wear both in banner and in photo. When I started playing TSTO in 2014, I found the Addicts 1st., there was an obvious raw, rift I knew naught about, inferred to in infrequent posts. I followed the ‘bliss ninny’s’ primarily but checked in with the ‘Cranky Old Guy’ (not my terms, mind you) from time to time, especially during events. Cranky as so named? Yes. Obviously good hearted, wicked smart and interesting perspective? Yes, yes and yes. Me- dry eyed, reading out of the blue, a post about a meeting because of a certain little girl, past grievances forgiven, conciliation and forward progression achieved, my eyes got watery.
    Here you are. A model of how it’s possible for people to have their differences and yet still come back together, especially if it’s to help this younger generation to learn how we all have to lean on each other to live and learn together. That’s why I’m going to make a donation to your charity today, Patric. We need a reminder that we are all part of the human race, We are more alike than different. And I’d much rather see us build each other up as a whole than tear each other down.
    In this age of dissent, Thank You all for giving us a role model declaring that the hurts of our past do not dictate our future.

  3. So much fun meeting you guys yesterday, had a great time hanging out and enjoyed tapping our silly little games actually being in Springfield.

  4. Nice photos. I saw the video of Moe’s, looks really cool in there.

  5. Wonderful photos Alissa! 🙂

  6. Really great meeting everyone, we had a fantastic time!!! Even though I remind Patric of Bannon. When I was younger I always got Chris Farley.

  7. Awesome.
    If you guys ever plan a trip to Southern Africa give me a shout. ☺

  8. Glad 😁 to see you’re all having a blast!

  9. Cool video Alissa,
    but I wanted Wookie to put his “not wish” hand on Patric’s shoulder



  10. D’awwww…☺️


  11. Did y’all synchronise your games or is there always one of you tapping?


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