Bracket Battle Pick’em Contest: Week 10 Leaderboard and Winners Announcement

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As many of you know, the third edition of the Bracket Battle was back this summer. This time it was to determine the most desired building in our Springfield’s. However, this time, we had an added pick’em contest to go along with the Bracket Battle and the Addicts have been kind enough to provide a prize of $10 USD gift card (or equivalent) to one winner from the United States and one International winner.

While it’s too late to enter the contest now, the original contest post with rules can be found here.

A quick recap of the contest:

  • Basically everyone who entered made their 63 picks for who will win the 63 head-to-head matchups.
  • Every correct Round 1 (weeks 1-4) matchup is worth 1 point.
  • Every correct Round 2 (weeks 5-6) matchup is worth 2 points.
  • Every correct Round 3 (week 7) matchup is worth 4 points.
  • Every correct Round 4 (week 8) matchup is worth 10 points.
  • Every correct Round 5 (week 9) matchup is worth 20 points.
  • And correctly predicting the winner in Round 6 (week 10) is worth 40 points.
  • The two people (1 from US, 1 international) with the most points at the end of the Bracket Battle each win a prize.

So who entered?

278 people entered the contest, plus we had four picks that were not eligible for prizes: Namely from our three Addicts and I also made my picks.

We received 179 contest entries from USA; 28 from Canada; 21 from UK (I included those who entered England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as UK); 9 from Australia; 5 from Germany and the Netherlands; 4 from Spain; 3 from Ireland; 2 from Austria, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa, and Sweden; and 1 entry apiece from Brazil, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, and Thailand.

But we’re all Addicts and the picks we made must all be the same, right?


All 282 entries had a unique combination of 63 picks winning their matchups (i.e. not even including the tiebreaker). Granted there are 1,329,227,995,784,920,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unique entries that could have been made, but I thought there might be some consensus amongst Addicts. 40 of the 64 buildings were picked as winner of the title of the most desired building.

So who won?

The winner of the $10 USD gift card is Kim (USA) who finished atop the leaderboard.

The winner of the international prize is Steven N (Canada) who finished three points behind Kim in third place.

So how did I do?

Here is the final Leaderboard sorted by points, then by the tiebreaker percentage closest to 64%, then alphabetically by name:

I have also included everyone’s choice of winner and runner-up. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Congrats again to Kim (USA) for her win.

Time for some special shout outs:

The lowest overall ranking for all 6 rounds combined goes to Nida (Pakistan) who was no lower than 4th on the Leaderboard through the first 5 rounds; but chose Springfield University, not Troy McClure’s House, to beat I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Law Firm; dropping her to 19th.

19th place Nida (Pakistan) was also one of nine people to correctly predict the tiebreaker would be 64% for the winning pick, along with 3rd place Steven N (Canada), 22nd place Mathieu (Canada), 37th place Jer (Canada), 117th place Jessica P (USA), 120th place Marion (USA), 143rd place Thomas A O IV (USA), 203rd place Leopard Godess (UK), and 236th place Sirikit J (Thailand).

Lastly, special shout out the seven people who predicted Troy McClure’s House would beat I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm – Kim (USA), Joseph L (USA), Timjimcarson (USA), Mario (USA), Hennessy H (UK), Rick P (Canada), and Nate (USA).


Well that’s it for the pick’em contest. Congrats to our winners. How did your Bracket end up? What did you do right and what did you do wrong? Did you do better than the Addicts? Did points going up to 40 help or hinder you? Sound off below. You know we love hearing from you!

12 responses to “Bracket Battle Pick’em Contest: Week 10 Leaderboard and Winners Announcement

  1. Incredible amount of work, Safi! And loads of fun!
    Of course. I’m not a fan of being the “Cleveland Browns” of the bracket…or actually, more like the Oregon Ducks of last year (which would have put be back into the 200s). but it is my own fault for being stubborn about continuing to choose the Jazz Hole week after week!

  2. 8th! 🇬🇧 🇵🇭
    That was fun! Thanks Safi!

  3. Guttered I dropped to 18th 🙁 oh well … There is always next time 😀

  4. Thanks for doing that Safi, although I was way down the list I still enjoyed following the results.

  5. 33 – not all that bad. If only I had switched winner and runner-up, I’d have at least beaten Alissa by 1 point. Aber dicht daneben ist auch vorbei… 🙂

  6. Lots of fun – thanks, Safi!

    Just one thing, though…i think your ranking numbers are off. This time, you didn’t put people with the same number of points in the same ranking. (It’s quite possible that I just missed something in your explanation, as it’s late, and I’ve taken some herbal sleep-support pills and am not at my sharpest….) But at least out looks like I made it into the top 1/4 (albeit barely…actually, just missed that….well, let’s just say near the top of the second quartile, then…).

    Good night and thanks for all the fish! Zzzzzzzzz

    • Yeah, you missed one little change.

      Instead of the usual:
      Here is the Leaderboard sorted by points, then alphabetically by name

      It now says:
      Here is the final Leaderboard sorted by points, then by the tiebreaker percentage closest to 64%, then alphabetically by name

      So you may have the same points as the person above and below you; but the person above you was closer to 64% and the person behind you was further.

      • Thanks for the clarification – I figured I had just missed something in my overtired state.

        Guess I’ll have to settle for 63rd pace, then…at least it puts me one place above Wookiee! 😉

        (I actually think I would have scored much higher if it hadn’t been for those bracket battle busting buildings that got released.)

  7. I finished 137, my race number….interesting.

    OK time to go die in Irma!

  8. Wow, I got 36th place? Higher than I expected!

    Congrats to the winners!

  9. ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. 2 Points. I came in 2nd by 2 points. After being out of it most of the contest I shot up in the last weeks (thanks EA for bringing in the Jazz Hole.)
    Thanks for running this Safi it was fun.
    Congrats Kim hope you get an awesome character with those donuts.

  10. Finished ahead of 3 addicts @ 34th. Super fun Safi!

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