County Fair Coming to an End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a friendly reminder that the County Fair Mini-Event is set to leave our games tomorrow morning.  So finish up that prize track.  Make sure you grab everything you’re looking at from the stores because come tomorrow afternoon it’ll be gone.

Remember, once the timer runs out you’ll no longer be able to purchase the items or complete the prize track.  You won’t be able to delay the timer on this one since it was part of an in-game update not an app store update.  So be sure to get everything you want and finish the prize track BEFORE tomorrow morning, otherwise, you’ll miss out.

Need a reminder about what was included in the store for this event?  Check out the rundown post here.

So what’s next?  As we talked about many times in the comments and at lengths during the latest Addicts Live, I think we’ll see an episode tie-in this week for the Season 29 Premiere.  And that’ll be followed by Halloween 2017. But, in reality, no one (except EA) knows what’s going to happen next and when it’ll happen.  So f, for now, t’s all just sit back, relax and wait to see what happens…

Oh and don’t forget to finish up those County Fair designs and submit them for our Springfield Showoff tomorrow. 

What were your thoughts on the County Fair Mini-Event?  Ready for what’s next? What do you think we’ll see next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

27 responses to “County Fair Coming to an End…

  1. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I am enjoying my ability to create cool crop fields and am really happy how my farm area turned out. I made it very upscale with money,trees, eating areas and seating, gold everywhere and an American Flag/4th of July theme. I surrounded my “Spooky Campfire” with corn fields and it looks great and much more isolated and spooky for scary story time. Great event IMO. I wish they had a skin of Bart dressed as a Hillbilly. That would have been hilarious

  2. I won’t be able to finish it. Do you think they will let me keep going till I get my current prize? They did that with other mini events like this. I really want the farm.. I won’t make it!

  3. Well… I am so use to my name being automatically entered when I comment here that I forgot to add it to my e-mail entry for the county fair. Sooo, if you don`t want to listed as “unknown” in the showoff be sure to remember this. Alissa, please tell me I am not the first to do this. LOL!

  4. Since Season 29 is coming on October 1st, I think there will be an another Gil Deal. And Halloween on the same week?

  5. OK once again I am lost… So I have had the County Fair logo up in the corner for days nows…
    Does that mean I’ve finished it? why no chance to earn Bonuts?
    I am able to produce the different kinds of crops from the Fair Barn,
    So was the end of this so eventless that I didn’t even realize it was over?

    Anyway love the help you give me/us here! THANK YOU!

    Looking forward to Halloween!

  6. I put the Ferris wheel in Praiseland, so I couldn’t use that in my County Fair area (and, as I mentioned in another post, the game won’t let me put a fried dough or lemonade stand in it), so, right now, it’s pretty sparse. I did move my Pies for Guns deco into it, but there’s no way I’m gonna have anything worth showing off for the show-off this time. 🙁 But I’m looking forward to seeing what other folks did….seen some good sneak peeks already! 🙂

  7. Soooooooo ready for Halloween! I’ve already got my decorations up at home and in Springfield. We are heading to Disneyland in 5 days and can’t wait for Mickey’s Halloween party! TSTO will help occupy the wait times in line. Loved this County Fair mini-event. so cute! Really like being able to make corn fields too. Going to mix those with pumpkin patches for Halloween. Bring it on!

    • Fall decorations or Halloween decorations? Fall decorations I’d understand, but having your Halloween decorations up already when it’s not even October yet seems a bit premature to me (but if it makes you happy, no harm, no foul!).

      I just find that, for myself, seeing decorations in the stores and such too far ahead of a given holiday makes me tired of that holiday before it even has the chance to happen.

  8. The mini event was a little TOO easy to complete. I kept waiting for the “real” tasks to appear. IMHO EA dropped the ball with this one. Would have been fun to have some activities involving residents growing something to be judged like: Otto and Cletus harvesting the worlds largest field of hemp; Flanders seeing a religious image on the side of a GINORMOUS pumpkin; Spider Pig winning “best pig” and Homer rescuing him from the slaughterhouse; Marge baking a bazillion blueberry pies for a pie eating contest involving the kids of Springfield with tappers visiting their neighbors to “eat blueberry pies” for cash and bonuts; Reverend Lovejoy running cow pie Bingo complete with an in-game mini game of Bingo for tappers…the list goes on. <>

  9. What about the mini-game events like Chiliad and Deep Space Homer?

    • What do you mean? Those are still in the game. If you’re looking to see if there’s a mini-game with this one, there isn’t. But you’ll have the ability to make the fields at the farm…

      • They were meant to be an option for those who missed out on it before. Tjere are supposed to be 4 or 5 in total. When did they start? I didn’t see any post here regarding a start date.

  10. I enjoyed this mini event. Short and sweet with good prizes 😊

  11. A perfect mini event…I love the crop options and am enjoying creating my farm as Halloween approaches.

  12. Hopefully, Halloween can rekindle my interest in this game because it’s starting to become a chore.

  13. This mini-event was very easy.

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