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Squeaky Voiced Teen Offer

Update: Ok so there are some bugs with this.  Some of you are reporting you’ve purchased Shelbyville, but you still don’t see this offer.  In fact the Stack of Donuts option is completely missing from your store.
And some of you are reporting you didn’t purchase shelbyville but you have this offer as well.
And some of you are reporting you didn’t purchase shelbyville, but you don’t have this offer available. (like my example below)

I did a little checking.  I THINK the issue is with iOS.  The offer appears on my Android phone, in both my A and B games (A game I had Shelbyville, B game I did not).  If you’re having the issue, and you’re on iOS let me know and contact EA.
If you’re having the issues and you’re on Android, let me know this theory is wrong lol.

Update: For those asking, the only thing I see Peasant SVT doing for the event, is he earns Goblin Gold (crafting currency) with his 8hr task. 24 Goblin Gold/8hrs.  But yes, a full breakdown/SIB post will be up on him…

And Another Thing… Some of you outside of the US are commenting about the cost of donuts in my game, and how it’s way cheaper than the cost in your games.  We’ve been seeing this for 3 years.  The price you see below in MY game (and i’m located in the US) is the price EA gets for the donuts.  They haven’t raised their prices in 5 years.  They’re exactly the same.  It’s not EA.

It’s Apple/Google. I know everyone wants to blame EA, but it’s not them. EA gets what you see listed per transaction. Anything over that in your game is taxes/fees/conversion charged by Apple/Google. (It’s like this in other games too….)

This post is a little older, since then Google has made the changes as well (and more countries are impacted), but here’s some quick details:


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many of you are seeing this in your games this morning….

And when you tap ok it takes you to the XP Collider Recharge Page…

And you’re wondering just WTH is going on?!  WHERE IS SVT AND YOUR BONUTS?!  WHERE, EA?! WHERE!!!

Ok clam down. I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you to get upset. So take a breather.  Sit down, relax.  Take a load off.

You good?  Ok. Here we go. Continue reading

Homerpalooza Free Donuts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with something real quick.  Most of you are just getting to unlocking Nick Delacourt, so you’ll notice this in the next few hours or the coming days. (or you already noticed it)

For this event EA’s done something a little different (and in my opinion BETTER)….you can now earn bonuts BEFORE you’ve completed the prize track! In this case once you’ve completed the main questline, which requires you to unlock Nick Delacourt and make him Rock on the Rock stage, you’ll see the bonus round popup:

So for every 5,000  you collect after getting Nick Delacourt (and making him rock), you’ll have a chance for 1, 2 or 3 donuts!

This is great because now if you, for some reason, don’t make it to the final prize on the Act 1 prize track you can still earn free donuts!  And you’ll earn free donuts just for getting to the final prize.  Between Nick and Peter (the final prize) you’ll earn enough cuffs to go through 4 bonus rounds!

Remember, to trigger the bonus round you’ll need to complete the Act 1 questline.  Turbo Tapping version can be found here.

Pretty sweet change in my opinion!  Rock on Tappers!  And happy bonut collecting!

Winter 2016 Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 7 Star Snowsuit Maggie (& Sacrifice Your Sheep to Odin)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The snow is falling in Springfield, which can only mean Winter has arrived in our pocket-sized towns!  And is in full swing on our devices.

In a change of pace, this Event is broken up into just 2 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Second Act you’re tasked with collecting Brooches (ico_cur_xmas2016_brooch_lg) to unlock each prize!

The seventh, and final, Act 2 Prize awarded at 74,950 ico_cur_xmas2016_brooch_lg is Star Snowsuit Maggie (& Sacrifice Your Sheep to Odin), because it’s about damn time Maggie got her iconic costume…


So let’s take a closer look at this seventh prize and just what happens when you unlock him in your Springfield…

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Carl’s Caverns..Now What?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So many of you have been asking…”what do I do once I’ve earned all the prizes?” (i.e. Carl’s Dad Cavern)  “Should I keep grinding for currency?  Is there a point to collecting?  Will there be bonuts?”

Well EA’s provided a solution for us….just in the last day or so (because I promise you I checked last week, and this stuff wasn’t there lol)…

indicator_townplaza_pickaxes indicator_townplaza_cowboyhats indicator_townplaza_sixshooters indicator_townplaza_goldcoins

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