THOH XXVII 101: Locked Slots

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with something real quick.  Seeing a lot of you saying your slots to send more wizards to fight beasts are locked.  They aren’t. A locked slot looks like this:

You see the chains on the door?  That’s LOCKED.  The other slots look like this:

See?  No chains.  And the doors are slightly (very slightly) opened.

Plus, do you see how when you assign 1 the other characters still have the blue select button lit up?

That means you can still send them to capture this beast.

So don’t worry about unlocking more doors…they’re already unlocked. Hope that clears it up for some of you that are still confused!

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  1. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    Thanks for this kind of explanation post. I remember when I first started playing Tapped Out info like this kept me from becoming overly confused and frustrated at times

    • I am a very longtime player, but I do remember the early days very well. Got confused 🤷‍♀️ and ask myself howto continue.
      Wait why don’t I ask Oogle?
      The first hit brought me to some cranky old guy, who was (and is) full of TSTO wisdom.
      Thanks 🙏 Cranky! 🙇

      • MydadlookslikeFlanders

        Having a TSTO guru is rad 🙂 I hope to pass on the wisdom I have learned about this game to a starving padawan like I was someday. lol. Thanks for running this site so well guys. It was and is a lifesaver for this game

  2. TY for posting this (even though it is common sense for us TRUE addicts)because not everyone who plays is TRUE addict, and/or an adult. Perhaps what people “might” have meant to say is they do not have enough characters to assign to fill all the slots available.

  3. I cannot believe you had to post this. Come on this has too be one of the simplist events ever. So far at least very very little going on.
    Sorry but it literally takes 1 to 2 minutes to carry out any tasks every 4 hours. People wanted downtime, well you got it !!!

  4. Hey, thanks for the content, it’s awesome!
    Unrelated question, do you guys plan to do a guide for the mistery box? I want Maude so damn hard but I don’t want to throw my donuts away

    • Yes. But it’ll be up next week. Last post for today will be releasing beasts.
      Hopefully you can wait till Monday. If not addicts Live is tomorrow, I’ll likely bring a few things up then

  5. Act I is going to be easy to finish, but looks like this event won’t yield much in the way of bonuts.

    As a percentage of total required event-currency, the bonut ratio for musical events were about 7%. This event, it’s more like 40%. Even for premium tappers, Act I is unlikely to yield more than 3/4 bonut rounds where 6-8 bonut rounds were possible for the last event.

    • However………..they are offing a full “wash-rinse-repeat and repeat and repeat” over at the Rail Yard. I think it more than compensates for the other Bonut deficiency!

      • True – I was just addressing myself to the event-bonut specifically because during the music event it was nice to be able to simultaneously grind for additional crafting currency while earning bonuts.

        Honestly, not a huge fan of the endless monorail grinding because it requires more frequent log-in’s. Yet I can’t resist the allure of additional bonuts. EA was actually helping to alleviate my addiction by making the monorail a weekly event. I used to wrap it up by Wed, and then stop for the rest of the week.

        Now… endless….

        • Well…they don’t call it “Addicts” for nothin’… right?

          • And here I thought that was a bug. Do you know if it will last forever or just during the event? It does stress me out a little—because of the frequent log-ins (and of course, needing to do more metal when I have plenty of plastic and glass) but the bonuts are awesome. It made my impulse mystery box purchase bearable, especially after only getting a stinking building (House on the Scary Hill).

  6. Many of the kids now have a attend magic classes (or something similar). Maybe they will all get trained up! We need some Nevilles (Nelson), Rons (Rod), Minervas (Maggie), Deans (Database), Parvati and Padmas (Sherri and Terri), etc.!

  7. ThatOneWeirdTap

    I only have three Wizards to fill up the slots so far, yet I’m on track so I don’t think I need to worry just yet.
    Just bought the Walking Kwik E Mart though, like the Plane Bot from a few events ago, I couldn’t let this slide by. 😀

  8. I suppose we will get more sorcerers at some point!?

  9. Timing a bit off but am ahead, 3600 with 1 tap to today, maybe 2 if am up at 11pm, but will do one during the night, still annoyed the my beast won’t walk any were apart from the dirt roads, had to take all the roads away from my western town?

  10. Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein

    D’oh, thanks for the update. I don’t remember seeing the locked door, I just thought the presence of the door meant that the slot was not usable. I’m glad I know now.

    On the plus side I was able to complete the Bart / Lisa quests but sending one to hunt and one on the quest and alternating every four / eight hours.

    Thanks for the great info.

  11. Looks like I’ve wasted a bit of time. D’oh!

  12. DOH!!!!!

  13. Great info. I didn’t figure this out too much sooner. I guess I was thrown off by the actual locked door earlier in the event.

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