THOH XXVIII – Math and Tips for “Getting It All”

I hesitate to begin with the same old advice, but after a full day (and a half) of tapping, and checking my progress on the calendar, it’s the “Same “Ol Tune.”

“Log in every 4 hours if you can…and do a couple of basic things…and you will be fine.”

Let me also begin this post by stating that I don’t have EITHER of the premium “Beast Enchanter Characters,” (I currently only have Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse), and I have not yet purchased a Premium Beast (I only have the beasts Kearnymon and Lewd).  And yet…I am still “on target” according to the calendar.  Playing completely “Freemium”…I’m still on target.

How can that be???????   Hint: I am logging on every 4 hours, 4-5 times a day.  In my case, 6A, 10A ,2P, 6P and 10P. I set my phone timer. I do 1 minute’s worth of TSTO chores…and go back to my life. It’s like magic.

But, if you want to see the details of why this works…keep reading.

Let’s start with the target number you need to get each day to stay on track…

729 per day.

See Calendar Post Here

Again…please remember that I started the calendar on Day 1 of the update (makes sense…right?)…and it runs for a full 24 hours.  So, as the update hit around 3:30 PDT here in Eugene, Oregon (why does Homer hate Eugene???),  my first “Calendar Day” didn’t end until 3:30 on Wednesday. And low and behold…like magic...after logging on every 4 hours, by Wednesday afternoon, I had reached the target easily, and collected the first Prize, “Lewd’s Bar” (and Lewd).


The Numbers Basics
The thing we are after in order to collect the “Most Magical Prize Ever!! (the Unicorn Wizard) are “Magic Wands.” Which you can earn in a variety of ways.

 (Goblins and Trolls)
As Alissa wrote in the first post about the game…



These are the tappables in Springfield tap them and they drop 2  and 2 

They spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes. Max of 40 in Springfield.  There is no bank on these.

So…the math of generation is 6 per hour.  If you don’t tap them in you town, it would take 6.5 hours or so to max out at 40 (or roughly the number of hours I sleep at night).

So…am I telling you to take your precious time every day to find all of the “Pests” in your town as they spawn?  NOPE.

Because, EA gave us the “Magic Tower.” And it “magically” clears EVERY Gobblin/Troll in your entire town, every 4 hours. So…when you first wake up…log on…and hit the tower…BOOM!  40 Cleared…in one pop.

So, at the very least, from just a minimal amount of effort…you will clear at least 24 of these guys every 4 hours (6 every hour for four hours), and 40 when you wake up. That’s 4 sessions of 24 and one session of 40…or 136 a day…minimum haul, 272 wands (remembering that each generates 2 wands).  And it took you about 5 minutes out of your day.


As you have no doubt figured out…Sending one of your “Wizards” to “Enchant” on of the Wild Beasts, will earn you 50 wands upon completion. The cycle length?  4 hours. Yes. Once again there is a trend here.

I’m not going to get into the “Mana” bit here. We will cover it in another post. But, suffice it to say…it takes a LOOOOONG time (as many as 60 sessions) to enchant, and then empower a beast to be able to earn 100 wands every 4 hours on their own. That is a LOT of sessions…and in the end, is kind of unnecessary at this point to the greater goal of hitting your daily wand targets.

So…even at the bare minimum (which is what I am currently doing with NO Premium Wizards or Beasts), I am earning 120 wands every 4 hours… (Two Freemium Wizards, Enchanting Two Freemium Beasts).  100 per 4 hour cycle…times a minimum of 4…is…wait for it…wait for it400 wands! Add a fifth cycle, and you hit an even 500!! 

Add this to the 272 you earned with the Magic Tower Town Cleansing…and you are already OVER the Daily Requirement (272+500=772).

But that’s not all folks!

You can also earn wands by tapping Pests in your neighbor’s towns. Yes…they are hard to find. Yes, the payout is half of tapping in your town (1/1 Wands/Boogers). So…unless you have a ton of time on your hands, the fact is, it’s hardly worth it.  But, if you want, go ahead…the time will fly magic!

Finally…there are Daily Challenges that offer LOADS of wands as a reward. Like the one I got this morning…

The challenge?  Clear 30 Mystical Pests.  So…did I go all over town looking for pests?  NOPE!  I went to my friendly “Magical Tower” …and “ALACAZAM!” I cleared 40 pests on one tap…and was rewarded with the BONUS of 600 Wands!!

There is a daily challenge every day (hence the name), and most of these during the event, will offer event-related rewards (Including the elusive Boogers…er…uhm…Goblin Gold!).

Which brings us to a very short, and “to the point” aspect of earning Goblin Gold and Crafting. 

Yes. Most of the crafting prizes are lame…redundant, or both. No…I am not jacked up to tap my brains out to earn things that I already have…and from the looks of it, this is going to take a LONG time to earn enough GG (goblin gold) to earn everything…if you wanted it all…which you shouldn’t.  There is really no excuse for the EALPish (EA Lazyass Programming) that brought is so many “retreads” from past Halloweens…especially items that don’t remotely fit into the current THOH theme…the Magic Potter-esque world that we are creating.

So…yes…You are justified in not only being more than a bit put off by the Crafting offerings…but also, for the most part, just ignoring them.

HOWEVER…I am happy to build my little enchanted town and campus, mostly as it reminds me of the wonderful time that those of us who went to the Addicts Meet and Greet at Universal Studios experienced while going through “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”  I am not a huge “Potter-Head,” but I have to say, what they did at Universal Studios is simply enchanting and magical!  It made me actually want to watch ALL of the movies…and maybe even read the books. The castle is simply incredible…as is the town that surrounds it. I strongly suggest you try and go there if you are a Potter fan…and another special thanks to the Wookie Mama, for pulling strings to get us to the “front of the line” on the main ride. So…cool!

1.  Log on Every 4 Hours- at least 4 times a day and HIT YOUR TOWER TO CLEAR YOUR TOWN OF PESTS
2. Log on Every 4 Hours to “Enchant” at least two Beasts…with 2 of your Enchantable characters.
3. Do Your Daily Challenges- and earn Bonus Rewards
4. OPTIONAL- Visit Neighbors to collect a handful of other Wands/GG

And finally…..
I have NO IDEA why Homer hates Eugene so much.

Oh. Wait. If Homer is actually from the “REAL SPRINGFIELD,” Eugene is the basically the same as Shelbyville to him.  Eugene, Oregon is the “hipper, cooler, bigger, better” town that shadows Springfield, which sits just across I-5.  So, I guess it only makes sense that Homer would hate Eugene.  I can’t say I like seeing it in print…especially since a TON of Simpson’s references actually come from Eugene…but I get it.

Log on…grind magically…and collect your rewards. Enjoy the magic!



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  1. Right? As someone who lives in Eugene and works in Springfield (block from the Simpsons mural!) I was dying laughing at the dialog!

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