Should I Buy Squeaky Voice Peasant?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So with this event, EA has introduced the first costume for Squeaky Voice Teen, Squeaky Voice Peasant.  You’ll notice that this post is called Should I Buy, instead of Should I Spend Donuts On…why?  Because to get this costume you’ll literally have to buy it.  There’s no amount of bonuts that’ll unlock it for you, just cold, hard cash.

So is it work the cash investment?  Let’s take a look…

Item: Squeaky Voice Peasant (Costume for SVT)
What Else: 120 Donuts.  You’ll get the 60 donuts you normally would get for the money spent, plus a bonus 60 donuts.  So 120 donuts total
Cost: $4.99 USD (this will vary from country to country.  This is the cost in the US, and the price set by EA.  Any amount over the $4.99 USD is a tax rate set by Apple/Google (Well set by the respective governments, but Apple/Google collect it))

Available Until October 17th, 2017

-First costume for Squeaky Voice Teen
– Hilarious Outdoor tasks
– Earns crafting currency with his tasks (after the event it appears the tasks will earn at a premium rate but we’ll see if that changes to a super premium rate when the event ends)
-You still get 120 donuts with purchase

-Costs actual money, there’s no amount of bonuts that’ll help you get there
-SVT already earns at a premium rate, without the costume
-Earns crafting currency, and many of you have already pointed out that crafting for this event is lame.

Final Thought:
There’s no premium or freemium difference here….

I like it.  I think it’s a funny costume, it’s reasonably priced ($4.99, which is equivalent to 60 donuts).  60 donuts is a reasonable price for any costume, PLUS you’ll still get 120 donuts with your purchase.  Honestly, I feel like this one is a win/win.  And it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the kick you in the pants Burns Dragon. I say if you can afford to drop the $5 in the game, go for it. Especially considering you’ll get donuts in addition to the costume.  Honestly, this is a true deal.  Like a good old fashion donut deal that they used to do.  You get double the donuts plus a costume, it’s a good offer.

The final word from me is Buy.

Of course, in the end, we can’t tell you what to do. We can only present you with the pros and cons and tell you what we would do.  And I can tell you, I got him.  It was honestly a good deal.  (a true deal, unlike Gil who thinks he’s offering you a deal but really just kicking you…) But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games on October 17th.

Here’s a look at his tasks…

I do think he’ll earn at a premium rate when the event is over, but we’ll see for sure what happens when it’s all over

Squeaky Voice Peasant’s Permanent Tasks:


Task Length Earns Location
Take a Bi-Annual Break 1hr 3 ,15xp Brown House
Try Latest Health Trend 4hrs 12, 70xp Outside/Visual
Push the Filth Wagon 8hrs 24, 105xp Outside/Visual
Attend Wizarding School 8hrs $420,105xp Wizard School
Work the Land 12hrs 36, 150xp Cletus’ Farm
Stay Inches Away from Death 24hrs 74 , 225xp Springfield Church

He’ll also have the 30m sneak an ice cream task that all of the kids have if you have Ice Cream Homer

What are your thoughts on Squeaky Voice Peasant?  What do you think about actually using cash to get it?  How about the bonus donuts that come with it?  Have you purchased him?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


60 responses to “Should I Buy Squeaky Voice Peasant?

  1. Where this offer go? 😢

    Just went to buy it. 😭


  2. Squeaky Voice Peasant (Costume for Squeaky Voiced Teen)

    💜 This 💜 this 💜 this

    I have grumbled when it was a Character Skin as an Event Prize …. but I would rather have learned this versus the lackluster Prizes for Act One 👍


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