THOH XXVIII Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 4 Fairy Fields

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fall has arrived and there’s a haze over our Springfield’s, that can only mean one thing….it’s Halloween in our pocket-sized towns! This year EA’s thrown a little magic into the mix, with an Angelica Button theme invading our towns. We’ve got beasts to battle, creatures to capture, wizards to wand wave and goblin gold to gather! Quite a few alliteration altercations huh?

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Acts containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the first act, you’re tasked with collecting Wands () to unlock each prize!

The fourth Act 1 Prize awarded at 4,200 is the Fairy Fields, because every town should have a little Fairy magic in it…

So let’s take a closer look at this fourth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 4,200  you’ll automatically be awarded the Fairy Fields and you’ll see this message popup:

And you’ll have the option to place the fields in your Springfield or store it in your inventory for later.  Remember if you store it you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it later.

Once placed it does come with a little bit of dialogue….

Field of Fairy Dreams
Lisa starts

Lisa: It’s beautiful, a reminder of how beautiful Equalia can be. If only our world could take a page from it.
Smithers: Ah, if only.
Tap the Fairy Fields

And here are the quick details…

Earns: Nada.  
Tree-Hugging +100
What Does It Do?: Animated when tapped.  Fairies pop out from the pillars…
Other Info: Can be placed on the grass/dirt/

And there you have it, the details behind the Fairy Fields, the fourth 2017 THOH prize!

What’s Next?

 Technically 500 Goblin Gold is next at 5,900, but since that’s not a tangible prize for Springfield, just additional crafting currency.  The next prize we’ll cover is…

Music Automation- Awarded at 7,600.  This will be the next prize we break down in the prize guide post.

What are your thoughts on the Fairy Fields? Safe to assume you’ve unlocked it by now?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “THOH XXVIII Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 4 Fairy Fields

  1. Fairy Fields

    I am so glad we got an Interactive Decor …. I wish all of the Decor earned during this Event was Interactive, but you cannot expect much from EA these days

  2. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    This is cool, I put it next to Kearneymon’s lair and decorations he earned

  3. I wasn’t going to play Halloween but hooked and integrated all the new characters and items into existing Halloween area which looks good for me, haven’t crafted anything but the task item, too many items I already have, will the be a post on crafting?????, don’t know what to do there as there is a couple of items I want for my Halloween town but don’t want to purchase items I already have, got werewolf Flanders as well bit of a waste for long time player but good for the beginner, roll on Christmas event got a stash of sprinkles to spend😁

  4. I wish more of the Halloween prizes supported this year’s Haunted Railyard theme. You know, a spooky facade for the railyard, a Dexter Morgan skin for Flanders, a task for Homer to chase his family around with a woodsman’s axe, and some famous murder trains like The Orient Express & The Snowpiercer. Also, when you open the app, I wish it started from the railyard. Less scrolling around.

  5. Okay somebody needs to update me or send me a link how you get donuts with the railyard… i just read a couple comments about now getting 5 everytime but ive never got any donuts from it! am i missing something? Thanks!

    • Go into your monorail rail yard and see if you can build again

      • I am building every day parts for the monorail and for the Railyard upgrade… mine currently looks like a worn down version. Do i need the upgraded version first?

        • Go to the Daily Rewards icon in the upper right corner. In the window look at the 2nd tab down on the left side. That will show the railyard prjoect board and it will show the prize at the bottom. Prizes sequence from 1 mystery track piece…then 2 pieces, then 3 pieces, then 5 pieces, then 5 pieces + 5 donuts. So you may not be at the donut level yet.

        • You need to fix the rail yard first, then get the tunnel, and they you’ll be able to do the prize track at the monorail for donuts.

        • You need to fix the rail yard first, then get the tunnel, and then you’ll be able to do the prize track at the monorail for donuts.

  6. Ok addicts are we now going to every day be able to get 5 donuts for monorail parts? That is a lot of donuts given away

  7. I am pleased to receive new art work by Matt Groening with each theme!

  8. I just had an update. Does anyone know what it’s for?

  9. Am I missing something? Only Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse can fight?(unless you spend doughnuts on the premium character, which I haven’t yet cuz broke right now)????

  10. So, when collecting in friends towns, I can only collect from 15, but when I collect from the 15thospital one, I only get credit for tapping on 2 monsters, not all 3. This seems to happen to me with every story line, or quests TSTO has. Anyone else have problems likeep this? Also, why can’t we collect and get credit from ALL our friends we have?

    • I have seen that problem before; it’s a peculiar one, to be sure. (I haven’t really been paying too much attention to it, during this event.)

      As for why we can’t collect from all our friends… my guess is that someone over at EA must have decided that it would be unfair to some players, because it would give too much of an advantage to “social butterflies.” Mind you, I use that term loosely, in this context; thanks to the tireless efforts of people like Alissa, many of us don’t actually *know* more than a few of the “friends” who’re associated with our accounts. 😉

  11. Anybody notice what EA has done? If you don’t buy the other beasts you’ll end up with nothing to do with Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin and the Unicorn wizard. EA forces you to buy Wiggops and the insane over priced Burns Dragon to continue to earn event currency to get boughnuts. Sure you can release the beasts to get 100 points every 4hrs but it’s not very rewarding. The crafting is the worst part of this Event. I count 14 items that are all recycled content from last year. None of the prizes have any sort of theme to create a cool design in our towns. I know we’re only in Act 1 but for me this Halloween Event is an epic Fail.

    • They will be necessary in Act 2 and 3.
      So, patience young grasshopper, patience.
      (As a farmium I bought both monsters)

    • Patric did the math. I did the math in a comment before.
      4x4h = 4×150 wands = 600 wands each day PLUS the booger-spender makes a decent pace to progress in time. PLUS at least 200 wands from the daily challenge PLUS neighbours if you like. Even more a decent pace.

      When focussing on 1 (one) monster you need 5 days to make it summonable.
      After 5 days you get 100 wands on top each 4h for summoning while enchanting the other free monster! Makes 4×250 = 1,000 wands a day.
      After 10 days the other monster is ready, you can’t do anything with your wizards – except their own tasks resp. Bart & Lisa’s side quest.
      Nevermind, you’ll get 200 wands for summoning both beasts each 4h = 800 wands/day. Plus daily challenge. Plus neighbours.

      (not taken into account the unicorn which you shall earn days before the 2nd monster is finished)

      So… where is the problem?
      Personally I’m glad to have Bart & Lisa back: the monorail needs every hand available!

  12. WHOOHOO! 3 or 4 characters are used in repetitive boring tasks to complete quests to get items to put into my inventory and never see again! *eyeroll*

    So many ideas for this game from this site alone and they drop this event… least i can still gather money for “a rock and a hard place” and for donuts…

    Sorry neighbors, but if Christmas is trash again i am out….i need more memory space on my phone anyways.

  13. These prizes are pretty lame. I miss other Halloween prizes that were actually worth grinding for.

  14. Hey EA I have an idEA. Why not make these prizes related to each other so they compliment each other when placed instead of just random stuff? What do the prizes in Act 1 have in common? Nothing and they sure don’t go together to form anything coherent.

    • I fully agree. This “Halloween” update is by far the worst on, imo. Even the Premium stuff is lame/overly priced.

      I’m seriously thinking about stopping playing or going back to freemium because of EA’s idiocy recently… It’s a shame too, especially with more than $2,000-3,000 usd into it 😐

      • i would see wait and see what they do at Christmas, then decide. A LOT of people are unhappy with this one..hopefully, they’ll adjust.

        (Note about premium stuff, I completely agree. And I think the price tag has a lot to do with donut farmers…)

        • If EA is bummed by the donut farmers why don’t they reduce the xp given by the Kwik E Mart?
          You can’t blame people for taking advantage of something thats in the game.

          • They did. And EVERYONE freaked out. They had so much backlash they changed it back within hours.

            Their problem was setting the goal too low to start. Once they set the goal post you can’t change it without people revolting.

            • I also don’t fault the farmers (well to some extent, those that have excessive amounts of donuts that borderline on similar quantities to hacked donuts they’re going quite a bit overboard. Someone gives you an inch you shouldn’t take a mile).

              It’s just the general cycle of things. Spending donuts used to mean something, now for a lot of players, it means nothing. They’re throw away…like in-game cash. My fear is the game will eventually turn into donuts being worthless. They’ll create a 3rd premium currency or they’ll start putting good items for cash only.

          • Seems to me, that ship has sailed, Alissa — they’re already making certain things available in the game for cash only: those various things that you get when you buy stacks of donuts. I seem to recall you mentioning that they added one to that list, during this event, in fact.

            Personally, I would posit that the next logical step would be to take the Gil deals in that direction, too… after all, they’re usually already overpriced for what they offer, so not as many people would complain if there was a dollar sign attached to them.

        • Pagan Winter part 2 🖤

        • They did?
          I never knew this.
          I agree with you that the people who farm hundreds of donuts a day are ruining it for the rest of us.
          I don’t know how it works but doesn’t EA earn money from the fremium players if they just play the game? Or do they only earn money if people buy donuts?

          • Since TSTO is one of the few free games left that doesn’t have any ads, I’d say it’s a good bet that they don’t earn any money *directly* from the donut farmers. That said… farmers (and early adopters) can still be used as a resource to make other players jealous, such that they’ll spend real cash to try to get the cool stuff that the farmers have. I would hazard a guess, that’s was the original impetus for making many things free initially and donut purchases later.

        • That’s what I’m going to do Alissa. I honestly do hate the thought of leaving the game, especially since I’ve got that amount of money invested. I guess I’ll save up another $100 for donuts for Christmas and see what happens then, I hope its good though.

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