Friday Filler – Becoming a Scofflaw With TSTO Item Limits

Thank Grog it’s Firday!

I have to admit, that when I saw that EA had raised the limit on items you can place in your town, froqm 10,300 to 10,400, I laughed. As in laughed out loud…LOL!

I had just received a “BUILDING WARNING” that I currently had 9,800 items, and that it could create “performance issues” with my game. Pfffftttt….

Come on. I’m old…but, I’m not so old that I have “performance issues” with any part of my game!

Oh. Wait. That’s right…they were talking about TSTO.

But, even as it pertains to TSTO, I have been around the block enough to know that they always raise the limits…because they HAVE to. Why? Because they keep giving us so much clutter in every update, that we are forced to “place or store” countless digital baubles, and if they don’t raise the limits…the truly dedicated players would simply quit.

I have to admit…knowing this has turned me into a bit of a TSTO Scofflaw! (one who scoffs at the law).  But, this isn’t the only aspect of my life where I am prone to ignore the rules. I’m a renegade…a rule breaker…a guy who lives on the edge!
I have been known to run with scissors, swim right after a meal, and eat ice cream right after eating spicy foods!  That last one produces disastrous results, and some serious Porcelain God Worship (sitting position, not kneeling).  But I digress…

I am that guy who sets his cruise control 9 miles over the speed limit, because a police officer friend of mine, admitted that they don’t really give out tickets until you are at LEAST 10 miles over the posted speed limit. It has something to do with the fine amount being too small to warrant the paperwork and potential court appearance.  This makes for some AMAZING driving in states that have posted speed limits of 80 MPH.

 You haven’t lived until you’ve hit a large bird (a buzzard) on a rural Texas Highway, doing 89 miles per hour.  It gets your attention. But, I digress again…

There are countless ways we all fudge the rules in real life. The fact is, the only people I don’t trust, are people who repeatedly say, “Trust me.” But, let’s not go there.

What I am trying to say…is that TSTO is a game meant for building. And that means loads of buildings, loads of trees, shrubs, flowers, and loads of decorations.  It takes time and real estate to make a great Springfield, and limiting our creativity is dangerous…because it limits our interest in the game.

If this game was just a bunch of grinding to get some completely unrelated Simpson’s characters (don’t get me started on the “Trolls” origins…Barfy? Lewd? Really???) I’d stop playing.

Wait…let’s GO there…

To make my point…this update has TONS of activity, and related clutter for three characters who barely, and I mean barely, appear in an episode.  They in fact, aren’t even IN the episode, they are in the “Couch Gag” of “Four Regrettings and a Funeral” (S25E3). And by barely…I mean for a full, 3 seconds…before they appear (in a pretty clever send-up of The Hobbit) and then turn to stone.

Crackle POOF…they are gone.  So three seconds in an episode, and we are now chasing/enchanting/releasing them almost perpetually for 6 weeks???? We could just as well have had the “beloved Chip Davis” who only appears as the guy who NEVER appeared in an episode, but some called “the Sixth Simpson.”

If it weren’t for building, I would have stopped playing months ago. Grinding is boring…hence the name. It’s the building that keeps me coming back.

And for the love of Gawd…if they are so worried about us placing too many items, why on earth are they cramming items down our throats with the “free clutter” we are “awarded” on every 4-hour “release session” with Kearneymon and Lewd?  How many chaise lounges, dance platforms and cases of swill do we need???

My storage is already bursting with clutter from other events…why would I want more than a couple of anything???  They don’t DO anything. They are just decorations. I’d rather place a tree or a shrub.

It has been the case for months now that, Major Events = Clutter. Lots of clutter. The crafting options on this update are just silly…with the “best stuff” being things I already have from previous Halloweens, and have stored or placed in my town.  I have LOADS of flying bats, almost all of the buildings, decorations, and yes…even Werewolf Flanders.  So, am I compelled to craft? No. Not so much.

What I will do, is continue to use my game cash to buy whatever I want from the cash inventory of decorations that matter…fences, walls, flowers, trees and more. It just makes my town look more realistic if something other than dance poles are growing there.

Look…I’m not telling you to cheat on your taxes, or rob a bank, or even drive 35 MPH in a School Zone.  But, what I am doing, is telling you to ignore the warnings…and just have fun.  10,400 is a LOT of room with which to design…especially when you eliminate the clutter that comes with major updates.

Have fun. Plant more trees and flowers. Put the rest in storage…then it’s EA’s problem.



66 responses to “Friday Filler – Becoming a Scofflaw With TSTO Item Limits

  1. mlk55di46637: have been unable to continue with town development for months now due to the imposed building limit. Is this honestly such a technically difficult issue for EA to resolve? My assessment is that it’s very feasible. May be spend a little less resources on $$$ DLCs and then we can place more digital items on a digital map. Thank you.


    • My advice as a longtime player ( >5 years) is to store all the small items like shrubs and fences. I am always balancing of the absolute item number, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. At some point EA will increase the maximum when the issue more land.
      So, young grasshopper, please be patient.


  2. I have nothing in my inventory cause it bugs me, but I can’t stop playing that find the jewel game. So my town is cluttered in rocks, walls, it makes me wanna quit but I guess it’s my fault


  3. Loved reading this 😊 thank you, just catching up following my holiday… need to see what I’ve missed. I like Harry Potter and the Hobbit (etc) but I am confused by the mixing of the two in the one release not to mention mythology!?! Odd but they are all interests of mine.


  4. Maybe there could be a trash can area in the inventory. We delete items we don’t want, they go to the trash can section, and then there is a delay before the item is permanently deleted…say, one week. If we make a mistake the item can be restored before the deadline.


  5. I still vote for using the “non-sellables” to feed some new type of crafting option. We build railroad tracks (and get bonuts) by turning in various recyclables… why not “recycle” the tracks themselves — along with all that other cruft, of course — if we’re not using them? The problem with this approach is obvious… we’d potentially be trading one form of cruft for another. So EA would have to find some way to make it worth doing… maybe turning multiple items with one and two percent bonuses into single items with larger bonuses, for example. And turning multiple buildings with small incomes (ergo, farms) into single buildings with larger incomes and smaller footprints. And of course, turning all of those random decoration-only items into… oh, I dunno… absolutely *anything* else? (Frankly, it would even be fine if you had to add some of your random decos to the crafting process in order to get those larger bonus items or larger buildings.)

    I think the bottom line though, (from EA’s point of view) is that it’s not really that big of a problem, in the first place. To them, it’s just a number in a database, as long as players continue to be willing to police the cruft themselves and just store it, instead of leaving all of it littered about their towns… because items in storage don’t technically affect game performance. (They do adversely affect the usability of the inventory interface, and therefore player satisfaction… but that probably won’t ever cause anything to actually *break*.)

    So sadly, we’re probably sounding off to a brick wall, on this issue.


  6. I believe EA needs to allow EVERYTHING to be sold. This would alleviate SO MANY problems with this issue. I really never understood why it is not THAT way, Is EA worried people would make too much in-game currency? Its a mystery to me… 😦

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    • I totally agree. Let us sell anything we have in storage. So tired of the garbage we get with every task for this round. Although….really what does game currency buy is anymore? Most anything new is done thru crafting or donuts. I used to send people on tasks constantly to build up my in game cash in order to be able to purchase the next buildings, etc. at the next level up. But now, I have tons of in game cash but other than buying more houses and tress/shrubs occasionally – it never really is needed since I have to craft for new items or use donuts on premium items.

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    • It used to be possible. EA made it partly impossible because a lot people complained to them they sold premium items which they didn’t what.

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    • I would even be happy with a ‘delete’ option even if it didn’t return any game currency.(I have so many SH decorations in storage) as well as other buildings that just do not fit in with my Springfield design.
      Perhaps they could have a message ‘are you sure you want to delete this?’ in case it was tapped accidentally.

      Also, I think with the spray cans another idea could be the same ‘Are you sure you want to spray paint?’ because I think that would save the problem of people why may accidentally tap the spray can by mistake.


    • Everything used to be sellable – but then a lot of people complained about accidentally selling premium of limited time items. I guess the current state is EA’s solution to that problem. Now people complain that they can’t sell stuff. Looks like we came full circle on this topic. 🙂

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  7. Amen my brother in gameplay, Amen.
    I cannot believe that ea is forcing some players to destroy parts of their cities and store items just becsuse of new craftables. During last events the limit raised always. So will it be in the future.
    Just build. 🙂


  8. I know releasing the trolls & monsters is the only real way to earn event currency, but O don’t need another case of beer. EA didn’t even have the decency to offer up different decorations for Lewd & Carl.

    Another thing is The creatures running around our town didn’t evolve from one act to another like they normally do.


  9. I cant be the only one to propose EA should let us permanently delete items we no longer want. Maybe with 2 warnings beforehand to prevent accidents, ie. 1st warning: If you continue and delete this item it will be deleted forever! 2nd warning: Are you really SURE you want to delete? We will NOT accept help requests for items Permanently Deleted! … Something like that?

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  10. Huh… I always heard cops won’t write tickets for 5MPH over the speed limit, not 10. (Supposedly it’s because a person’s speedometer can be off by that much depending on the condition & inflation of the car’s tires.)

    But, I digress. 🙂

    If they put a limit on our items, in any way, shape, or form, they really should allow us to sell some of the items we receive! I’ve got tons of stuff in storage that I’m dying to get rid of, but I can’t sell them. 😦


    • Ticket-able thresholds probably depend upon a lot of factors; I’ve received a ticket for 5 over once… there were a whole bunch of squad cars along the side of the road and they were pulling over very nearly everyone. The officer who informed me of my infraction sounded like he was on autopilot and bored out of his mind; he definitely didn’t want to be there, any more than I did.

      On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also been told that officers frequently ignore anyone who is going less than the legal definition of “reckless driving”, because the fines go up dramatically at that point. It all depends upon what they’re trying to accomplish on any given day, I guess.


      • In Eugene, there is clearly a “sweep” mentality at the end if the month…which I suspect has to do with quotas. There are always far more motorcycle cops out in traffic patrol at that time of month. In the state cops double down on the freeways.


  11. oldmanyellingatthesky(complaining about limits).gif


  12. Also… Why does a bridge count as two items per tile? Same as stuff in the sea again x2 items per 1 decoration. The recent addition of craftable road crossing town squares count as 4! Why EA? Why…

    I want to continue to expand my monorail too but that is on hold.

    I think they should do away with the cap altogether and just add a warning. I’m sure there are a lot of us with devices that can handle it! 😕


  13. Anyboby noticed that yor can generate monorail blueprints non-stop and not only once a week? Any idea if its just during the event? Gets me hell of a lot donuts atm


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