THOH XXVIII Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 6 Ye Olde Magick Shoppe

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fall has arrived and there’s a haze over our Springfield’s, that can only mean one thing….it’s Halloween in our pocket-sized towns! This year EA’s thrown a little magic into the mix, with an Angelica Button theme invading our towns. We’ve got beasts to battle, creatures to capture, wizards to wand wave and goblin gold to gather! Quite a few alliteration altercations huh?

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Acts containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the second act, you’re tasked with collecting Fairy Dust     () to unlock each prize!

The sixth Act 2 Prize awarded at 17,000 is the Ye Old Magick Shoppe, because Springfield needed a place to help residents get into the Christmas spirit….

So let’s take a closer look at this sixth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 17,000  you’ll automatically be awarded the Shoppe and you’ll see this message popup:

And you’ll have the option to place the Shoppe in your Springfield or store it in your inventory for later.  If you place it you’ll see a little bit of dialogue/task that appears:

Cauldron Craft Brew
Auto start

Lenny: Wow, Barney.  You look more smashed than usual.  How many did you pound down tonight?
Barney: Just one! But it sure was tasty.  It was also green! And then red. then green again.
Lenny: A Christmas-themed cocktail?
Barney: And I’m alive to tell you about it!
Lenny: Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Carl?
Carl: Yep. Bring on the holidays!
Make Barfiles Drink at Ye Olde Magick Shoppe- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175,45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium 

Here are the quick details:

Size: 3×5
Earns: $90, 10xp/4hrs
Consumerism +10
What Does It Do: Animated when in use.
Task There: Barflies will have a 4hr task there

And there you have it, the details behind Ye Olde Magick Shoppe….the 6th THOH XXVII Act 2 prize!

What’s Next?

Greystash- Awarded at 22,700. This will be the next prize we break down in the prize guidepost.

What are your thoughts on the Magick Shoppe? Have you unlocked it yet?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Or will it forever be in storage? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

24 responses to “THOH XXVIII Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 6 Ye Olde Magick Shoppe

  1. Ye Olde Magick Shoppe
    ❤ the fact this Building is not huge
    ❤ the animation
    ❤ it that Barflies have another place to drink their ale 👍
    (thank you EA for offering up 1 decent Prize in Act 2 – next to Graystash – ’cause the rest was rubbish !)

  2. Who has permanent tasks there, Lenny, Carl, Homer, Barney?

  3. I’m looking forward to building my little Hogsmeade-ish town and Hogswarts-ish school area once the event is over and I’ve collected all of the “pieces.” I think this building should fit in quite nicely! 🙂

  4. I was disappointed with how small it is.. I had a spot for it and I left more space than I needed to.. 😂

  5. Am I on time to get Greytash? I’m on 17454.
    Greytash and Flanders are the only reasons I have to still playing this event

  6. Just what Springfield needs… another place to go drinking.

  7. Is Greystash a skin or full character? I’m about 1200 away from the Magic Shoppe curently so I’m probably gonna miss Greystash..

  8. Not quite related, I’m on level 7 in the market place. I’m feeling like I’m behind, where are you guys at?
    Now I have a long wait until level 13 for the next item I don’t already have. If I get it I think I like the new payoff. Over half way through the event, over half way through the prize track. Just need to calm down…

    • Hello neighbourino! Don’t worry about getting through the market place levels, as you get higher the amount of goo you need to level up is pretty small. Some of the levels only required 360 goo I think, so with 18 days to go you can relax. By the way, I love visiting your town, it’s very creative and beautiful 😀

    • I am also on level 7 and I crafted the Essence Sucker (I don’t know why you can craft more than 1 of these) a few days ago so I think level 7 has the highest level up cost at 4860 Goblin Gold, I’m just continuing on crafting the new items from lower levels like the Academy Walls, Towers, Corridors for the Academy until I reach the court yard. 🙂

  9. It was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini 😂

    Surprise! I’m a shed ☠

  10. AND he’s voiced!

  11. This was the prize I really wanted. It’s a little smaller than I would have liked but it’s nice. I’m still annoyed that the Elf Hotel has that stupid banner, because the building itself was cool and these two would have worked together in a sort of idyllic rustic town, distinct from the school.

  12. Aaarggh, only just got this, so far behind 😦

  13. Is the evil shopkeeper an active character? Or an NPC? Sorry to bother….thanx🎃👻💀👹

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