Episode 18- When Will it End? Looking Ahead

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In this episode, we’ll put the final nail in the THOH 2017 Event (i’m sure you’re all sick of us talking about it by now) and we’ll don our prognosticator hats to see what might be on the horizon for TSTO (including when it all might end).   As always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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61 responses to “Episode 18- When Will it End? Looking Ahead

  1. I finally had the chance to watch. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food, all my favorite food, and sometimes it’s my birthday. I understand why you don’t like it Alissa. I don’t like New Years because I lost my grandmother when I was 12. as far as the game ending, I’m thinking not too long, after the show is over. EA can live happily ever after even without the thousands of dollars a day this game produces. They’ve got all the sports video games and the sims and I’m just over here wishing they’d put out good stuff for tsto and maybe a new sim city.

  2. I like to believe that EA hit a slump. Not everything can be a Grand Slam. Yes, the last few Events may have been lackluster, but that is also mostly coming from people that have invested a few years into this game, like myself. I thought THIS Event was, as far as content goes, pretty good. (aside from only being allowed to earn half of one of the prize tracks because of previous events) Its great to have a Potter-themed TSTO Event. I just think the EXECUTION was a little “phoned in”. It got real repetitive, real fast. And I don’t think EA is making us, all of a sudden, pay to win. I think that they are just offering MORE ways to earn.

    Anywho, to recap : Stuck In A Rutt, E.T. phone home, Don’t Worry-Be Happy 😉

  3. Nothing lasts forever under the sun. The game will end one day, the show as well.

  4. when I first started playing two years ago, it was not event immediately following event. I started at the tail end of the Terwilligers event, and it was a few weeks between that and the next event (Tapball or Monorail, I forget which came first). Now these constant events and mini events are burning through potential content much faster and burning out tapers who would like a break to redesign towns or just rest a little from tapping.
    If EA slowed content a little, the excitement and anticipation for the events would be greater, and people would be more likely to spend money for donuts to get premium event items, since there would be fewer of them.

  5. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I enjoy watching these. Please keep ’em coming. Thanks 🙂

  6. Well, the game may go on forever, but my designs sure won’t. Hit the wall again…no more pieces till I delete something. Pretty much got rid of all the extra fences, shrubs and trees at the beginning of this event to make room for my magic school. Sure hope they up the limit for Christmas, or there will be no Santa and his little elves in my Springfield this year…Bah, humbug on piece limits 😠.

  7. I’m not sure if the game is close to over, but I think donut farming is going to be nerfed soon… either with less XP for KEMs or with a higher bonus threshold.

  8. Hey Alissa. During the podcast i heard you say submersible boardwalk ( i think) with the context it creates more room on the boardwalk…if i heard you right what exactly is that?

    • Submersible potentially yields more boardwalk tiles or pier tiles, even after they’re maxed out. But…dont always yield them. Sometimes they come back empty…

  9. Listening to the podcast. love it. Query. How much money would each player have to spend a year to keep TSTO profitable. I am fine with paying for a game I love. I donut farm, but I have also purchased every tier of donuts on more than one occasion. I want to do my part. What should I consider a reasonable amount to spend every year to keep this game going? Any thought Safi? Practical Patric?

  10. I had a similar thought about outsourcing but I wonder if it may be a greater cause of content and story issues than perceived. If done overseas, that could help explain the misses on Halloween and Christmas, or even the general lack of attention to Springfield.

    For example, if I were asked to design a story and content that revolved around a fictional town in India and the holiday Diwali, try as I might, best intentions and all, I would fall short and probably end up insulting folks despite any efforts to the contrary. I would be ignorant, a poor choice for the job.

    Is it possible that those behind the curtain simply do not understand how important certain elements are in the culture that created the Simpsons? If so, this is an EA problem, not the designers themselves.

    • It’s not done overseas. I specifically clarified that

      • You indicated that you interviewed an animator a couple years ago and that you were ‘not saying it was done by another country’ but does that mean development is all kept stateside today? Companies have been known to send programming and animation overseas as the years progress. It makes sense financially and would not be unusual.

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