THOH XXVIII Prize Guide: Unlocking Lord Montymort

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, we’ve reached the end of the marathon and we can see the finish line in sight!  The 2017 THOH/Magical Event ends tomorrow…Tuesday Nov. 14th…and I’m sure most of you (no matter your opinion of the event) are ready to see it go!  Bring on what’s next!

But before we talk about what’s up ahead, let’s finish what’s in front of us first.  Let’s quickly breakdown the tasks and questline for Lord Montymort…likely the final prize many of you are unlocking today (or did so this past weeked)…or in some cases the last prize many of you are debating on spending donuts to finish off before the event ends.

So away we go….

First up, the one and only Super Safi did a great job breaking down the final battle for Springfield, which is how you unlock Lord Montymort.  So if at this point you’re still confused, check it out here.

So once you’ve completed the battle for Springfield and knocked out Lord Montymort, he’ll become a playable FULL character for your Springfield. (this is NOT a skin for Mr. Burns…) And you’ll see his character unlock message:

And for many of you, he will complete the Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Adults Character collection….

Once in your Springfield (and you complete the questline) he does come with his own side questline.  Here’s a look at it now:

The Sorcerer’s Life Sentence Pt. 1
Montymort starts

Make Lord Montymort Shield From Haters- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer Make Fun of Montymort- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Sorcerer’s Life Sentence Pt. 2
Montymort starts

Make Lord Montymort Serve Life Sentence- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

The Sorcerer’s Life Sentence Pt. 3
Montymort starts

Make Lord Montymort Clean Mystical Beast Lairs- 4hrs, Earns 50 45xp

And finally Here’s a look at his tasks…

Lord Montymort’s Permanent Tasks:


Task Length  Earns Location
Suck Plant Worker’s Essence 1hr $70, 17xp Power Plant
Shield from Haters 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Act Big and Tough 8hrs $275, 45xp Outside/Visual
Consider Retirement 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield Retirement Home
Serve Life Sentence 24hrs $600, 150xp Springfield Penitentiary

And that’s it my friends, the details/questline for Lord Montymort!

Now, I know some of you are wondering if it’s worth spending donuts to finish off the battle to unlock him in your Springfield.  My standard answer is always, depends on how close you are to getting him.  I think if it costs you <30 donuts it’s certainly worth it, but anything greater than 30 donuts doesn’t feel worth it in my book.  It’s just a standard character, not premium…and he’s not exactly the most amazing character that ever arrived in Springfield.  Which adds to the not worth more than 30 donuts debate.

But that’s my own 2 cents.  The final decision is, obviously, up to you.

Oh and another note about extra time to get Montymort.  No one knows what will happen the the event timer runs out in a few hours.  You  many get extra time, you may not.  If you’re willing to take that risk, great.  But if you really want him, don’t bank on getting extra time.  Figure the event ends when the timer runs out.

What are your thoughts on Lord Montymort?  Have you unlocked him yet?  Will you before the event is over?  Plan on spending donuts? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

90 responses to “THOH XXVIII Prize Guide: Unlocking Lord Montymort

  1. I have had the last event on my list for a long time and it will not let me complete it. It has glitched or something a long time ago. Cannot finish. Frustrating

  2. Defeated Lord MontyMort 6 or 7 times over, but stayed at 2/3 as others have reported too. Fortunately, really didn’t care much about getting him. Is it just me or do the prizes for the 3rd act suck in almost every event?

  3. I’ve defeated Montymort 5 times now and I’m still on 2/3 …
    Tried contacting EA but they’re of no help. Really don’t want to be forced to pay donuts to get him.

  4. I spent doughnuts to unlock him. Ended up hurrying pretty much all the beast battles and I think one or two of the normal battle part for the 3/3 fight. It’s still letting me play the event as of now though, so I really wouldn’t have had to do that. Now I’m totally done with the event questline, but it never offered me the chance for bonuts. Just finishing up with crafting for now and then I’ll upgrade for the Thanksgiving event.

  5. Just barely managed to get Lord Montymort, quite some time after the event had ended and an hour before the update.. Did spent 20 of my freemium donuts but that’s allright. Close call!

  6. I ended up spending about 25 donuts on him, but I’m not sure I would have if I’d realized he’s not premium. Oh well, at least it was something new…

    • I spent about 30 on him myself.. don’t feel bad… at least something new like you said, and we got something after enduring this event!

  7. Lord Montymort
    Amusing Character 👍
    Glad it’s not a Character Skin …. not worth the loooong battle task (not worth Donuts / Bonuts)

    The FAIL this year was we had no Treehouse of Horror in the Event (that, and old Tappers couldn’t Craft everything) …. but I crafted what I wanted and Kem Farmed and Monorail Tasked (buhbuhbuh-Bonuts galore!) 😋

    Halloween this year was 👎
    Don’t do it again EA!

  8. So what happens to the fight arena? At least with the superhero update the arena became a tableau, although game experience still worthless. I would like to keep using the event things like the poker and dice games from the Vegas event. Well, at least the stages from the previous music event still allows character assignments.

  9. I don’t normally post “i’m pissed” rants, but &*^#$&*^%$#&*%*&^#
    I had one more time finishing the Beat Lord M bit to get him and it apparently updated before I got in to click done and get him. One of the few new things to get on this crummy event and i didn’t.. after all that inane clicking..
    I thought, incorrectly it seems, it finished after tonight.
    crap rabble rabble rabble rabble
    Vent fume

  10. Defeating Lord Montymort didn‘t count 2 times for me, spent 36 donuts and still 2/3 🙁
    Reported it to EA, so still hoping I‘ll get him.
    Got everything else…

  11. Spent wayyy too many donuts on him, but Ahh Well, I farmed the donuts so there is no real Harm done I guess. This event wasn’t fun.

  12. I ran out of risk tolerance and splurged the 2 donuts to rush the final Montymort battle, so I just barely got him! It’s been years since I’ve been this close to not completing everything. I am a freemium player, but I log in way more than every 4 hours, so I’m usually able to complete events with lots of time to spare. I focused on monorail building for most of the event to capitalize on the donuts, but shifted focus the final few days of the event to having Lisa, Milhouse and Bart fighting the bad guys instead of helping on the monorail. Thanks for what you do. By seeing on here that the Thanksgiving mini-event is available, I worried that a forced update may be coming soon, and I didn’t want to miss out on a full character for just a few donuts. Thanks!

  13. I am on borrowed time but still trying to finish this one. It is strange that I am so far behind (six beast battles to go) since I got Dracula a few days ago.

  14. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I fought for this one and woke up in the middle of the night more than once to do the Montymort grind. Not much fun.. I spent four donuts for a few rounds near the end on my last rounds where the monsters were fighting to earn him him as a freemium player in time. I got him though! He can keep Slithers company. 🙂 Now I am scrambling to get the “Walking Kwik-E-Mart before it goes out of my store. I’m at forty donuts now of the fifty-five needed. The time ran out but it is still in my store. I want the four hour task I can send tons of My Springfielders on from that premium store. I am laid up after a hernia surgery and have some time to re-arrange my new Halloween stuff I earned and make my farm area improved from the last event. I am making a cool, futuristic looking area for my Kwik-E-Mart farm to fit the twenty-five I buy most every four hours to earn donuts too

  15. Anyone else experiencing major slowdowns with their game as of the last day or so? My game isn’t crashing but it’s slowed down so much it’s unplayable. Started happening this morning. Was playing smoothly and flawlessly before today. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and it started off fine, then within a few minutes slowed to a crawl again. Trying to figure out if its an issue with the game or my device (or a mixture of both). I have an Asus zenpad running Android 7. If it’s just me, then I’ll go ahead and fret more about it. If it’s not just me, I’ll just wait until the game updates hopefully later today.

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      Mine has been chugging more the last few days and acting more sluggish especially when I am assigning characters tasks

  16. Ugh, can this event be over already? Finally got Lord Montymort on Sunday and he’s almost finished his final task. Not even close to earning bonuts this round. (I guess I was a little spoiled by the last event.)

  17. I have been playing since the original Whacking Day and this has been by far the worst update. Multiple identical items that I don’t need/won’t use from the beasts, and repeated crafting items from previous events (I’m glad newer players could get werewolf Flanders, but that’s just a null spot for me) made this not much fun or worth my time. My wife (playing since Clash of Clones) and I agreed last week that the Christmas event will be the “make or break” point. Time to be amazed or time to say goodbye.

  18. I did the maths, and apparently it would take me until thursday evening ’til I get Montymort. Praying to god that EA doesn’t force the update until then, because I really like Montymort.

    Very unpopular opinion, but in my opinion this event was great. They tried a little bit of new stuff, which I think is is important. I loved the prizes and new items in store (especially Wiggops). While I do think there were some things EA could have improved, I’m overall happy that this event came to exist.

    Although that might be just because I kept a one year long break, so my standards are quite low for now 😆

    • LOL! thanks for the “qualifier” at the end. You may be in the minority…but I am glad you enjoyed it. I liked a lot of aspects of it. Really. Not kidding!

  19. After a 3+ day glitch, I am still doing the final battle with the kids. I think that means I am about 3 days from getting montymort. We will see if they allow the time but I don’t relish spending donuts on what is their problem…

  20. I jut spent the donuts last night when the beasts started to battle with him. Meh I donut farm and I’ll make up what I spent today or tomorrow. Saving the rest for Xmas. Hope to have 1000 by the time Xmas hits.

  21. The event is done and I’m still trying to get Montymort (20hrs left). I got Dracula with 2 days to spare. I feel that EA missed the mark with this event. Crafting items where lackluster and with returning items that I can not re-craft but still have to unlock, it seems pointless. The items granted for freeing the beasts are also very weird to have multiples of, why not give a wall or fence for that and have these other items as craftables? It wasn’t a total failure, but it really felt like unfinished ideas crammed into an event together. I also wish that the events would start earlier and end a couple days after the real world holiday, not 2 weeks after. (I’m over Halloween by Nov 2-3)

  22. So ridiculous that they made us defeat him 3 times to get him. Either they should have made it so we had to defeat him just once or spread it out over the 3 acts. At least I got him.

  23. Over! It’s finally over!!! Whew, so happy for the removal update to hit tonight. This was so terribly boring. The lackluster crafting stuff didn’t help, either. There’s basically nothing in the beast drops and craftables that I intend to use in my game design. I’d really like to sell or at least delete from this mess that the inventory has become over the years.

  24. This was really difficult to do. I actually completed the event and get Count Dracula three days ago, and got a message about getting bonuts but was still trying to defeat Lord Montymort. I finally managed to do it with 12 hrs to spare of the event. I was lucky as I bought the skin for Martin which helped. If you did this totally fremium then I doubt folks would complete it in time, especially as most people will probably only be able to set it 3 times a day. i.e Morning, afternoon, and evening due to the 4 hour times

    • Yes, you are right. I spent 26 donuts this morning in my daughter’s town to finish the Lord Monty Mort task. i probably could have waited and gotten another enchantment cycle or two in today before the event is gone but it was just easier to get it done. 26 donuts is not a bad price for a character. My daughter had no premium characters to help and didn’t purchase any of the extra monsters from the store. She played the event 100% freemium and it was a real chore. We were always able to send x3 / day minimum, but most days it was x4 (7, 12, 5, 9). Can’t wait for this disappointment to be gone.

      • I love it when I read a post like this…not because of the obvious grinding side-effects, but because you play with your daughter! Fun, and the sign of a great Dad! I started playing this game more than 5 years ago, because of my grandsons. It was something we could do over the miles apart, “together.” Dads and daughters…man…as a father to five, I can say, cherish every minute (even the grinding part), because they will be your best friends when you are old like me (and one of them may actually take you in when their mother boots you out of the house for spending too much time tapping…wait…I guess that I’m talking about me!).

        • OMG you are too funny! My in laws, retired and in their 60s are seriously addicted.. my MIL started ‘playing’ my son’s game and just kept playing it.. my FIL made fun of us all playing it until HE got an ipad.. yeah guess what he plays.. even in the middle of the night!!!… and yes guess who BUYS donuts in the store.. so much for fermium.. they are too funny. Although I have taken over my son’s OTHER game so I am working 2 Springfields now.. so very sad!

      • I’m in the same boat! My daughter recently started playing, after diving into the TV show full-force 😄

        She asks me to check her town while she’s at school so she doesn’t miss getting anything (my job allows me to take quick breaks to do my town and hers, as well as my B-town). She had enough bonuts to get Professor Frink, but he was the only premium character that she got forbthis event.

        First two acts, she cut it close but got everything. This one? Got Dracula yesterday morning, ended up spending about the same as your daughter to get Montymort. If she didn’t, she would have missed him. Since she’s new, she has been trying to get all of the free characters to help her out.

        Figured if he returns as a premium character, she’d have to spend at least 50 donuts (if he were to appear in a mystery box). So using roughly 20 bonuts isn’t a huge loss.

    • As a freemium player I managed to get dracula yesterday and montymort one hour before the update.. did spent 20 donuts though. Tapped on average three times a day, some days less due to work & life, some days more, although, quote Bart the Raven “never more than four”.

  25. Bit of a grind but got there with a few days to spare, I wouldn’t have wasted donuts on him, not a good task to do, safi has the stats but far to long, hope there isn’t anymore like this. Can see a Christmas addition of this😕

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