THOH Update Removal is Live…And So is Thanksgiving (Updated and Complete)

Note: Yup, the update is still not available on iOS.  Happens sometimes.  May be a bug with it, could be Apple holding it up…at this point it’s available on Android and Amazon. EA typically releases updates for all 3 markets at the same time, and then it’s up to each App Store to approve them, some move slower than others. (which is why Amazon is often late)  This has happened with other games as well (see TQFS)…unfortunately just a little patience is required.  Hopefully it’ll hit iOS soon….

NOTE FROM PATRIC- I was one of you…no iOS. It landed this morning. HOWEVER…it didn’t just “show up.”  I needed to shut down my device completely…as in all the way off, not just clicking the screen. Shut. Down. Then go into the app store…and do a search for “The Simpsons Tapped Out.” That finally brought up the new updated screen.  Please try that before you write, reinstall, or freak out any further…Thanks!! 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check your app stores because there’s an update on our hands!

And i’m actually pleasantly surprised by EA…as a nice touch they’ve added Turkeys to the Splash Screen and Icon….i don’t recall them doing that ever unless it was for a major event.

Two thumbs up with that EA, good job and a nice touch.

And of course, as you may have guessed, this leads right into the Thanksgiving mini-event!  No waiting!

I’ve got a LOT going on at work right now, so I’ll fully update this post later.  But for now know that you’ll need to complete Lisa’s first 6s task and that will launch the mini-event…

Now let’s go into more details….

So, this is a pretty standard Mini-Event.  Follow tasks to unlock stuff…

One thing I will note is it does look like we’ll see some Black Friday Specials.  A WHOLE lot of items and Mystery Boxes will be coming.  Just a heads up.

A few important dates:

As of now…always subject to change from EA

Animal-Friendly Thanksgiving Ends Nov. 27th (0800 GMT)

Black Friday Deals START Nov. 23rd (0800 GMT)

Black Friday Deals END Nov. 27th (0800 GMT)

Cyber Monday Starts Nov. 26th (0800 GMT)

Cyber Monday Ends Nov. 27th (0800 GMT)

I’ll work on some posts for both as they get closer….

Now let’s break down this event….

Like I said above, pretty straightforward.  Follow the questline to unlock unique prizes for this event.

Event currency you’ll need to collect (from the questline):

Activist Badges 

Prizes from the questline….


 Meat Propaganda Billboard

 Programmer Lisa Skin

 Slaughterhouse Express

 plus  Slaughterhouse Restaurant + Sir Loin A Lot Decoration

 Homer Don’t Make Friends w/ Salad Animation 

Items in the Store


Conrad and Quinn Hopper- 150 Donuts (5% bonus on cash and XP) (Quinn has task to earn Badges)

Deuce’s Caboose Chili Dogs- 65 Donuts, Earns 6 /4hrs

Coat of Foxes Krusty- 50 Donuts (Skin for Krusty)


Rusty the Clown Balloon- $5,400

Blinky Balloon- $16,500

Santa’s Little Helper Balloon- $30,000

Bigclaw- 30 Donuts

Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign- 35 Donuts, 2% Bonus on all cash and XP

Work from Home Station- 60 Donuts

Also available as King Size Homer Bundle for 110 Donuts…includes King-Sized Homer Skin for Homer. 

Heimlich Machine- 60 Donuts, 2.5% bonus on all cash and XP

Turkey Stuffer*- 60 Donuts

Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle- 80 Donuts (includes Bart, Snowball II, Stampy & The Grumple Balloon)

Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle- 80 Donuts, 15 Donut Rebate, NET 65 Donuts

Caged Tom Turkey- 100 Donuts, 3% bonus on all cash and XP

Piggly’s Super Smorg w/ Mrs. Bouvier- 140 Donuts, Rebate 45 Donuts, NET 95 Donuts

Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino- 150 Donuts, Rebate 50 Donuts, NET 100 Donuts

From the Last Event…

Mystical Pests Bundle- 40 Donuts, NPCs.  Leave stores Nov. 21st.

And that’s it, my friends, all there is to this little Thanksgiving mini event.

What are your thoughts on the update? Any prizes you’re excited about?  Any premium items catch your eye? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

357 responses to “THOH Update Removal is Live…And So is Thanksgiving (Updated and Complete)

  1. Fellow Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8 Tappers: I figured out a way to get the game to install. First I uninstalled the game from my phone and rebooted just to be sure everything was cleared out. Then I did a google search for “tapped out apk” and downloaded the apk from one of the search results. I used apkpure and my phone hasn’t flipped out…yet. Once you download you can click on the file and it’ll ask you if you want to install packages from an unknown source and will probably take you to the setting for this deep in the android settings. When I clicked “allow unknown” it popped up a thing asking if I wanted to only allow for this insta
    llation which I selected yet. The message(s) maybe different on yours. Once it installed it loaded up the game and downloaded the rest of the files it needed.

  2. Yes, I would like to know if I should spend donuts on mystical pests bundle please ?

    • Only if you like the looks of them. No value otherwise except as a reminder of the event or completest.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re just NPCs, so it really just comes down to whether the number of donuts you’d need to spend to buy them will bring you a commensurate amount of joy on having them roaming about your town.

      Also, there’s the opportunity cost…if you’re not flush with donuts, then you’ll want to also consider whether you’d enjoy them more than other items that assess likely to be released for sale, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  3. meh.

    I’ll pick up another blinky balloon or two.
    then wait for black friday options.

  4. I haven’t been able to download the update and then saw I had an iPhone update that hadn’t been done yet. So I downloaded and installed the latest iOS and sure enough the I update was there after my phone restarted.
    Hopefully this helps others

  5. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Hi there, the Casino and sign look nice, have they ever been bundled or has EA a tendency to offer bundles on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

  6. Uninstall/reinstall did the trick, if slowly….

  7. Hmm. I’m having a problem with my game and thought I’d see if anyone had reported it here. Looks like not. Off to EA with me… And if any iPhone users have had to repeatedly (x5 in eight hours) had to give their age, log in and then download the whole game since picking up the update, you are not alone!

    • It sounds like you may need to free up some more room on your device.

      • That was exactly the advice at EA. I had 3GB free so it wasn’t instinctive but people on the EA forum suggested more like 4GB was required. I have cleared up some more space and it seems to be ok (typing with fingers crossed). Thanks for responding!

  8. Does anybody play on Kindle Fire? If so, have you been able to update your game?

    It seems the Amazon app store is having issues because there are multiple games that I’ve got that I know have updated this week because I got the updates on my iPhone version of the game. On Kindle Fire none of the updates are available, and in fact I haven’t gotten an update for any app since November 8. I’ve done a hard restart and that didn’t fix anything. I know the WiFi on the tablet works.

    I’m about ready to give up on Amazon’s tablets.

    • Fixed it! I’d tried a manual sync a little bit ago and that didn’t work. For some reason manually syncing the Fire worked now. I’m really glad I can play my games on my bigger screen now.

    • Hmmmm…. I have an Update button when I go into the Amazon app store, but, when I tap the button, nothing happens. And, when I go into updates, it’s not there.

      Aha! Here’s the rest of the story I just discovered…

      Oddly, though, the icon on the carouselme as showing the Thanksgiving theme, but, when I tried to launch the game, it showed the “Halloween” skin, but it told me I had been signed out and asked me whether I wanted to sign in again. Once I did that, it started automatically installing the new version. (Now, it may make a difference that I had already updated my game on another device, forcing my Kindle to update, too.)

      Hippie that helps!

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