Black Friday Breakdown…Silver Mystery Box

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With Alissa, Wookiee, and Patric busy celebrating American Thanksgiving and focused on the three F’s – Family, Food, and Football; they’ve left me in charge of the site. Big mistake! Mwah ha ha ha!

Get ready to be inundated with posts from me today and tomorrow.

As was previewed on Monday in this post here, Black Friday has arrived (albeit, a day earlier than expected) and brought with it eight Mystery Boxes. Black Friday in the US is the day after Thanksgiving and is known for it’s promotional sales (Think “Boxing Day” sales the day after Christmas for those in the Commonwealth). So today and tomorrow, I’ll take an in-depth look at each of these eight Mystery Boxes.

We continue with the Silver Mystery Box!

This is a premium box full of your chance to get those premium character/building/decorations you may have missed out on or hesitated to buy earlier for a discounted price of 50 donuts.  And…if you already have everything in the box you won’t see the box in your store. By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside…

Here’s what you can win…


   Baby Gerald – Originally a free prize during Christmas 2015, then returned for 100 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Duff Statue of Liberty – Originally 60 donuts, No SIB yet, comes with 1.5% bonus to XP and cash

   Fancy Farms – Originally 70 donuts, Should I Buy

   Father Sean – Originally free in the Gold Easter Box, then returned for 135 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   First Bank of Springfield – Originally 60 donuts, Should I Buy

   Havana Private Home – Originally 60 donuts, Should I Buy

   Helter Shelter – Originally a free prize during Christmas 2013, then returned for 45 donuts, then two more times for 60 donuts, Should I Buy

   Hugs Bunny – Originally free in the Gold Easter Box, then returned for 100 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Ice Cream Truck with Ice Cream Man Homer – Originally 60 donuts, Should I Buy, comes with 3.5% bonus to XP and cash

   Lobster Island – Originally 70 donuts, Should I Buy, comes with 2.5% bonus to XP and cash

   Maison Derriere with Belle – Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Mojo Helper Monkey – Originally 65 donuts, Should I Buy,

   Power’s House with Laura Powers – Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy, full playable character

   Springfielde Glenne Condos – Originally 70 donuts, Should I Buy, comes with 2.8 million REV 

   Wilted Rose – Originally 60 donuts, Should I Buy


Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy posts from the past so you all can see how much they originally cost and what specifically each building, character, or decoration does.

50 donuts is a bargain for most of these items…except for items that were originally free, as getting it for free is the best deal…but still 50 donuts is a fair price for most of the items at least. So my thoughts are, if you have something in there you really want…give it a try. You’ll likely get something worth it. Though, personally, I’ll be going for the Character Mystery Box first.

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the Silver Mystery Box. Be sure to come back every few hours when I go into details about the other Mystery Boxes.

What are your thoughts on the Silver Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far from the Silver Mystery Box? What do you hope to get from this one? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


Mystery Boxes: Bronze, Silver, Retail, Decoration, Building, Great Outdoors, Character, Gold.

31 responses to “Black Friday Breakdown…Silver Mystery Box

  1. I only have Belle and the Duff statue in this Box with the only item I like is Belle, if I can get Belle and the Maison Derriere on the first try then I can save 100 donuts from its original price.

  2. I got “Helter Shelter”. Boooooooooring. Maison Derriere or Power’s House would have been my favorite. The Ice Cream Truck or Lobster Island as a second choice.

  3. Silver Mystery Box

    Think of this as graduating from the Penny Slots to the Quarter Slots (spend a lil’ more, win something better!)👍

    I’ve always wanted Father Sean, but there are too many other Premiums I don’t have in this Mystery Box (a Bargain, but not worth the Gamble) …. I hope you noobs have been Kem Farming for this awesome stuff!😀

  4. I bought the 8 things from the Silver box that I didn’t already have. The only thing I got today that I didn’t want was the Mojo Helper Monkey. Everything else was great! I’m all about characters, buildings and decorations with good % benefits. I’m loving these mystery boxes for the most part. It’s deals like these that make me glad to be a doughnut farmer. 😉

  5. As a pretty new and Freemium player who rarely, if ever, KEM farms, I didn‘t have a single item from this box – and got Laura Powers at first try 😃 So happy now 😊

  6. Working on clearing out the character box first. (my task bar is currently at 14). Then train my sights on silver box

    • My task bar has been at 1 (intentionally) for several months. I cleared out the Character box and bought many other boxes and my task book is now at 24 tasks. 🙂

      I’ve said it before and will say it again, Black Friday is my favourite event of the game.

  7. I wanted, and (eventually) got the Ice Cream Truck. Problem: in the SIB it says you can put it on a road if you place the truck, then build a road under it. No matter what I do, the game refuses to let me build a road under it. I place the truck on grass, start a road nearby, drag it toward the truck, and when it gets close it says “Whoa, Nelly, can’t put a road _there_, Pilgrim!” (Or something like that.) Does this no longer work? If it _does_ work, how do you do it? I’d love to put the truck at a major intersection so everyone can partake!

  8. A bit disappointed this year with the mystery boxes instead of discounted items in the past.
    I saved my donuts for Black Friday deals. I’m not a fan of mystery boxes, I generally get the least desired prize, luck on these things has never been my forte.
    Hoping these Boxes won’t become the annual thing! Bring back the discounts!

  9. I would love to get Maison Derriere with Belle and Power’s House with Laura Powers from this box, but I dont have any of the other items and I know if I tried it I would not get any of these two character combos with the fremium donuts i have

  10. I’ve previously bought most things that appeal to me from this box, so there’s nothing left in it I want badly enough to roll the dice on.

  11. My boxes aren’t showing up.

  12. Safi! I don’t know if you listened to my comment in the bronze box post or got the idea somewhere else, but thank you so much for including the free item’s returning donut cost. It’s very helpful

  13. Finally I goto my mojo(s). 😁

  14. Looking ahead, it seems that one of the things I’d like to know about the remaining boxes is whether there are playable characters associated with some of the buildings. For instance, I understand that Costington’s comes with Mr. Constington though it doesn’t seem to be advertised as such. In the Cyber Monday bundle CHUM seems to be a playable character as does Ladybot. I only see one playable character in the Outdoor box (Grant Connor, I have the Scoutmaster) but are there others? I can’t buy everything and knowing how many characters are in the box helps me make my calculations — right now I’ve got three characters/buildings in the retail box but it would be cheaper for me just to buy them outright rather than gamble. I don’t seem to have any in the decorations and building boxes so they are easy to skip. If there were more it would change the calculations.

  15. I got Mojo and wish he wasn’t an NPC! Also got Fancy Farms and BS Bank. I think I’ll stop now.

    • You’re lucky you got Mojo.
      If you don’t want him, I will happily have him in my town. 🙂
      Thank you in advance, 🙂
      Mojo, my town is happy and fun and animal friendly.
      Just like Lisa, I love all animals.

  16. As a new player I only had Laura Powers from this bunch and ended up buying all but the last one (Havana Private Home) in order to get the four playable characters I wanted. Probably would have been cheaper to buy Gerald and Belle at normal price and waited for Sean and Hugs to come at another time. That’s the problem with the gambling nature of these boxes. I’ll probably pass the next time they come through

  17. The only thing I want is Mojo, I don’t have anything from the box except the Ice Cream truck, Baby Gerald and The Statue of Liberty…

    So quite a big gamble.. and since I don’t doughnut farm, I’m not sure If I would risk spending 50 doughnuts, Which would be doughnuts I earned in the game and bought with itunes cards..

    Sorry Mojo 🙁
    I hope you are released again soon

  18. Appreciate these posts Safi – Thanks!

  19. Saving my donuts!

  20. The only one I really want is the Ice Cream Truck. Don’t like the idea of a random prize though, so I’m saving my donuts.

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