Should I Spend Donuts On…Easter Redux- The Characters

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Easter in Springfield and with the new event in town lots of items from Easter past have made their way back to the store.

As with events past EA has decided to make old items new again, and give players who might have missed out on something a second chance to get it.  Of course that second chance doesn’t come with out a price, as many of the returning items are premium.

The Easter characters making a comeback this year are: Shary Bobbins, Hugs Bunny, the Egg Council Guy & Mojo the Helper Monkey.  

I know many of you have been asking if these items are worth your Sprinkles. Well before you hit that confirm button…let’s break down the pros and cons and take a look and see if these characters are worth YOUR donuts!

Easter Bunny

This will run a little different than our typical Should I Buy posts.  Basically I’ll give you a quick overview, some pros and cons & my opinion on it now…but I’ll also link you to the previous Should I Buy (if applicable) for more insight…

REMEMBER: ALL of these items will leave the store on 4/7/15 (Which is also when the event is slated to end).  So make your purchases before then…or you’ll miss out.

So let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite nanny, Shary Bobbins..

Shary Bobbins

Character: Shary Bobbins
Donut Price: 120 125 donuts
How You Got Her Before: Won in the Gold Box during Easter 2014

-Premium Character Earns 50% cash and XP on all jobs
-Comes with a pretty funny questline
-One of the most beloved characters in The Simpsons

-Expensive.  At 120 donuts she’s one of the most expensive premium characters in the game, with out a building.
-Not voiced

Final Thought
If you missed out her last year during Easter now is your chance to grab her.  Honestly, she’s still one of my favorite characters.  So for premium players I think this is a must buy.

This one is a Freemium toss up.  I always say I prefer characters to buildings in the premium world, and Shary is certainly a fun character to add.  However, she’s pricey.  Honestly, this is one you’ll have to think about.  If you’ve been really jealous of your neighbors that have had Shary for the last year, now is your chance to pick her up. But if it’s something you think you can live with out..I’d take a pass on her.

More Details:
Real Housewives of Springfield: Shary Bobbins

hugs 2


Character: Hugs Bunny
Donut Price: 100 donuts
How You Got Him Before: Won in the Gold Box during Easter 2014

-Premium Character Earns 50% cash and XP on all jobs
-Comes with a pretty funny questline
-Hilarious outdoor task with Homer

hugs and homer fight 2

-Expensive.  At 100 donuts he’s one of the most expensive premium characters in the game, with out a building.
-Not voiced
-His best task requires Homer.

Final Thought
I like Hugs.  If you have the donuts go for him.  He’s got a funny questline and some funny outdoor tasks.  However, if I had to choose between Hugs and Shary…I’d pick Shary.

For this one I’m going to go with the same advice I gave you for Shary…think about this one.  If you’ve been really jealous of your neighbors that have had Hugs for the last year, now is your chance to pick him up. But if it’s something you think you can live with out..I’d take a pass on him.

More Details:
Mad Men of Springfield: Hugs Bunny

egg council guy 2

Character: Egg Council Guy
Donut Price: 40 donuts
How You Got Him Before: Won during Easter 2014

-Fun animation when tapped

-NPC, no tasks or quests associated with him

Final Thought
Premium or Freemium
Unless you’ve got a thing for Eggs…I’d take a pass on this one.  He’s a non-playable character and really offers little value to your Springfield.  I’d completely pass on this….

More Details

mojo monkey

Character: Mojo the Helper Monkey
Donut Price: 65 donuts
How You Got Him Before: Premium Easter 2014.

-Another animal to add into your collection 
-Shows his “lazy” side when tapped.

-No tasks or questline associated with adding Mojo to your town.
-Another Non-Playable Character to get lost in your Springfield.

Final Thought
Premium or Freemium
Although Mojo is from classic Simpsons, this may be one you want to pass on.  He’s another NPC & really offers no additional value to your Springfield…other than the nostalgia.

More Details
Should I Buy (2014)

Just remember…whatever you decide you have until April 7th to make your final decisions or these characters will once again disappear from the store!  So be sure to make your decisions before then.

What are your thoughts on the returning premium characters?  Any you plan to purchase?  Passing on any?  Why or why not?  Any characters that didn’t return that you wish did?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!





53 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On…Easter Redux- The Characters

  1. Well this is frustrating. I’m not finding Shary or Mojo in my premium items to buy or my inventory. All I see is Hugs Bunny. And suggestions?

  2. Got Shary and am delighted! Have egg man and don’t want anything else. Thanks for the helpful info! 🙂

  3. Even though it’s a complete waste of donuts, I had to grab the Egg Council Guy. It’s been driving me nuts not having him (wasn’t playing last year during Easter sadly) and I can’t see him in a neighbors town without tapping him once or twice (or twenty times, but who’s counting?). Would love to grab some of the other premium stuff, but it’s all a bit expensive for my tastes and I don’t really know the characters so there’s no real pull for them.

    Love the ‘Should I Buy…’ and pretty much all the other stuff you guys post here. It’s insanely helpful especially during events. Thanks! 😀

  4. How are you defining Premium and Freemium?

  5. Has anybody found Bunny #24601?
    I never got him and like how NPCs look in my town.

    I overheard that Bunny #24601 will be free during the second questline yet I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  6. Last year I was trying and trying and trying to get hugs bunny and shary bobbins but never did. I was so mad. Once they released hugs bunny and shary bobbins I picked both of them up pretty much almost immediately. And now I am very happy that I have both of them. The egg council guy I won last year. The mojo helper monkey I was on the fence about getting him last year and didn’t get him this year and I am also on the fence about getting him this year as well so I do know if I will get him or not. But overall I am very happy that they released both hugs bunny and shary bobbins and I am very happy that I was able to buy both of them.

  7. Although I didn’t win most of these characters from last year? I think it’s a shame that EA is forcing noobs to spend Donuts on what Tappers were rewarded with during the 2014 Easter event!

    Shary Bobbins – too expensive isn’t voiced and doesn’t come with a building

    Hugs Bunny – so glad I won you last year because I wouldn’t spend Donuts on you this year

    Egg Council Guy – non playing character no quests no task no money no XP earned no thank you

    Mojo the Helper Monkey – yes another animal to add to the collection, but non playing character no quests no task no money no XP earned no thank you

    Again, noobs (and Tappers like me) are not being rewarded by EA for being long time players (not happy Father Sean was omitted).

    • you keep reminding us of how long you’ve been playing the game, so to you it should be par for the course the way ea prices its returning items. and i don’t think you woulda been happy with father sean’s return anyway, because he was priced at 135 donuts when they brought him back for Yard Sale 2014. would you have paid 135 donuts for him, after he was a potential free prize? my guess is no….

  8. I think you should add that Hugs Bunny is “semi-voiced”, as in he makes noises when tapped or put on a task, (I like his “mmm-hmm…” sound, personally) even if he isn’t truly “voiced” as such.

    He’s the only gold box character I won last year. Glad he’s premium now, anyway. I’d like the egg council guy or Shary, but not worth that many donuts.

  9. Shary is a little tempting, but I don’t think I can bring myself to spend that much for just a character. I don’t think that stand-alone characters should ever cost more than 100 donuts.

    Love the 2D art there, btw…GREAT job!

  10. I’d pass on Hugs Bunny. There are better characters to spend 100 doughnuts on.

  11. I am so sad! I had really hoped (but had a feeling they wouldn’t because the superhero event was so long) there would be an Easter event this year. I didn’t start playing this game until late last year so I missed the last Easter event. Dang I wish I could afford to buy some of these!

    • Lots of freemium decos at least. WHile it’s not an event, I’m glad EA brought back so much with a set price and no silly boxes.

      • I was very pleased to see all the freemium items, especially the pond (I’ve been jealous of my neighbors who had them).

        I guess until I can afford to buy a load donuts I’ll have to visit my neighbors who have been lucky enough to get these characters and live vicariously through them. LOL!

  12. I got them all last Easter so I am good to go.

  13. You should inform people too that the Easter fences can be used in krustyland too. It’s always nice to be able to add to krustyland esp when not having to use donuts and ea is so slow on krusty brand updates

    • Didn’t know that! ……… they have a new appeal
      don’t normally take interest in seasonal stuff as it could end up in storage most of the year 👷

  14. Thanks for the write up. As a Mary Poppins fan, I bought Shary straight-up. It’s a pass for me on the two NPCs, and I think likewise for Hugs (He’s too pricey for a character to whom I have no particular attachment).

  15. What are the new prizes from the Mystery box?

  16. Got Father Sean last year, not sure if I care about the other characters enough. Still bitter about not getting Blocko during the event last year. Far too many empty attempts. Paying 50 donuts for something I didn’t “miss out” on but rather simply wasn’t randomly awarded isn’t going to remove that bitterness.

    I do think some sort of discount should be provided to the players who went through the event but didn’t obtain what they wanted.

    • I can’t agree with you more. I didn’t get the Egg Council Guy, and there is no way I am spending donuts on him when I worked hard enough to get him as a reward and didn’t. If I hadn’t managed to get Johnny Fiestas with my 27th blue box about an hour before I was forced to update the event away, I’d be very bitter indeed.

      For the return of these items, I would scale prices down based on what kind of egg you”were” (pink or blue), and how many boxes you opened. So if you were blue and you opened 10 pink boxes you could get the lizards and blocko for reduced donuts (say 20 or 30), and if you opened 20 blue boxes you could get them for in-game currency (igc). If you were pink and you opened 10 blue boxes, you could get egg guy and fiestas for reduced donuts, or igc if you opened more than 20 blue boxes.

      Thanks to wonderful sites like these, I knew last year that Shary was a de-facto premium item, as it was not possible to open 20 gold boxes without spending donuts, so if you opened 10 gold boxes, she should be 100 donuts and Hugs should be 50, and if you opened 20 gold boxes, you should get Shary for 50 donuts and Hugs for igc.

      I don’t think EA would ever do this. It’s too complicated and they probably didn’t keep everyone’s box count, but it would be fairer, and help to assuage the bitterness felt by players who went through the spinning “w-hell” events and are still playing today.

      • Sorry–that should say 20 PINK boxes to get blocko and Chirpy Boy/Bart Jr for igc

      • “I don’t think EA would ever do this. It’s too complicated and they probably didn’t keep everyone’s box count”

        i’m guessing this is the case… after all, this IS a free game. 🙂

    • be glad you got father sean, and have a chance to get the blocko store now for just 50. i missed out on the padre, and now i can’t purchase him even if i wanted to because ea didn’t bring him back for this event (probably because he returned for the 2014 yard sale for 135 freakin donuts).

      i missed out on the costingtons and clausco buildings during the xmas 2013 event too, and chose to thumb my nose at that by not buying either of em for donuts this past xmas. i’m not bitter though, nor do i feel like i deserve some special kind of consideration because of it. i chose to participate in a free game event, where the prizes happened to be randomly awarded. i’ve never been the luckiest guy, but at least i was able to score most of the cool stuff i wanted, and i’m good with that. i’m not saying you have to be too, but you’ll be a happier warhead for it. just don’t start playing the family guy the quest for stuff… if you’re bitter towards tapped out, you’ll be downright salty towards that!

  17. Hugs bunny’s story line is the funniest I’ve ever seen on this game. I hate the fact that I can’t do it over, it is so good.

  18. Shary Bobbins was the only character I didn’t win so she was an immediate pick up.

  19. Is it only my store showing 125 for Shary Bobbins? I’ve seen others refer to her as costing 120, but she would definitely cost me 125.

    Like most people who played Easter last year, I didn’t manage to win her. I’d like to have her, but her price seems really steep for a former prize.

    • No showing as 125 now. Not sure if it was corrected or if I read it wrong. I’ll have to go back and check the screenshots…but it’s now corrected on this post

  20. Baana dictatorship*

  21. Pleaseeeee do one should I spend donuts on banan dictatorshqip and blocko.

  22. I won the Egg Council Guy last year and he is now in storage, as are several other of my NPCs. I do like Shary Bobbins, but if I’m gonna spend donuts on a character, I really want it to be a regular like Otto or Barney. So these are all a pass from me!

  23. Since I’m mostly freemium I’m going to pass on all of them. Especially since they were free last year. Who knows maybe next year they will be free again. Thanks for the post & all your hard work!

  24. Love the 2D artwork in the post, it looks great!

    Although I have plenty of donuts I think I’ll be passing on all of these. I did enjoy the Shary Bobbins episode but not enough to pay that much for her.

  25. I’m thinking about Shary, as I quite like her, but I’m a freemium player and right now I’m at 118 donuts. I should get few from visiting friends, but still have to think hard about getting her.

    • I know this is the wrong place to ask, but still…
      I have maximum FP and 100+ friends. During the Super Heroes event phases 2 and 3 I got almost always 3 premium currency daily. Since phase 4 to nowadays, I get usually 0 donuts, sometimes 1, and very rarely 2 or 3. Is this how it’s supposed to be?

  26. I’m a free player, but Shary being the only prize I ever missed out on, I don’t think I can let her go a second time.

  27. Shary Bobbins is showing 125 donuts on my menu… Just to let you’s know. ..

  28. i know this isnt the place for my question but i hope you can answer it for me. I have been increasing my % bonus over the past few weeks by nearly 10%. However, the payout for my buildings and characters still has not changed. does the bonus only work for xp or am i doing something wrong?

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