Rigellian Christmas Promo Walkthrough

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So yesterday we got a little Christmas preview…in the form of everyone’s favorite Rigellian Aliens, Kodos and Kang, plotting to take over Christmas! It’s a fun little update to tease us of Christmas yet to come.

Here’s a look at the questline It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-Mess, to get you excited about the Christmas update hitting next week….dialogue included.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-Mess Pt. 1
Auto start

Kang: The humans left us out of their televised Halloween celebration again.  I’m so hurt!
Kodos: Not me, I am far too important to care what some stupid humans do!
Kang: Oh, right.  I am not hurt either.  Doesn’t bother me at all. They will pay for this outrage!  I will take over and destroy some other human holiday! Not that I care.
Make Kang Research Human Holidays- 6s, Earns $50, 2xp

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-Mess Pt. 2
Kang starts

Kang: Apparently, this “Christmas” holiday is a big deal. It even has its own embryo-based elixir.
Homer: Oh, yes, eggnog is the best of both worlds – alcohol and cholesterol.
Bart: At Christmas, you get presents for being “good”. Although in my experience it’s a pretty loose definition.
Lisa: Actually, it’s supposed to be a celebration of peace and-
Kang: I have heard enough!
Lisa: Why does everyone say that whenever it’s my turn to talk?
Make Kang Learn About the Spirit of Christmas- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-Mess Pt. 3
Kang starts

Kang: I have learned much about the Earthlings’ Christmas, Kodos. It celebrates family, love, and peace. I am moved to tears.  Tears of joy, about how easy it will be to conquer this pathetic holiday.  Now, all I need is a more festive vehicle – one in which I can “sleigh” all day.
Place Rigellian Christmas Spaceship- Free, Instant Build
Make Kang Laugh Evilly at His Own Joke- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-Mess Pt. 4
Kang starts

Kang: This decked-out Christmas murder-saucer is just the thing to fool the Earthlings into thinking I am their beloved Santa Claus. And to complete the disguise, a threadbare jacket and a tin pot for a hat.
Kodos: That is the outfit of Johnny Appleseed, the patron character of Arbor Day.
Kang: I see. Perhaps some more research is in order.
Make Kang Research His Christmas Costume- 3hrs, Earns $200, 55xp

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-Mess Pt. 5
Kang starts

Kang: My plans are complete. The conquest of Christmas can begin as soon as I give the command. But am I really ready to say farewell to Halloween? To trade in ghosts and goblins for elves and merriment?  This is going to take some thinking over. And that’s going to take some serious Rigellian whiskey.
Make Kang Be Torn Over Halloween or Christmas- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp
Kang: I am so wasted. Kodos, I love you man. I’m doing it. I’m coming for Christmas. Beware December! Ha ha ha!  But first I’m coming for the toilet. I feel so sick.

And there you have it my friends!  The full questline, dialogue included, for the Christmas Promo!

What are your thoughts on the little event?  Questline? What do you think will happen when the Christmas Event hits next week?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


90 responses to “Rigellian Christmas Promo Walkthrough

  1. I logged in to my son’s game to get him caught up for Christmas, but I didn’t get the promo event to autostart. Are there any requirements for this promo event? The town is level 44 with too many open tasks to list.


  2. thanks EA for the lights, so far. bah humbug!!


  3. Add a daily player Haywire06
    Will visit everyday


  4. EA I want my space ship back!!! 👽🛸


  5. I’m kinda excited for this one. I like the idea of Kang and Kodos taking over Christmas…seems to Simpson-y Christmas-y to me! I agree with most people that Halloweeen was a bit of a disappointment, but nevertheless, I remain a loyal, Simpson loving fan, and am always excited for the next event. So “let it snow, let is snow let it snow”….or perhaps…. let solidified Rigillian water molecules descend slowly through an atmosphere at or below 0′ Degrees Centigrade…


  6. I am excited for a Rigellian themed event. I’ve liked the past events where they were involved, even though the Queen’s animation is a little bit gross. I especially liked where the Krustyland patrons were all turned into little mini Rigellians…so cute!


  7. I like the talk around this update without giving spoilers it sounds good after the nightmare of the pagan event 😿😿🙀🙀 and a harrypotter Halloween debacle this looks promising I’m looking forward to it my only fear is recycled prizes 😥😥😥😥


  8. God people whine I like it something different can’t repeat the same story every yr as long as it’s not completely off topic a little twist is good harrypotter Halloween pagan Xmas were good examples of that but this event sounds great a little different I like it….. I mean a Kang and Kodos christmas ?? Please tell me it’s gonna be something like that an event where Kodos turn the towns Christmas toys evil to run a muck in Springfield or something similar it will like a halloween/Christmas event that would make up for Halloween event we were never giving this yr the fact we have had kang kick starting a storyline about being pissed he wasn’t in the crappy harry potter Halloween event leads me to think they are involved in the Christmas event I hope so it would be cool


  9. I like the idea of kang and kodos getting into the holiday spirit. Its been how many years of holiday events? Time for new unplausable twists. I liked last years event too. I hope they bring back dropping presents in friends towns. That was fun to do. Also, PLEASE EA, get rid of crafting and make in game cash worth something besides buying KEMs or rattrap trucks. Remember community prizes?

    Really, all i want for christmas is more land for the heights and ill be happy(er).

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  10. Someone Stole my Burrito ™

    A Kodos and Kang Christmas would be fun! Why are people complaining? They are so cute especially with Santa hats. Let’s chill out and wait before we express disappointment. Might be super fun. Besides, I finally got the Grumple, so whatever happens at this point, I’m good. I’m sure EA listened to us. It’s gonna be super Christmasy! – Bluntcard ( from EA forums )


  11. I am concerned that tsto is doing away with classic holidays now. Aliens for Xmas?! This does not bode well for a traditional,Christmas Event…..my opinion? Very very disappointed if I am correct.


    • What is a traditional christmas anyways? I thought christmas was a combination of winter tradittions from all over western hemisphere. Pagan december celebrations have been around for much longer the “traditional american christmas”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Please. Stop. Not going to repeat last year.


      • In my post “Traditional Christmas” meant traditional specifically related to previous tsto winter holiday events, just as this year’s THOH event was not in keeping with the traditions of this game’s Halloween history. These two events in particular have had a longtime game history of being within an expected realm – getting and giving presents to neighbors, for example, was a much enjoyed winter/Christmas event in recent years. (Despite gift boxes hiding behind buildings, etc.)

        Many people were very disappointed that this year’s Halloween event was not at all Halloween-y (oops, I should have said Hallow Richard in honor of that classic Addicts live episode.)

        In reply to your comment damianf74, I was one of the minority who enjoyed the pagan event last winter but I was disappointed that it veered away from TSTO tradition – that’s what I am speaking about.


    • Ie seems to be at least Christmas-inspired, unlike last year’s pagan event (which was also cool, bit not really Christmas-y).

      There always is some ludicrous plot twist that enables the event, so if Kang and Kodos are used to bring about some Chirstmas-style thing, why not? Especially after they were absent from Halloween.


  12. Snow! Bring on the snow!

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  13. I am hoping for some new in-canon facades and decorations. Please no sci-fi, superhero, Wiccan, etc stuff.

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  14. Works for me, looking forward to it, bad start to the year but got lots to look forward to with no1 grand daughter due in April and its going to be a great year😁

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  15. Too many people already freaking out over an event that hasn’t even started yet. I’ll continue to read the posts, but I think I’m going to hold off reading the comments until after the event starts. There’s always plenty of 🤪 to go around and I want to keep a positive attitude towards the upcoming festivities. 👍🎄⛄️❄️😁

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  16. I like that there is still a bit more down time until next week considering I am just under 3 billion REV points away from getting Paris Texan and the Billionaire Haven (now I just have to work to 2 billion instead). The only disappointment I have is that I was expecting an episode tie-in (ET-I) first then have the Rigellian Christmas Promo because EA has only offered 1 ET-I from this new season while previous years would have done around 3 at the end of November. The only other minor complaint is that Kang gets more “action” in the game than Kodos does similar to Homer being used more than Marge (Homer is at the 1st level for the newer players to at least participate in the event while Marge is at the 15th level). Outside of that I am really surprised that the “Alien Immigration”* is going to be this year’s Christmas update while “The return of the masonic messiah”* would probably be for next year (I thought the masonic messiah could relate to a possible return of the stonecutters or even a movementarian event with “The Leader”) The only items I can think of appearing are the Cult Flying Saucer from last year hopefully with a good bonus percentage with it (about 2.5-3% is good enough) and the from this week’s Addicts Open Thread would be the Santa skeleton and the pumpkin man as decoration for free or in game cash.
    * phrases taken from the app stores description from major event takedown updates.


    • Extra info: EA is making this Christmas Update 4 weeks long like last while Halloween this year was still 6 weeks like other years. Aside from my negative points on this and the previous comment, I can’t wait until this Christmas Update hits, I wonder what EA pulls off for this year in terms of content (buildings, decorations, characters, costumes and maybe some new facades) and execution while having a very interesting storyline attached. 😀


      • Just a reminder…they have done this at Christmas before. It ends on New Year…and then has a two-week New Year update. But, we’ll see what Kang has in mind. I’m hoping for a flying “Kang Kringle” sleigh, that’s jet powered.


        • Oh, I did not realise that I missed off some words on the first sentence, it is supposed to say “EA is making this Christmas Update 4 weeks long like last year’s update”. I don’t know what they could do for a two week new year update other than release 1 new thing; though they could do another mini event like Homer the Heretic from last year. I would love to see Kang fly across the screen in a sleigh like Santa Homer and tapping the “flying task” from characters now no longer redirects us to the location of the task e.g. Norbert on his task in the Plane used to take you to his plane’s location when you tap the screen and now it doesn’t, which I am very happy for.


  17. The Christmas items go away in 4 days
    Dos this mean another year without the reason for the season?
    Save the aliens for a sifi event
    Bring back Christmas
    🎄 🎄🎄🎄🎄


    • This is barely a fraction of the returning Christmas content EA can release. The lights leave stores Tuesday, the Mystery Box is here until January.

      How about we wait to see what’s coming with the next event before we start complaining about it? Just a thought…

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    • Tis the season to be cheerful, and I’ll bet the limited time stuff pops back up as a last chance store update before the end of the event, so I’ll keep tapping for donuts and see what next week brings.
      Besides, half my house farm looks nice with the festive skins so I may not bother with the plunger and leave them like that all year, and maybe get lights for the others.
      Again a dilemma, as my bonus goes up I plan to reduce the house farm without losing too much income and there’s stuff I can’t sell and stuff with no skin and a lot of blue houses.


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