Happy Update Tuesday!

Tis the Tuesday for an update…fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Who’s ready for Christmas?!  Today’s the day!  Yes an update is expected…although it’s not here yet.  So while we wait…let’s do a little caption this!  You know, something to entertain you in between asking if the update hit yet



Hey Addicts… Caption This!
This Caption This! image is brought to us by

So go ahead and caption away!

If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption this!” post, email it to us at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com you never know when yours might be next!

And yes, once the update hits we’ll be posting all about it.  No, nothing has hit yet and there’s no info just yet in the files. I’ll keep y’all posted, don’t worry.  Relax and let me see those great (and not so great) captions!  🙂


177 responses to “Happy Update Tuesday!

  1. Update here. Just getting tired of downloading the game every time I️ open it to play. I️ wish EA would get it fixed. PLEASE.


    • It’s not an EA problem…that usually happens when your device is getting too full. Try deleting (or offloading to the cloud) a bunch of pictures or other large files that you don’t need…that should fix the problem.


  2. We don’t need any water let that … burn .

    Hank : Let them try to stop me now . Look at the power that I have over a pile of wood .

    🎬🎥🐒 . Take me as I am for I can not stay long , Death make Angels of us all . See ya bye . 👽


  3. iOS update is live!!

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  4. ITS UPPPP🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  5. Hello, it’s me Richard from earlier, saying I had it on iOS. Very very sorry. Never done it before, will never do it again, but I was in a silly mood due to too many sweets on a shopping trip. I have been playing since the beginning and love the game. And this site has been amazing. Please don’t take any offence at my silly remark. I’ve recently just hit my level 939 and on the wagon of gathering donuts.
    Just gone midnight in UK and my bed is calling, so hopefully you guys in USA will be updated soon and I will wake up to it. Goodnight everyone, merry Christmas and happy holiday tapping.

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  6. Hank: “Hey Skyfinger I’m gonna burn this down so you have room for whatever you’re gonna buy with those 316 donuts.”


  7. taptaptap … TAPTAPTAP … taptaptap … _ _ _ …


  8. Burning Man: Damn, another late update! Would you guys light me up! I’m so tired of waiting! Maybe my smoke signals and high temp fires will catch EA’s attention and give us us our update!

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  9. Breaking News: EA just reported that due to a recent technical glitch in their extensive programming files, Christmas has been canceled for this season. High level sources close to the screw up, that wish to remain anonymous, say that EA apologizes for any inconvenience, and promises to uphold to the highest standard of integrity, and continues to examine and improve the quality of their gaming experience to the highest standard the industry will permit.

    Trump shouts, “Fake News!”

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  10. We all know that the update will come eventually. However, for us on the other side of the Atlantic, waiting and updating for an entire day without being able to access it until Wednesday feels a bit dull. If we didn’t know when it’d launch it’s one thing, but to miss out due to having to sleep feels a bit off.
    On a more positive note, this only means something good to wake up to. If I can just let go of the phone…


  11. Can’t wait for update looks like it’s gonna be a good one 😁😁


  12. It’s almost midnight here in Central Europe (Slovakia) and my patience is kinda running off. Everybody is free for almost 15 hours, since usually the updates hit us here at 9 AM…

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  13. 10pm in the UK, I’m sending everyone off on 8 hour tasks. Hoping it will be in the App Store by breakfast time.


  14. Hank: hey bullyvern, if you could burn some stuff on the way out that would really help me out a lot.

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