New Holiday Bazaar Items Added

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  Just a friendly reminder that the Holiday Bazaar shop has been restocked with items from Christmas past!  I’ll be doing a full SIB post on them later in the week (well technically next week, since today’s the end of this week…but I think you get what I’m saying)

Here’s a quick list of what’s inside this week….


 Marge Snowman 20 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts .5% bonus cash and XP

Lisa Snowman 20 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate, NET 10 Donuts .5% bonus cash and XP

Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog 20 Donuts .75% bonus cash and XP

Exotic Petting Zoo 100 Donuts

Wooly Bully 40 Donuts, Rebate 30 donuts, NET 10 donuts

Patches and Poor Violet 100 donuts, Rebate 50 Donuts, NET 50 donuts Like the Worker Elves

Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene 30 Donuts, rebate 20 donuts, NET 10 donuts .5% bonus on cash and XP

Large Iceberg 25 Donuts .6% bonus on cash and XP

Imaginary Bear 35 donuts, Rebate 20 donuts, NET 15 donuts NPC

Reindeer 20 Donuts .5% bonus on cash and XP

Holiday Tree 75 donuts, Rebate 30 donuts, NET 45 donuts .75% bonus on cash and XP

Flanders’ Frozen Car 50 donuts, Rebate 40 donuts, NET 10 donuts 2.25% bonus on cash and XP

Dunk the Monk 20 donuts, rebate 10 donuts, NET 10 donuts

Murdered Snowman $30,000

Christmas Float 20 donuts, Rebate 20 donuts, NET FREE .5% bonus on cash and XP

Fever Cabin 20 Donuts .25% bonus on cash and XP

And there you have it, the new items in the Bazaar!  This items will be available until the event ends, so choose wisely but not quickly!

What are your thoughts on the Bazaar?  Items you’re thinking about getting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “New Holiday Bazaar Items Added

  1. I gotta ask does Ned’s car stay frozen after the snow melts? 🤔

  2. Thanks for posting my comment. I found the Bazaar box — finally. Now did I miss SIB on the Peak In?

  3. I already had about half a dozen reindeer. But love love love them. When I saw they were available again something in my brain said ‘eight tiny reindeer’ so I got eight, yes right of them. I may get more if Jesus doesn’t wipe me out. The bonus was a nice surprise!

  4. Does Flanders’ Frozen Car stay frozen through all the seasons? Even mid-Summer?

  5. “Holiday Tree”

    • That’s where Maggie has an 8 hr task in her star snowsuit as a wiggly tree topper. It must have been free at one point because I’m way too cheap to buy such an expensive tree. Her snowsuit must have been a freebie also.

  6. My Bazaar was not updated. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I get my game to update? Everything else in the game is working fine. There are lots of items I would love to purchase.

  7. There are no new items in my Bazaar. There are lots of items I don’t have and would gladly purchase. Does anyone else have this problem?

  8. Been waiting for Santa’s Little Helper snowman, score! Congratulations on getting Stanton, your Yankees are stocked.

  9. im interested to know this too

  10. Finally got poor Patches and Violet!

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    💝💝💝 Reindeer!!!! I’ve wanted more ever since they put them in the game… I think I bought at least 20 today lol! Went for more Christmas trees too, bonus% & payout, I have a hard time passing that up 😁😁

  12. OMG! Flanders frozen car is a steal. I wish I could get more than 1.

  13. Wow! Flanders car. .. great deal ! Ka-ching 🎅

  14. The imaginary bear was in one of those mystery boxes from before the event with a ton of stuff that I didn’t want, so I reluctantly didn’t get it then. But now it’s back for even fewer donuts! 😃

    • Ohhh an interesting point. I’m generally not keen to spend donuts on NPCs but my bonus % is closing in on 800% and for the sake of future mystery box savings, I got the imaginary bear now. I’ll grab Kandy Kevin down the line too if he shows up. Get them cheaper now than most mystery boxes will probably offer them for in the future! Buy now to save later is rare with TSTO but I’m willing to go for it this time!

  15. I already had some of the items, but I got Flander’s car right away. Great deal!

    I checked my ice sculptures and noticed that I didn’t have Bart, and he was not available. Was he not made as a ice sculpture?

    • He was previously available but he was made out of sludge snow, not a full “snowman” like the other Simpson family members. This is a nod to the seventh series episode “Marge be not proud” where Bart steals a video game- Bonestorm- from the Try N Save.

  16. I had some different items in mine. Grandpa snowman, flaming trash can and rigellian fence and cabin among other things. Some good deals though

  17. I love tapping on my “dunk the monk”…makes me giggle every time! 😄

  18. Picked up the float. Will probably get Wooly Bully and maybe frozen car. Torn on Patches and Violet, but only have 60 donuts. Will probably get them, unless there is an Otto bundle. I need am Otto in my Springfield.

  19. Glad I waited to get Flander’s Car. That’s a great deal for the bonus.

  20. Can you buy only one Flanders car?

  21. It seems that if you have the snowdog from winter ’15 then that only has a vanity boost not a bonus %.
    At least that’s what I found after digging mine out of storage

    • Same with the snow Lisas…I had about 26 of them from a past event, but I placed one and it didn’t increase my bonus percentage.

      Unfortunately, EA has gotten very good at remembering to make separate versions of these items that come back with a percentage….I liked it better when they were less “organized.” 🙁

    • Same for Snowball II ice statue. Alas.

  22. Flanders’ Frozen Car, 10 donuts 2.25% bonus on cash and XP, Could not resist. Best buy so far?

  23. I saw the new items alert but was waiting for act 2 and saving sprinkles for deities then I saw this excellent (as ever) post.

    20D Christmas float is FREE and 1/2% and 50D Flanders Frozen Car is 10D for a whopping 2+1/4%.

    2+3/4% bonus for a whole 10 Donuts, better than 4D per % !!

    Having said that, for newbies and the donut poor you would need the 20 or 50 donuts available even though you get all but 10 back

  24. What does the Flanders car look like the rest of the year?

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