Final Round of New Holiday Bazaar Items Added

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday before Christmas!  Yes in just two short days it’ll be Christmas!  Spending the day today baking cookies and watching the BEST Christmas Movie…It’s a Wonderful Life. But wanted to pop in with a friendly reminder that the Holiday Bazaar shop has been restocked with items from Christmas past…it was restocked yesterday!  I’ll be doing a full SIB post on them later in the week (well technically next week, since today’s the end of this week…but I think you get what I’m saying)

Pssst….even though tomorrow is Christmas Eve, it’s still Sunday…which means we’ll still have an Open Thread available for those who love the threads. 🙂

Here’s a quick list of what’s inside this week….


Burns Fever Snowman-  10 Donuts, .25% Bonus on cash and XP

Giant Burning Goat- 45 Donuts, 2% Bonus Cash and XP

Ice God- 30 Donuts, 2.25% Bouns on Cash and XP

Old Tree Spirit- 100 Donuts, Rebate 70 Donuts, NET 30 Donuts, 3% bonus on cash and XP

Bonestorm Santa- 45 Donuts, Rebate 20 Donuts, NET 25 Donuts, NPC

Dunking Device- 80 Donuts, Rebate 70 Donuts, NET 10 donuts, 2.75Bonusns on Cash and XP

Fir is Murder Christmas Tree- 10 Donuts, Rebate 5 Donuts, NET 5 donuts

Christmas Totem Pole- 10 Donuts, 2.5% Bonus Cash and XP

Christmas Clams $50 Sign- 20 Donuts, Nada

Duff Beer Tree-  10 Donuts, .25% Bouns Cash and XP

Candy Kevin- 45 Donuts, Rebate 35 Donuts, NET 10 Donuts, NPC

Devil Snowman- 20 Donuts, Rebate 10 Donuts, NET 10 donuts

Destroyed Holiday Wheel- 1 donut, Rebate 1 Donut, NET FREE

And there you have it, the new items in the Bazaar!  This items will be available until the event ends, so choose wisely but not quickly!

What are your thoughts on the Bazaar?  Items you’re thinking about getting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

60 responses to “Final Round of New Holiday Bazaar Items Added

  1. Oh my …… I better Farm so I can spend sprinkles 👍


  2. I selected the giant burning goat, then changed my mind and didn’t buy it. But Homer’s Quest still appeared. Any way to get rid of this? Or contact EA?

  3. I had the Ice God and the Old Tree Spirit in my Bazaar, and now they’re gone. I was going to buy them both based on past SIBs, but when I went in there, they were gone. My memory is crap, but I think I’d remember buying them in the past day. Did anyone else’s Ice God and Old Tree Spirit disappear?

  4. There’s some good % modifier deals here. Between the dunking device, devil float and Christmas totem pole you can pick up a 7.75% bonus for a total of 30 donuts. You do need 80 donuts in the bank for the original purchase price on the dunking device for the rebate though.

  5. I spent all my farming $ and went from 300% money/xp to 513% this event, mostly from stuff in the bazaar and mainly from poor frozen Snowball II =) so much things to buy!!!

  6. Thank you!! I almost bought Candy Kevin and Bonestorm Santa, but thy are NPC 😁

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    “Shadow” fit the spirit tree and it intiated dialogue and now I have a Quest line started that won’t go away.
    Thankfully, I plan on buying it later this week.
    Then, I got the bright idea of looking up past SIB and discovered last December someone else, who ‘S’hall remain nameless, discussed the same issue.

    • Wow – you make me sound like Valdemort (or some other evil being)! Or, maybe like the Hebrew god, whose true name shouldn’t be spoken? Either way, didn’t seem especially fitting… 🤔

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        I strive to maintain confidentiality, unless give permission not to.

        • Given that it’s already publicly available info, I’d say it’s okay. But thanks for being thoughtful about it (even if the way you executed it made it sound like I’m evil incarnate, lol! 👹)!

  8. No raccoon 🙁

  9. I love the Holiday Bazaar! This round of new items is possibly my favorite…but didn’t I say that last time? I like this better then the more expensive stuff! I REALLY loved the Spirit Tree! Thanks EA! Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

  10. In addition to the items listed, I got the Devil Float for 40 donuts with a 30 rebate. Net 10 donuts for 2.5%

  11. Bought the Tire Fireplace…or so I thought, but it only stole my donuts and gave me no decoration 🙁 Not in my inventory and not available in the store anymore.

  12. I was hoping that reindeer burger truck would return. Oo.

  13. Has anyone noticed the diminished XP returns today?

    • Did your collider run out of time?

    • I noticed that my cash reserves were suddenly lower starting Saturday Dec
      23. I farm KEMs and keep a close watch on it, and definitely my reserves were slowly increasing until Saturday, when the minimum and the maximum suddenly became considerably lower by at least 500,000 dollars, maybe more since the minimum cash seemed lower than I remembered just before it shot down below 1 million. I have a week left on the 5x XP collider. I haven’t spent game dollars for anything. I haven’t mistakenly let the rich guys deplete my cash with their stupid costly tasks either.

      So what happened? Is it a glitch or a permanent change? I also noticed that the game was having trouble on Saturday staying connected even on cellular data which is usually quite steady. In the time it took to harvest donuts from my KEM garden, collect money from tasks and buildings, and reassign tasks – I was being disconnected two or three times
      and having to redo whatever I had done recently. Since I’ve been assigning one hour tasks recently to build up cash and keep people available for event quests, I could see it was not just a one-time problem but happened throughout the day. The cash reserve problem and the disconnection problem is still with me after midnight.

      • I also was robbed of 40 plank babies when it disconnected just as I was placing another set of gumdrop rocks. When I reconnected, the plank babies were gone and no sign of the 40-plank rocks either in inventory. It really should have just gone back to the last status of the game and given me back my precious plank babies. Sigh.

  14. Anyone having problems with the re gifting game? Every time I try to collect a gift I get a white screen and my game crashes :/

  15. I can’t find the holiday wheel, am I missing something? I’ve looked around for it but can’t seem to find it. Wasn’t sure if there was a trick to getting it.

  16. Picked up a lot more from the bazaar than I ever thought I would. Really nice for my bonus %.

  17. From a bonus percentage standpoint, I think the dunking device may be the best deal ever offered! Although I’m not being driven by that factor that much theses days, the fact that it also seemed to fit in near the gallows in my Hogsmeade-ish area made it a buy for me. I also got the wheel (because it’s funny and, I think, a very rare item), but everything else is pretty much either an “i’ve got it already” or a “pass” for me. (I did consider getting the burning boat to put next to my burning man, but decided to leave him uncluttered.)

  18. Has anyone purchased the BS station?

  19. Out of donuts, had to even purchase few to be able to afford Jesus. I know he is overpriced, but well, who else should I buy if not him?

  20. Hi all, probably the wrong place to post but I figured I’d give it a shot. Has anyone run across an issue that their donuts disappeared? We had 300+ in one of our games and yesterday it went down to 35. We checked to see if there was a mistaken purchase in inventory and nothing. Contacted EA and they said it’s been at 35 all month. That doesn’t sound right – we do the rail yard, Maggie and the challenges daily. We were at 35 at the end of November but we’d been slowly increasing. Any ideas? Syncing issue? Would deleting and reloading help?

    • I noticed it too, not as big of a loss as yours though. I went from about 27 to 12 and then I got it back up to about 18 and it dropped to around 7. I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or if I accidentally sped up some jobs and lost the donuts that way. Although I’m a freemium player and don’t farm I didn’t bother with the loss since it wasn’t a lot of donuts.

    • Happened to me a while ago, I contacted EA they fixed it.

    • Since my cash went down suddenly by at least $500,000 and maybe as much as $800,000 around the same time (no change in donuts, I have 75), maybe there’s a cash/donuts thief glitch. The change in my cash is really unexplained by anything I was doing.

      • Did you accidentally send Cecil on one of his Road to Riches tasks?

        • No. Didn’t let Burns add to his golden pile either. I wonder if it had to do with the frequent disconnects lately both on wifi and cellular (I don’t think it’s a problem at my end, other games etc. don’t experience it and two different isp’s are involved.)

  21. Picked up Old Tree spirit right away, I love trees AND a great bonus! I placed it as a substitute for the Whomping Willow in my Harry Potter/ magilcal area and it looks great. LOVE it!

  22. Not bought much from the bazaar, I’m running out of donuts from getting all the new characters. I bought Dunking Device though, the animated task was enough for me, and the percent was a great bonus.

  23. I got “The Simpsons Go To Hell” float with the rebate. I like the bonus % but it doesn’t seem to be very Christmas themed. I would have guessed this is for Halloween.

  24. really good to see so much happening in the game right now. unfortunately i’m not able to play due to the issue of having to download the game each time i open the game, but i did complete 3/4 of the prize track in act one. definitely some characters i would’ve bought as i’ve got over 400 donuts to spend but hoping they’ll return to the shop when the issue is fixed so i can play again

    • Clear up more space on your device to fix the downloading issue.

      • i have 32gb free on my phone. i heard from ea last week that the issue isn’t space related, but tapped out has issues running on apple ios 11. so until a patch comes out, i just have to wait but am keeping up to date with the game on here

        • I’m playing just fine on an iPad running iOS 11.0.3. Maybe the iPhone is different, or maybe the rep didn’t know what he/she is taking about? Or maybe the problem is with a later version of iOS 11? (I have 11.2.1 queued up to install, but need to wait until my company gives me the go-ahead to update.)

  25. bought the dunking device, thats a good deal!

  26. I got dunking machine, Xmas totem, and devil float for bonuses 👍 now I have 48 hrs to make 30 sprinkles back for jebus.
    Merry Christmas, holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, alien invasion to all!

  27. Holiday wheel for free 😂🎅😂

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