Final Round of New Holiday Bazaar Items Added

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday before Christmas!  Yes in just two short days it’ll be Christmas!  Spending the day today baking cookies and watching the BEST Christmas Movie…It’s a Wonderful Life. But wanted to pop in with a friendly reminder that the Holiday Bazaar shop has been restocked with items from Christmas past…it was restocked yesterday!  I’ll be doing a full SIB post on them later in the week (well technically next week, since today’s the end of this week…but I think you get what I’m saying)

Pssst….even though tomorrow is Christmas Eve, it’s still Sunday…which means we’ll still have an Open Thread available for those who love the threads. 🙂

Here’s a quick list of what’s inside this week….


Burns Fever Snowman-  10 Donuts, .25% Bonus on cash and XP

Giant Burning Goat- 45 Donuts, 2% Bonus Cash and XP

Ice God- 30 Donuts, 2.25% Bouns on Cash and XP

Old Tree Spirit- 100 Donuts, Rebate 70 Donuts, NET 30 Donuts, 3% bonus on cash and XP

Bonestorm Santa- 45 Donuts, Rebate 20 Donuts, NET 25 Donuts, NPC

Dunking Device- 80 Donuts, Rebate 70 Donuts, NET 10 donuts, 2.75Bonusns on Cash and XP

Fir is Murder Christmas Tree- 10 Donuts, Rebate 5 Donuts, NET 5 donuts

Christmas Totem Pole- 10 Donuts, 2.5% Bonus Cash and XP

Christmas Clams $50 Sign- 20 Donuts, Nada

Duff Beer Tree-  10 Donuts, .25% Bouns Cash and XP

Candy Kevin- 45 Donuts, Rebate 35 Donuts, NET 10 Donuts, NPC

Devil Snowman- 20 Donuts, Rebate 10 Donuts, NET 10 donuts

Destroyed Holiday Wheel- 1 donut, Rebate 1 Donut, NET FREE

And there you have it, the new items in the Bazaar!  This items will be available until the event ends, so choose wisely but not quickly!

What are your thoughts on the Bazaar?  Items you’re thinking about getting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


60 responses to “Final Round of New Holiday Bazaar Items Added

  1. Oh my …… I better Farm so I can spend sprinkles 👍



  2. I selected the giant burning goat, then changed my mind and didn’t buy it. But Homer’s Quest still appeared. Any way to get rid of this? Or contact EA?


  3. I had the Ice God and the Old Tree Spirit in my Bazaar, and now they’re gone. I was going to buy them both based on past SIBs, but when I went in there, they were gone. My memory is crap, but I think I’d remember buying them in the past day. Did anyone else’s Ice God and Old Tree Spirit disappear?


  4. There’s some good % modifier deals here. Between the dunking device, devil float and Christmas totem pole you can pick up a 7.75% bonus for a total of 30 donuts. You do need 80 donuts in the bank for the original purchase price on the dunking device for the rebate though.


  5. I spent all my farming $ and went from 300% money/xp to 513% this event, mostly from stuff in the bazaar and mainly from poor frozen Snowball II =) so much things to buy!!!


  6. Thank you!! I almost bought Candy Kevin and Bonestorm Santa, but thy are NPC 😁


  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    “Shadow” fit the spirit tree and it intiated dialogue and now I have a Quest line started that won’t go away.
    Thankfully, I plan on buying it later this week.
    Then, I got the bright idea of looking up past SIB and discovered last December someone else, who ‘S’hall remain nameless, discussed the same issue.


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