Twas The Night Before, The Night Before….

Ho Ho Ho Tappers!

You know it’s not Christmas Eve without a reading of a classic tale.  You know…

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

And all through the house…

Not a creature was stirring…

Not even a…


Oh you thought we were going to tell THAT version?  Nope you thought wrong!

You see every year right around Christmas Eve we like to tell the TSTO version of the Tale….Twas the Night before Grumplemas!  Even though tonight is technically the night before, the night before Christmas we thought y’all might enjoy a little dark TSTO humor a day early.  That’ll keep Christmas Eve nice and light 🙂

Enjoy my friends!


Grumple 1Grumple 2Grumple 3Grumple 4Grumple 5Grumple Play Grump DrumGrumple 7Grumple 8Grumple 9Grumple 10

grumple 11

Grumple Die Cursing

Grumple 12

Hope you enjoyed that little tale!

And now…Merry night before, the night before Christmas to all…and to all a goodnight!

21 responses to “Twas The Night Before, The Night Before….

  1. Grumple = what I turn into when EA makes me mad (lol)
    Fortunately, no Grumple this year 🎄❄️🎅

  2. I saw something on an unrelated site that I thought to share.
    Not mine, though I’m sure the OP won’t mind…


    It’s Christmas time again,
    don’t forget to set your scales back by 10lb tonight 😉

  3. Merry Grumpleness addicts! ♥🎅♥

  4. Alias de la plume

    Still trying to get him
    Stinking mystery box

  5. Merry Christmas to all❤️🎄

  6. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  7. Bravo! Merry Christmas All!

  8. Best. Text. Ever.

  9. Merry Christmas!

  10. That was amazing!! Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays TSTO! 🎅

  11. I just got the Otto skin but need the school bus to activate him. Can I find the school bus anywhere? No! Where is it? 🙂

  12. Very good. My daughter is halfway through learning this ‘spanglish’ version ..

    • Hahahahaha I can not stop laughing … Ssshh baby is sleeping … I will give this to students they are learning spanish 😉 feliz navidad 😀🎅 felices fiestas!!

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