Episode Reminder: Haw-Haw Land (Season 29, Episode 10)

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Were you disappointed to see The Simpsons not have a new episode last few weeks? Were you disappointed the Christmas hiatus hit? Can’t wait for another new Simpsons episode? Well you won’t have to wait too long for the next such episode as The Simpsons is back this Sunday, with an all new episode, it’s winter premiere! Woohoo!

So here’s your official TSTO Addicts reminder…all new episode, the season’s tenth episode, this Sunday, January 7th, on FOX (also half an hour earlier on Global in Canada)….“Haw-Haw Land”!

So what do The Simpsons have in store for us this week?

Here’s the episode information released from FOX:

“The Simpsons go to a STEM conference; Lisa falls for a crooning jazz pianist; Bart discovers he has an affinity for chemistry.”

Here’s the sneak peek for this week’s episode from FOX:

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see all the fun!

As always, after the episode airs we’ll have a full episode recap!

Are you excited for the new episode? Are you excited it’s the winter premiere and the first new episode of 2018? What do you think will happen in the new episode? Looking forward to Ed Sheeran guest-starring? Are you enjoying the episode tie-in questline? What did you think of last months fall finale of The Simpsons featuring Sideshow Bob and Shaq? What’s been your favourite tenth episode of our favourite family over the past 28 seasons? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

5 responses to “Episode Reminder: Haw-Haw Land (Season 29, Episode 10)

  1. Why can’t I see anything in the haw haw land page?

  2. Scott M Marusak

    so what items appear in the Haw-Haw Land category in the store? I see nothing but i’m assuming that’s because I already bought whatever is supposed to be there…any ideas?

  3. 1st “new” episode I’ve watched in yrs. With the exception of “My Will….I have nothing”…….. Yuck. 😕

  4. Off topic, but I recently noticed a glitch in the game. I decided to place down the beasts from Halloween 2017, and noticed that Wiggops’ Station is bigger than the other beast… lairs?

    Wiggops’ Station is one row of blocks thicker from the north AND the east. This makes it hard to fit nicely with the other beast lairs.

    I vaguely remember it being the same size as the other lairs back in autumn, but don’t quote me on that. Maybe they made it bigger on purpose, or maybe it was always like that. Or maybe it is indeed a mistake/glitch. Who knows.

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