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Land “Glitch”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with something….two new rows of land were added with this event.  However, it currently appears that for the two new rows (and the two new rows only) you can only purchase them with the free land tiles.  You cannot spend cash on those two rows of land.

You can, however, spend cash on older rows of land.  So if you haven’t gotten to those two new rows, you’ll still be able to purchase land for cash. 

As of right now it applies to everyone, so don’t think it’s just your game.  Some are speculating that it’s a glitch, others are saying it’s a permanent change.  Personally, I say only the coding team at EA knows for sure what their intention was.  If it changes in the next couple of days, well then it was likely a bug in the coding.  If it doesn’t, well then it’s intentional.

My gut feeling is, it’s intentional.  A way to slow everyone down in buying land…but what do I know?

Anyway…just wanted to let you know you’re not going crazy and yes, it’s happening to everyone.  And the only thing to do right now is to wait and see what happens….

Bart Royale and Homergeddon – Act One Calendar

As sometimes seems to happen (more and more) major event releases sputter and pop to get started.  This time, those of us on the West Coast took the “late hit” and had to wait a few hours longer to banish the snow and get to battling over play structure territory. I didn’t get the update until almost 10PM, a full 6 hours after Alissa notified me that it was “in the files.”  Bummer.

However, as the Brits used to say during WWII, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”  Which reminds me to mention that if Gary Oldman doesn’t win the Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the “Darkest Hour,” something is very, very, very wrong.
He. Was. Amazing!!  But, I digress…

Bottom line…even with the delays, I have every belief that I will catch up, and cruise into the “get everything I want” mode, with time to spare.

Let’s break this thing down in nice, easy to digest, 4-hour blocks (sound familiar??)

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Turbo Tappin’ Bart Royale: Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The kids of Springfield are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!  Time for a Battle Royale of epic proportions…kids vs adults.  The soul of Springfield is on the line!

As was mentioned on the run down post Act 1 of Bart Royale runs until February 6th and you’ll need Bart, Milhouse, Homer and at least 3 Youngsters to get things started.

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…also the questline is there to guide you.  Make sure you complete the main questline in order to unlock things like neighbor actions, crafting and more.

Now let’s work our way through the frenzy of the Act 1 questline….

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