Bart Royale (aka Homergeddon) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The latest event is live on both iOS and Android (Amazon users…you’ll have to let me know)!  Files call this event Homergeddon, but the official in-game name is Bart Royale.  Looks like a battle between the kids and adults!  Fun!

I’m working on pulling all of the info, in-between entertaining the Tiny Addict until bedtime.  So keep checking back with this post to see more details as I add them.  Once I’ve added everything I’ll add Updated and Complete to the title of this post.  

A few things to note…first the snow is gone.  Back to green Springfield!  So that’ll be nice for some of you working out designs…it’s a little rough on the eyes at first, but I did miss the green!  (I hate snow after Christmas) Second, the event will kick off with a series of 6s tasks.  First and second for Bart and Milhouse, then Bart and Homer and then town youngsters.  Once you’ve completed the task for the youngsters the event itself will launch for you.  You’ll see the prize track and new items in the store.  Then you’ll be tasked with 4hr tasks for Adults and Kids.

I’ll be back with more info as I go through it….

First one thing to note (and some of you may have already noticed) we’re back to the 3 Act format…and a 6-week event.  This event ends March 7th. (Act 2 starts Feb 6th and Act 3 Feb 20th)

There will be a small Valentine’s Day content update on the 14th…but it doesn’t look like anything to write home about.

So back to Act 1.

Act 1 runs until February 6th…

As mentioned above it starts off with a series of 6s tasks, once you’ve completed the final 6s task (for a group of youngsters) you’ll launch the event itself.

There are a LOT of layers with this one.  I’m going to do my best to give a general overview here.  Keep in mind as the event goes on and we’ve had a chance to play through it we’ll post more detailed posts on various topics.  This post is just a general overview for Act 1, and getting started with the event.

The first item you’ll unlock is the Mega Playscape…

Mega Playscape- 12×12 in size (Free) and comes with a free land token.

Once you’ve completed Planet of Escapes Part 4 you’ll start to earn event currency.  The event currency for Act 1 is Duff Beer

You’ll also trigger the prize track.  Here’s a look at the Act 1 prizes…

Act 1 Prizes

Bare Bronze- 6,300 

Free Land Token- 14,500 

Training Grounds- 24,600

General Bart- 35,900

350 Scraps- 47,200 (Crafting currency)

Pyro- 63,000


Once you reach Planet of Escapes Part 6 you’ll unlock Tappables in Springfield. The Tappables for this event are…

When tapped (in YOUR town) they earn 10  and 1 

They spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes.  Max of 30 in your town at once and a bank of 30.

Remember…this is what the files are indicating but it may not be 100% accurate.  So don’t shoot the messenger. 

Neighbor Actions

Planet of Escapes Part 6 also unlocks neighbor actions.  Where, you guessed it, you’ll also tap the tappables.   For each tappable you tap you’ll earn 10  and 1  and you’re allowed 30 actions. (basically 10 neighbors, at 3 actions/neighbor)


Crafting unlocks with Planet of Escapes Part 7.  You’ll initially be tasked with building Scrap City…the crafting hub.

The crafting currency is scraps… 

You can earn it via tappables and tasks at the Playscape.

Once again we’re on a Level up requirement for craftables.  This time there are 10 total levels.

Here’s the list of craftables:

Level 1

Straight Trench- 100

Corner Trench- 100

End Trench- 100

Level 2

Playscape Barrier- 75

Level 3

Playscape Lookout- 150

Level 4

Skylight- 200

Level 5

Battlescape- 600

Level 6

House Frame- 500

Level 7

Truck Shack- 1,250

Level 8

Horse-Drawn SUV- 1,500

Level 9

Small Rubble Pile- 200

Level 10

Damaged Court House- 1,800

Defensive Bonus

You’ll be able to place craftable items inside the bouns area to increase the number of prize track currency you earn for each task at the playscape.

This unlocks with part 8 of Planet of Escapes.  Literally just craft the items and place them around the perimeter of the Playscape.  Each item will add it’s own unique bonus to your Mega Playscape (for example the barrier adds .25% for each, the lookout adds .75% bonus.  You’ll see the bonus payout on each craftable as you unlock new levels)


After you’ve finished the questline (basically unlock General Bart and do one more task) you’ll be able to earn Bonuts.  For every 6,000  you collect you’ll have a shot at 1, 2 or 3 Bonuts.

For those who don’t know…Bonuts means Bonus Donuts…

Items in the Store

First up there’s a new “super premium” item in the store.  For an actual cash purchase, you can pick up Hans Mechman.  It’ll cost you $9.99 (if you’re in the US) and you’ll also get 132 donuts. 

Beyond that here’s the new stuff in the store for game currency purchase…


Tire Fence- $250


Combat Orders- 90 Donuts (Doubles currency from neighbor actions…DO NOT BUY THIS.  Waste of donuts)

Zip Zap and ‘Za- 150 Donuts, Comes with Wendell, Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs

Dodgeball Court- 150 Donuts, Comes with Erik earns 4% bonus on all cash and XP

Dragons Teeth- 10 Donuts, +.75% defensive bonus

Slaghold- 100 Donuts, Earns 120 /8hrs


Hellfish Bundle- 190 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate, NET 150 Donuts

Battle Dome- 150 Donuts, Earns 5/4hrs

Enriched Learning Center- 125 Donuts, Comes with Leopold

Doomsday Mystery Box- 40 Donuts.  Chance for:
Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe
Police Tank
Mutant Rabbit
Pet Cemetery + Pet Zombies
Apu’s Apocalypse Jeep
Crazy Iguana Lady Bundle (Crazy Cat Lady if you don’t have her)
Cemetary Plot and Gravedigger Billy
Vehicle Pileup
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
Zombie Sandwich
E.P.A Hoverjet
Mayan Bundle

And that’s everything so far with Act 1.

A bunch of premiums will be coming back as the event rolls along & there will be a Gil deal (look for it on the 31st).

We’ll be back with more detailed posts on various topics as the event rolls on and we have a chance to assess and put the posts together.  But everything is pretty straightforward with this for Act 1…just keep sending characters on tasks to earn that wonderful Duff!

Thoughts on this event so far?  Liking the concept?  Prizes? Premium offerings? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


252 responses to “Bart Royale (aka Homergeddon) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Thank you for pointing out the effects of combat orders! (I almost bought them)

  2. No land for new items. Having to put stuff in storage to make room. Hate the free land token purchase. Who has that many free land tokens?

    • I stopped playing. I can’t stand the limit on items. I worked hard to design it the way I wanted and now they’re making me remove items.

      I really felt like the land token thing was a glitch and would be fixed. Once it was apparent to me that his was not the case, I gave up on the game. I’ve been playing it for 4 years and god knows I’m sure I’ve spent a small fortune on donuts. I am disappointed that they are making the game suck.

  3. Necromantic Nightmare

    How do I contact the game people about percentage glitches from crafting? I went to a lot of trouble to get my percentage to 20 % but now it’s reading at less than 20%. This has me especially unhappy since I used some Donuts in this process.

  4. I also have the option of buying a “Chopper ride” for 45 Donuts, says it gives 2% bonus money and XP to all jobs + Vanity, anyone else? Good deal? I have 131 Donuts with no plans for them. Says it will go away from the shop in 17 hours..

  5. I have run out of land and have nowhere to place my new items that I’ve earned. I can’t buy any new land because I used all my free land tokens in previous events. 56 new pieces of land including water. I don’t think that 56 free land tokens have been issued in all the events combined so how is anyone expected to buy all the land with free land tokens when there were never that many issued in the first place. Also there was never any indication that it may be wise to save the free land tokens for later events. I would like to know how many players had more than four or five saved up. I’m guessing we can earn one land token in each act for a total of three. That doesn’t get me very far. Are they forcing us to put items in storage and make our Springfield smaller?

  6. wow, finally… one super cool female character. i hope this ruffian is able to be purchased after the game.

  7. Isabel Granados

    What are ruffians? I am visiting the other worlds and i am a little confused on what i am supposed to tap on

  8. It looks like the skylights from the Homerpalooza event don’t add any bonus to the the playground. They seem the same however…

  9. It’s like Kids / Adults vs Nomads (lol)
    We Craft to Level Up (increase amount of Duff Beer per 4 Hours)
    Some Prizes worthwhile, others are ‘meh’ (thankfully no NPCs)
    Crafting feels like a Grind (Decor isn’t interactive)
    Thanks for Free Land Tokens / More Land EA
    May require Bonuts to complete Part One (Neighbor visits no bueno)

    Keep On Tapping 👍

  10. I am sure comment on this or a post coming

    Do we know what craftables offer bonus?
    The search light doesn’t and rest past that say I need to upgrade.

    I don’t want to just build trenches if stuff further down the line offers bonuses.


  11. I had the police tank previously to this event, but since Homergeddon launched it seems to go off randomly on it’s own. It even blew up my Lard Lad!

  12. “there’s a new “super premium” item in the store. For an actual cash purchase, you can pick up Hans Mechman.”

    Do we know if the Hans Mechman has any Bonus % or just an NPC or Decoration?

  13. How do you level up Scrap City? I was using the green button and I just realized it’s basically a rush button. I was doing this with Jesus Carpentry and then never had currency for crafting. I was just tapping and not paying attention to get to the last level. So what am I missing?

  14. whoa i just found out there was an update. how many days behind am i? also, is there a speed up timer when it gets close to 4hrs?

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