Bart Royale 101: Defensive Bonus Act 3

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A new element added to our games for Bart Royale is a Defensive Bonus.  Simply explained, it’s an extra bonus of Prize Track currency awarded at any of the bases (playscape/junk/ruffian) when you place items (that award a Defensive Bonus) in the “zone” around the base.

So basically, it’s a simple way to earn even more prize track currency.

Let’s take a look at how items from Act 3 impact the Defensive Bonus….


I’ve already broken down the basics in the Defensive Bonus Act 1 Guide.  You can find that post here if you need more help on the “how to”…and I also covered the Act 2 additions in this post.  So for this post we’re just going to talk about the NEW items for Act 3

So What Items Award a Defensive Bonus?

The NEW items for Act 3 that award a Defensive Bonus are….

  Ruffian Barrier- .75% Bonus. Craftable 75  (Level 9)

 Ruffian Lookout Tower- 1.25% Bonus. Craftable 200  (Level 10)


As a reminder, the list from Acts 1 and 2, items are still available…

Bare Bronze- .50% bonus (Act 1 Prize)

Dragon’s Teeth- .75% Bonus (10 Donuts)

End Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Straight Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Corner Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Playscape Barrier- .25% Bonus (Craftable 75)

Playscape Lookout- .75% Bonus (Craftable 150)

Outlands Gate- 3% Bonus (Act 2 Prize)

 Outlands Water Tower- 1.25% Bonus (Act 2 Prize)

 Junk Barrier- .50% Bouns (Craftable 75)

 Junk Lookout- 1% Bonus (Craftable 150)

And that’s it for Act 3

So What’s the Best Item to Place?

You have to look at the currency to bonus % ratio. For Act 1 it was Trenches and Playscape Lookout (they had the best ratio of the freemium items. (.005% for 1  spent)), however, it changed for Act 2.  For Act 2 your two best items were the Junk Barrier and Junk Lookout, with a ratio of .0067% for 1 spent.  This has once again changed for Act 3.  Now your best item is the Ruffian Barrier with a ration of .01% for 1.

What’s the Max Defensive Bonus For Act 3?

Still 20%.  Once your Defensive Bonus is 20% around the Ruffian Base, Playscape or Junk Base you can’t increase it.  (you can max out to 20 on all…)


So What’s a Good Strategy?  Which Base Should I Play?  Which Base Should I Max Out? 

There’s no perfect strategy.  The same characters are required for each base, so it’s not like you’ll earn extra.  My advice is to make sure the base you’re sending everyone to is maxed out.  You’ll need to send characters to all the bases for the questline so move bases around in order to max that out so when completing the questline you get the most benefit.
Just make sure your base is maxed out so you earn the MOST event currency you can.
And no you can’t share items between two bases.  Even if the bases overlap, the bonus % won’t count for both bases.  

And that’s it my friends! The simple breakdown for the Defensive Bonus during Act 3.

What are your thoughts on the Defensive Bonus? What percentage are you currently at?  What’s been your strategy? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

33 responses to “Bart Royale 101: Defensive Bonus Act 3

  1. Elisa Vela Ferguson

    My ruffian base fortifications never unlocked; I have finished the story line and I’ve already started collecting donuts, and I only have the last prize to collect for this chapter. What do I need to do to unlock thenruffian base defenses and the last of the buildable items?

  2. An idea for your junk base (SO last act, but whatever): After I maxed out the bonus percent, I completed my wall around the base with old TV sets, a lard lad donut, and even a toilet collected from the trolls’ from a recent event. It adds a little variety. 😀👍🏻 📺 🚽 🍩

  3. I actually really like the look of the ruffian fences, I think they’re cool and badass. Easily the best craftable item in this event in my opinion

  4. I had been hoarding my scraps, so when Act III started, I brought the defense bonus on the Ruffian Base right away. I didn’t notice/realize that there were new craftables with defensive bonuses, so I just did junk lookouts.

  5. I got through Act 2 so quickly, that I was able to save up plenty of Crafting Currency (enough to Craft and get the Ruffian Fort at 20% Defensive Bonus immediately).

    No matter what Building I send Characters to, they’re all at 20% Defensive Bonus (12 Characters every 4 Hours keeps me ahead of Act 3 Calendar).

    Since only a small amount of my Springfield Characters are being used, I’m still Kem Farming (need to see if any new Premiums are available). 🤔

  6. To get to the 20% Defensive Bonus (DB) without moving the bases or the other DB decorations on the Ruffian Base you can craft 4 Ruffian Lookout Towers (5% DB) and 20 Ruffian Barriers (15% DB) which cost 2100 total Scraps. When you fully destroy the Ruffian Defences at the Base, do you get extra scraps because there is a scrap icon next to the number indicator (i.e. 0-25) or can you increase the number of scraps along with the Gas Cans or is it neither.

  7. I learned something from a neighbors town yesterday. I was rearranging things to look decent around the bases and the trenches were just taking up too much room. I saw a neighbors set up and they had them further out. Turns out on those items that take up more than 1 square, you only have to have part of them in the box. I set up my trenches to have only half of their 2×2 footprint (1 out of 4 squares on the corners) in the box around the base and they still applied the bonus. Made dealing with the various towers *so* much easier.

    • I’ve actually put trenches two deep sometimes, there’s enough room since the second row doesn’t need to be fully in the defense zone.

      Everybody walks right through them, though. Same with water. I put a pond by the ruffian water tower and they not only walk through it, they stand in the water….

  8. I’ve got the bases overlapping, and the bonuses are stacking for me. I haven’t built anything for the new base, but it’s at 4.75% from the items that still have the one next to it at 20%.

  9. Off topic…thanks to courtneyus for her gracious neighbor invite…you have a great town! I especially like the tapball stadium and the Nighthawk Diner…and I’m going to “borrow” your Duff Factory design.
    Now I just have to find some room for the re-design…hmmmm🤔.

  10. If you send people to the bases then upgrade you bonus while they are there do you get the upgraded bonus payout? Ex I sent everyone when it was at 10% then rearranged my items to make it 20% which payout do you get?

    • 20% as long as it’s 20% before you clear them

    • This is what I’m doing currently… I’m not sure what to craft in terms of design, and I’m hesitant because I think I crafted the wrong things in Act 1. Still don’t have the one off items yet. It needs some thought… gone are the days of having a huge surplus of crafting currency.

  11. Just did the assault on ruffian fort again and although I sent 13 characters x2 it came up short again with 23 and 2 needed? Second time this has happened

  12. I spent cinder blocks upgrading the first 2 bases to %20. Now I am focusing on buying the 1000+ items before I get to upgrading the ruffian base.

  13. during Act 2 I kept out both bases at 20% because this allowed me to maximize my currency. If I was only a couple of hundred cans away from my next set of bonuts I could send a few people to one base and the rest to the other for the next round. Now with three bases at 20% I can destroy the Ruffian base and for the next four hour. I can fortify at the other two.

  14. The quest makes us fortify both the original playscape and the junk base at one point at least. Had to shuffle things around a bit but got both up to 20% while the newest ruffian base is allegedly recovering from assault by the kids and the adults (previous part of the quest, I think). The things I do just for a few more whatevers.

  15. Matthew Szekeresh

    Not sure if I missed it or am jumping ahead. How do I get the different facads for each base. They usually look beat up but when I click to move them I see they have a more prestine form, like in the photo above. Thank you for all you do.

    • Fortify jobs increase the completeness of the facade. Assault jobs break it down. So if you want the base to look nice, don’t assault.

  16. I received my damaged Jebediah statue or so it said I did but it never let me place it. And it’s not in my inventory. Where did it go?

  17. Besides checking each base what is a good way to find the tappables to tap I’m on the highest level for crafting

    • without some way to locate them as in past events I just leave the game on for a bit and let them congregate to the bases. then collect them there as you’re doing.

    • When you complete the main event questline (unlock Emperor Moe then complete the last 2 parts of the questline) and start working on getting bonuts, you can use the trophy icon in the task book and keep tapping the “do it” button which should take you to a Ruffian (event’s tappables) each time until they are all cleared.

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