Jebediah Springfield Statue Skin Glitch…That Isn’t a Glitch

There seems to be a ton of confusion with many players about the recent Act III prize award of the “Damaged Jebediah Statue.”  I understand your confusion…as EA, once again, in their infinite desire to make things clear and easy for the user (NOT!!!) have failed to mention that this is a SKIN… As in, you have to have the statue first, or the skin won’t work.

It has been so long since most of us long-time players got the statue, that it is easy to forget that many of you started playing the game well after August of 2013. Makes sense…

But, there is an answer that should make it clear that this glitch isn’t a glitch…

Waaaaaaay back in TSTO time, Alissa posted this on how to earn the “Secret Prize” of the Jebediah Springfield Statue.

The cool thing about this…is that you also get 10 free donuts, along with the statue.  So…if you are getting a notice that you “need to build the statue” to use the skin you won (makes sense, I guess), then take the time to do what the post tells you to do.

And when you are done, click your heels three times and say, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,”  and you will be sent back to Kansas…or Act II…which how many acts this event SHOULD have had!

And as one reader pointed out, it is strange that once the head is lopped off, the patina on the statue changes from Gold to Gray…but, maybe there is a “life force” that burns bright in old Jeb, that goes dark when the head is removed. Or, EA is just being lazy and careless again. You decide.

So, yes…another skin prize in this event…a way for the programmers and animators to be EALPish (EA Lazyass Programming), and not have to come up with new content.  But, hey…it was free…right?

As you can tell by the screen shot at the top of this post, I placed mine in my town square, in front of my cannon…with Abe watching the mayhem.

Hope that clears up this “Clear as mud” situation!

Peace Out…

70 responses to “Jebediah Springfield Statue Skin Glitch…That Isn’t a Glitch

  1. Unlocked while I was in a neighbor town and the skin does not work. Tapping on Jebediah statue does nothing. Had the statue for years. Not sure if it has to do with the fact that it was unlocked while in a neighboring town.

  2. I earned the damaged statue, said it was stored in my inventory and I can’t find it anywhere. And when are they going to fix the glitch where you have to buy land with tokens???

    Haha. Just kidding.

  3. I don’t know if this was mentioned, but when you get he Lard Lad skin it puts a Lard Lad in your inventory. Or at least it did me.

  4. I’ve been playing forever (ok 5 + years). Way back in the days before donut confirm spend notifications and not being able to sell certain items, players could sell pretty much everything. That is when I foolishly sold my Jebediah Springfield statue to see if I could get 10 more donuts if I did the 10 taps on Homer. I never found out about getting 10 more donuts because, for me, tapping 10 times on Homer doesn’t result in anything. No statue, nothing. I’d really just like the statue. I totally admit it’s my fault and was a dumb thing to do. I’d even pay 10 donuts for it. Any thoughts? Is it worth contacting EA?

  5. I was wondering about the colouring on the statue as well…but then I got to thinking that an awful lot of the stuff in this little adventure is from the Simpsons movie, specifically, wrecked Springfield toward the end. The statue in the movie looks a lot like the statue skin we got in act 3. Still, come on EA if you are going to give me all this other Simpson’s Movie stuff….where is my Epiphatree?

  6. I unlocked the statue skin whilst in a neighbours town and have been unable to switch to it. It’s gone…wouldn’t use it anyway but you always want what you can’t have – curses

  7. Since so many people are complaining about running out of space, they should be happy about all the skins – they don’t take up more room! There’s just no pleasing people…

  8. They took the best prize of this act of uninspiration and made it really boring

  9. Has anyone else noticed a “glitch” in XP returns from the rat truck? I just spent 6 million and earned about 1/100th donuts of what I normally get. 🙁

  10. I’ve spent over an hour trying to find my Jebediah statue. I thought I located it in the cemetery and kept trying to tap it to change the skin, then realized it was the snake version. Still can’t find OG Jeb anywhere — even dimmed everything except decorations and found a bunch of statues I didn’t remember having, but not Jeb — and it’s driving me insane. (I did repeat the tap Homer trick and had him giggling away but no statue appeared so it has to be SOMEWHERE.)

  11. Wrong Answer !!!!!!

  12. Never could have foreseen the Jeb statue becoming such an issue. That aside.. Has nobody else seen the terrible cut scenes with the Ruffians wrecking defenses? Good grief..EA spend some of my money and hire some talent..

  13. I didn’t have any problems unlocking the statue skin (like others said it would of been good as a separate decoration) though I do have the Courthouse near the statue so they can match together when I craft it. You can say that nearly every prize in Act 3 is a skin for a character or 2, a building and a decoration minus the Water Mansion, Land Token and the Scraps. It would of been a fun animation that tapping the original or any Jebediah Statue makes the head fall off and it stays that way until you leave the game, go to Krustyland or visit a neighbour similar to the New Year’s Ball.

  14. I like the headless skin. It’s such a classic thing from the show. I learned how to get the statue by reading about it on this site. It’s my favorite decoration, lemon tree is a close second.

  15. Nothing to be confused about here …. just EA being stingey with their Act 3 Prizes (Character Skins, Building Skins); an obviously I can see the negative impact, as I lost more Neighboreenos (shrugs – I get it! EA isn’t offering Character / Buildings as Event Prizes like they used to! you got to spend sprinkles now!) 👎

  16. Free land token is my favourite prize in this act. I kind of like scraps because I’m building a wall (yeah, I know) and the junk base barriers work well.

  17. This skin ruins the animation of Jessica Lovejoy TPing the statue

  18. I don’t remember how I got Jed’s statue, but I pretty sure I didn’t use Alissa’s advice to get it.

    Also, I think the statue was grey was because we are talking post-apocolyptic Springfield (at least in the sections where the event takes place). So the statue is damaged and falling into disrepair with no one trying to keep it in shape.

  19. Pretty useless the statue is a feature in my town so stayed broken for all of 10 seconds while I changed it back as did the court house which is laid with gardens in my town so why would I want a broken one. Thought the court house was going to be a new item more fool me. I agree lazy gamers this third act is the worst and expect Lard. Lad will be a skin which I also am not interested n, only the Burns (no doubt another skin) water mansion worth trying. So with the statue, Moe, Lard Lad and Burns four skins and no new items at all to win incredibly lazy gamers.

  20. Why the heck thEAy didn’t just make it a seperate statue who knows?! It doesn’t even look like the original at all… 🤔

  21. I had the statue and got the skin but I can’t activate the skin. Any thoughts?

  22. It took me almost 20 mins to find my statue. Hidden in my forest area i didn’t remember i placed it there.
    Overall i’m not at all overwhelmed with this event. Yes, the price track is very easy to fullfill, but prices are kinda lame
    For sure EA could do something better with this. One and a half month events are too long, especially if the 3 acts are the same 4 hour grind
    For now i keep playing (started wacking day) but i hope they give us something better next time

  23. I like this skins more. New buildings is taking always place. And I definitely LOVE new skins for characters just wish it’s not so often for Simpsons family but others…
    And this “mad max” event is for me personally great!

  24. Hey Patrick, did the mystery Box 30 donut chance increase? Cause I opened two (cause I treat myself) and I got 30 donuts twice. I’m thrilled I got it, but did the chances increase or did I just get lucky?

  25. A beheaded Jebediah Springfield statue just makes me think about “The Telltale Head”…Bart really should have a visual task for it.

  26. A glich occurring since the beginning of the event for me is that each time I quit the game and came back, the lard lad donut building had its destroyed skin on (long before act 3, thanks for the spoilers EA). It’s easily fixable by putting it back in the inventory and replacing it or changing it to the Xmas skin and back to the normal one but it’s there.

  27. Are there any other secret bonus items or donuts like the Jebediah statue that anyone can think of?

  28. You would think that EA would show players how to get the statue in the first place since the skin is now a prize.

  29. It’s gray for the same reason the pyramids are plain stone and not gleaming white like they were originally. The surface color has been stripped by time or bandits. I miss the gleaming pyramids of my youth.

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