Where Did THAT Come From – Erik and the Dodgeball Court

Safi here, giving Wookiee a hand with these WDTCF. With WDTCF being a staple of TSTO Addicts, I’ll try to keep as true to the format as possible (by which I mean I’ll copy and paste one of Wookiee’s posts and just change the necessary info). Hope I make the Wookster proud. Enjoy:

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

It’s Bart Royale time here in all of our tiny tappable towns and this dodgeball fanatic Super Safi could not be more thrilled to dodge, duck, dip, dive, or dodge.

It’s time for one of my favorite parts of being a reader here at this amazing site. That’s right… new stuff for us to talk about just WHERE it all comes from in the Best. Show. Ever. I’m always a fan of new things even though a lot of the coolest things cost precious sprinklies. The 2018 Bart Royale Event started with a battle between the kids and adults of Springfield. And when you think of battling, you have to think of dodgeball. And when you think of dodgeball in Springfield, you think of Erik. It’s always a pleasure to re-watch episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. For this round of origins, we’ll be taking a look at Erik and the dodgeball court:


You have to go back nearly a decade of our favourite family to catch Erik’s first and only appearance.

 “Moms I’d Like To Forget” (S22, E10)

The episode opens with a dodge ball match between the fourth and fifth graders. A hilarious banner reads “Winning team doesn’t have to play dodgeball next year!”. It’s down to three fourth graders in Bart, Lewis, and Nelson versus “one scrappy fifth grader”, Erik. Bart ends up hitting the Erik. However, while the fourth graders celebrate, Erik catches the ball after it comes back down, making the fifth graders win the match.

In the days that follow, the fourth graders harass the fifth graders to the point that they organize a fight after school. Before the fight begins, Bart notices Erik has a scar of a sword on his fist, which is identical to one that he has.

Bart confronts Marge about the scar. Marge explains that when he was in preschool, he was in a “Mommy and Me class” with three other kids, one of whom was Erik. All four kids bare the same scar.

Marge’s old friends reconcile while Bart gets together with the other kids, where he realizes he still does not know where the scar came from. Meeting with the other kids every week, much to Bart’s chagrin, their antics become more and more dangerous, so Bart plans to separate the group. Knowing they broke up before, Bart realizes it must have something to do with the scar and consults Dr. Hibbert, who suggests he ask Jeffery Albertson. Albertson then reveals what happened:

About seven years earlier, on the fourth of July, as the person most likely to be sober and dateless, he was in charge of the fireworks. While Marge and the other mothers were busy, Bart and the boys stumbled off towards the fireworks controls and pressed all the buttons, setting off all the fireworks. In the fiery explosion that followed, Albertson’s sandwich was struck by a flaming ball, sending the burning hot skewers onto the boys’ fists, branding them.

Realizing it was an explosion that split them apart, Bart and Milhouse create a big ball of fireworks to break them up again. When Marge catches them in the act, Bart confesses. That evening, Marge tells the group of Bart’s scheme to break them up, and they tell her Bart was always a bad influence to their kids. Marge becomes frustrated and leaves the group.


So there you go… Erik and the Dodgeball Court. Did you remember this episode? Splurge your donuts on Erik and the Dodgeball Court? Happy Springfield got a fifth grader to go along with all the second and fourth graders? Sound off in the comments and happy classy tapping friends!

TTFN… Safi, in for Wookiee, out!

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  1. I’m probably in the minority but I prefer Erik and the Dodgeball Court over Wendell and the Pizza Arcade because I watched this episode recently and thought Erik would be a good character to have in the game (also another character voiced by Tress MacNeille whose characters I wish were voiced in the game and the other recurring cast members) and it is rare to have a character/decoration combo as opposed to the character/building combo which is very common. The teachers fighting in the teachers’ lounge at was one of the funniest scenes in this episode. 😂 The Bare Bronze statue from Act 1 also appeared in this episode from Bart imaging what would happen if he won the Dodgeball Final.

  2. Not a single comment on this? Didn’t think that was possible on this site. 😉

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