The Springfield Job 101: Act 1 Heist Characters

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A few of you have been asking for a specific list of characters that can do Heists for Act 1. So popping in with a quick list of those who can Heist and earn you event currency….

Aristotle Amadopolis
Mr. Burns
Ruth Powers
Primo (when you unlock him)

Johnny Tightlips
Wheels McGrath
Dante Calabresi Jr
Dante Calabresi Sr
Sven Golly
The Pope

So 17 total characters can earn event currency on Heists for Act 1.  Hope that helps some of you having trouble out!

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  1. Once again auto update did it late. On first prize still of act 1. Dl march 30th. So lame. I even checked for updates thinking they would do something new.

  2. The pope also I believe does heists also. Kinda funny but hey. A pope needs bling also.

  3. The 23rd?!? It’s the 26th! Why wasn’t I forced an update?!? I just learned about it here!

  4. What is the starting rate that the job characters earn (both freemium and premium)? I don’t think my rate has increased even though I am supposed to be earning 15.45% more after placing items in the bonus area.

  5. What if you don’t have Ruth?

    • If you don’t own her, she may be offered in your vault. Usually EA brings back characters if they earn event currency…keep checking your vault.😁

  6. I’m having problems buying the ornate pier and the elite yacht club.. I have 20 books but every time I click to buy one of them my game freezes and I have to close app and restart. I’ve tried turning my phone off and back on again but still doesn’t resolve the problem.. I don’t want to delete the game as I love it and have put a lot of time in to it so please if anyone can help me please let me know how to sort it out!!
    thank you 🙂

    • Do you have enough space free at the beach in SH?(they will only go on the beach in SH) Both items are very large and take up a lot of space. If you try to place an item without enough room, your game searches for space and then may freeze if it can’t find room for the item. Good luck😁

  7. Do you know if the premium characters change in act 2 and 3? I assume Wheels, the Calabresi’s and Sven stay as they are new full price premium characters. Which makes me think that Malloy and Johnny Tightlips are just for this act. Thanks

  8. Is it me or does this event seem harder than recent events (I’ve only been playing again since Christmas). I only started about half a day late but I’m already about two days behind schedule. I don’t mind and I’m sure I’ll catch up at some point, but I was just wondering if I was the only one feeling this?

  9. I wonder my self what is happening with y’all…
    I have been since the 21st waiting for a post about the new mystery box and nothing yet has been writed about that.

    • Please tell me you’re kidding. I seriously hope you’re kidding…

      • No I am not. I been following for a while and I really appreciate the time y’all take for all the “addicts”. Now you tell me… Am I wrong? Do you think I am expecting too much from you? I hope not! Thank you and have a good night.

        • Let me answer for her…yes. Yes…you are expecting too much. Every new event brings LOADS of post topics with it…and as we all have lives, and real jobs, we have to prioritize what we decide to write about. This is a LONG event…we will get to that topic in good time. Or, you can surmise the answers by playing the game. Right?

          • I am sorry. I was having a really bad day! Btw thank you both very much for your time and the effort you take daily to bring us all these news and content!

            • Keep in mind the mystery box doesn’t leave until the event is over. No rush on it. Plus it’s all returning content, so you can always search this site to find the info on what’s inside… just takes a little investigative work on your side.
              When events hit my priority is always top knock out content that’s required for gameplay, then cover sibs for content leaving the soonest (or impacts gameplay). Something that lasts the whole game may not get covered for a week or more after the game launches.
              Plus, like Patric said we have lives (and real jobs that pay our bills) so we only post so many posts/ day so we can continue our lives and jobs.

          • Alright then. Thank you both for your time (and patience! Lol).

      • Alissa and Patric and everybody else who contributes, I cannot imagine how you manage to even have the blog at all! I cannot finish events just balancing work life and game, and you do so much more! Cannot wrap my head around it, srsly!!!! Thank you so much and my sinsere admiration for your energy!!!! I wish I was as organized as Alissa (she also has family guy blog) – she is a Terminator (I mean it as a compliment)

    • Aafreen Inayat

      There’s a search box on top right of this website, just below the banner. Use it and you will get the info you require

  10. I love the characters that are used are from later levels (Ruth, Malloy and Johnny) and are not often used in events (Smithers, Lenny and Carl). I also like that Homer, Moe and Mr. Burns are the only characters taken away from the Rail Yard for the Act 1 heists. I love that the gondola and canal houses can go in the rivers though it would of been great if this guy was available. 😀

  11. Since Malloy (with the Museum) is a character included in this event (and available through the event store), I would have assumed that the characters in the Italian Villa and It’s a Wonderful Knife deals (also available in the event store) would be earners too. Perhaps they’ll be available to earn for Act 2?

    • Aafreen Inayat

      While I cannot confirm whether Francesca Terwilliger or son Gino would earn event currency in later Acts of this event, don’t be too surprised if they don’t.

      (I think) Their reappearance in this event is ONLY because of the Italy-themed items in this event. Usually whenever EA starts a new event, they bring back items from previous events that have some relevance to the current event e.g. In all new Halloween & Winter events, EA always brings back a majority of previous content

      I have purchased Malloy & Johnny Tightlips this week because a) they were offered at a rebate & b) they immediately help with the event ……… I’m passing on Gino (at the moment) because I suspect he wont help with the event at all. It is a risk I’m willing to take 🙂 🙂

      Having said that, IF I find the time to KEM farm in next few days, then ONLY will I purchase Gino, as he’s the only Terwilliger I dont have. Getting him would complete my Terwilliger collection, and Gino DOES come with a rebate, after all ….. Either way, I still think he won’t help with this event

    • Francesca Terwilliger appears in my vault. I assume it’s not the same for everyone though.

  12. I don’t know if i want any of the items you get in my town. the characters maybe, but there isn’t anything interesting. Think i’m getting burnt out on this as 50 days of this event clogging up my town? no thamks! getting boring..

  13. I just bought the Museum since it was 50 donut rebate 😀

  14. talon8770 // rick m.

    Master Hypnotist Tent w/Sven Golly is missing from my store. It was there last night but now I want him he’s gone. Is this happening just to me?

    • He’s not a donut purchase option? If you don’t see him where you buy donuts contact ea

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        To reiterate/ rephrase
        Sven is NOT purchased with donuts as is the standard, instead
        You must purchase donuts themselves (with REAL dollars)
        and one of your donut purchase options will include obtaining Sven along with that donut purchase option.

      • talon8770 // rick m.

        ok thanks Alissa he was there last night but today hes gone

      • talon8770 // rick m.

        OOps my bad . I called ea. There were very helpful. I forgot he was with a donut purchase and not for donuts. Also the EA guy said hes a good character to have ( maybe a hint?)

  15. No thank really related to the post, sorry, but I’m confused! How are the crafted buildings and whatnot supposed to be laid out? Should they be on the water like in Venice? They have a bonus for the paintings so are they supposed to wrap around the museum? Does anyone have screen shots of how this should be looking?

    • You knew I would have a picture, didn’t you….

      • Sorry, I don’t have them around the museum, so this may not help.

        • I like your set up! Did you place the grand canal buildings that are around the river on tiles?

          • Ditto this question, how did you get them to look like they are “over” the water?

          • When you put the grand canal buildings on the edge of the river the tiles come automatically. 🙂 I really liked it.

          • All the “grand canal” buildings will form their own seawalls when they are lined up correctly – overlapping the edge of the river tiles. There are also sets of two houses that wrap the corners, and if you line the houses up snugly next to each other they will form a seamless line of houses. 😁

        • That looks awesome! I love the buildings with this event!! Thanks for sharing 😊

      • Hi! Do I need to have the cobblestone tiles so that I can have the sea walls? I’ve already placed my grand canal at the edge of the river but still no sea wall. 🙁

        • Nope…don’t need the cobblestones. When you have the “Grand Canal” houses lined up just overlapping the water, they will form the seawalls automatically. Just play around with them for a bit on a stretch of river(try an L shape practice river so you can try placing the corner houses). I had to play a bit with them at first, then suddenly the seawalls popped right into place…you’ll get it😄.

  16. i still cant belive im going to miss a week…. rip act one, maybe the whole event…

    • Don’t sweat the small stuff really…. Hope u will at least be doing something good….lol🐵

  17. Awesome! Thank you for this 🙂
    It’s nice to see some of the other characters getting used for events.

  18. Sven Golly also helps at a premium rate.

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