Friday Filler – Time Management, KEM Farming and “Springfield Jobs” Tips

So…here we are again looking at a “grind-fest” for  the next 7 weeks.  There are a variety of ways to look at it…and yes, my initial reaction is “WTF????” (Why the Face?) EA??? And then, as I look at all of the stuff you can earn, and knowing that after succumbing to Safi’s version of “Casual KEM Farming,” I find myself not being nearly as stressed.  The fact is…when you play on “House Money,” you don’t freak out if you “lose.”  And KEM farming is definitely “house money.”

Yes. I have argued that the investment of time just isn’t worth the grind to do KEM farming super proficiently. And the fact is, I am still on the fence over a couple of the issues one faces when trying to become a “SUPER FARMER.”  But, as you will see…if you want to get more than enough Bonuts to get the stuff you want, over the course of even 7 weeks…EA has made it pretty easy, because THEY have set the grind…but, WE get to set the “how much of a grind.”

Let’s take a look at maximizing your time…and answering the question, “How do I have a life and get it all????”

Let’s start with a couple of things that should be obvious.  First of all, EA isn’t stupid. They may be lazy when it comes to fixing code…and repeating themselves…but they aren’t stupid.  They kind of “allow” KEM farming, because it keeps players playing. But, they have also wised up, that the heart and soul of the revenue stream comes from the “have to have it all!!” folks who have long ago thrown common sense and money management out the window.  The latest trend in big events, is the “Gotta Pay to Play” concept…where they trot out a Premium character/building combo that you can ONLY get if you spend real money.

The price point is now $9.99…but they are throwing in bonus donuts as well (which cost them nothing to do), so at least you feel there is some value to the thing you just bought with real money, that sits on their server in a virtual state, until they turn the server off.  And let’s face it…this whole game is like having a giant collection of Beanie Babies, in a huge box that you have earned over time, that might or might not be there. Kind of like having “Schrödinger’s Cat” for a pet. It only really exists when you are observing it.  But, I digress…

The fact is…we have all agreed that whether it is treasure or time, we are earning what we have in our games.  For me, the final decision to KEM farm came about from feeling that EA was starting to “phone it in,” and that to get what you want, had become an endless cycle of 4-hour grinding.

So how do you turn that on it’s head?  Simple. Realize that KEM farming is based on a 4-hour cycle…just like the REST of the game (for the most part).  And that ironically, most of our lives are based on 4 hour cycles of some sort.  The question becomes, how much time do you really need every 4 hours to DO IT ALL..and in this case…that includes KEM Farming, doing the basics of the update…and doing what is needed to Farm Donuts out of the Rail Yard (yes…they add up).

Instead of just telling you how…I am going to give you visual proof of exactly how long it takes me to “do it all,” in regards to bending the system to my whims…while still having fun.

This video may feel long-ish…but remember, you can scroll through the boring bits, and get to the end easily. But, you may miss some of my one-liners or gripes if you do.

Here is what I am going to accomplish during this MAXI-GRIND.  But, I want you to pay attention to how much of this is dedicated to the Event…and how much is dedicated to earning “free” donuts.
1. Springfield Jobs 4-hour cycle
2. KEM Farming Cycle
3. Rewards/Rail Yard Cycles (multi-tasked)
4. Character Tasks Cleared and Renewed for 4-hour Grind

OK… so…what did we learn??
Grinding takes time. But, you have options.

The fact is…I could have chosen to JUST do the cycle for the update…that would have taken LESS THAN A MINUTE.  That rules out the “I don’t have time in the day to log on 5 times.” Yes. Yes you do.

If I wasn’t KEM farming, I may not have done the rest of the Grind Routine…but to keep parity in my farming (not losing the game currency I need to buy KEMs, while collecting enough XP to make it worth it, and keep up the cycle), I really DO need to at least do the Character Send/Harvest every 4 hours. THAT is how I came up with the 36 KEMs to plant/harvest. It is the number that doesn’t cost me any game cash, because it equals the return on the character cycle during the same 4-hour time period.

But…even THAT really only adds up to a little more than 3 minutes of time…every 4 hours.

The REST?  My choice.

But, it DOES take time. And that cycle did not allow time to collect from neighbors…do any designing, or do much in the way of crafting. Which all take time.

1. Let the Justice Agents come to you.  While you are doing the cycle…they will tend to gather at the Museum…just like other updates. They are valuable…but not as valuable as doing the 4-hour Job Cycle.
2. Do the “Neighbor” part of the game…only when you have a ton of time (binge watching Netflix?).  The payouts are barely worth it…and it takes way more time. However…your chances of being rewarded with a mask are better there. At least that is my experience.
3. Don’t sweat the crafting % upgrading. It will not be that big of a deal…and you can do it when you have a chance. Build up your coffers…and then buy a bunch of buildings a the same time.
4. Chillax!!!  None of this is real… Remember Schrödinger’s Cat?  This is really Schrödinger’s game.  It only exists when we give it attention.  Nothing bad happens if you lay off for a while.
5. KEM farming is a complete trade-off of time.  But, it does make you feel good that EA isn’t getting rich off of you, while they ignore our requests for shorter events. I’ll keep KEM farming until they get it…


Now…as to those who feel inclined to post, “I get a ton of donuts every day…and it only takes 5 minutes,” save yourself the time.  It’s BS. There is no way to complete a 4-hour cycle of donuts, event currency, etc. without doing something else than JUST the KEM farming.  House farming takes time.  Collecting and placing items takes time.  To build up your Bonus % takes a TON of time. So…it is not for everyone. Period.  That said…I like free donuts…and I have the time. 

Have a great weekend!  We’ll see you on Addicts Live tomorrow…



138 responses to “Friday Filler – Time Management, KEM Farming and “Springfield Jobs” Tips

  1. Do you lose the jewels to buy the items in the quest when the next chapter/episode starts…


  2. My husband and I are both play and we each have our own accounts,they are kindle fire tablets and linked to one Amazon account so I purchased the 9.99 special for him then went to purchase it for me and said I already owned it so I couldn’t buy it. I called Amazon they said it was a game problem. Any help on how to fix this so I can get one too?


  3. A tip for getting garbage for the Railroad Yard faster is to play the spy and the black hole mini game. They are 20 seconds each and you get around 400 garbage.


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