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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  It’s the day before a holiday, so not a whole lot going on around here. We’re all gearing up for a weekend full of family, eggs and fun!

So here are  few fun Simpson links to take you into the weekend strong….

Starting with Donuts!  Krispy Kreme in Australia has added a Simpsons donut!

Have any of our Aussie friends given it a try?  It looks delicious!  Hopefully, it comes to Krispy Kreme’s around the world soon!

Speaking of food….an avid Simpsons fan through the ultimate Simpsons themed dinner party, complete with a giant Rice Krispy Treat Square!  Will you be attempting any of these are your next dinner party?

And finally the real age of The Simpsons

Thoughts on these links?  Jonesing for a Simpson Donut? Thinking about making your own Simpson dinner party?  Which food would you include? Can you believe little Maggie would be 30 already?! Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Saturday Simpson Links

  1. Steamed hams would have to be on the menu! BTW, have Steamed Hams showed up in the game yet? SuperNintendo Chalmers is long overdue those Albany delicacies!

  2. Yeah, they’re cool when you see them in the servo, makes you want to be a kid again so you can pretend, but Krispy Kreme are overrated – they aren’t true doughnuts and very expensive imo (in Australia anyway).
    But! It’s still cool to see something that doesn’t actually exist appear before you in real life! 😉🍩
    Happy chocolate egg day everyone!!

  3. i had to read this ten times! Did you mean he ‘threw’ a party???

  4. What is the play store mandatory update yesterday?
    Any ideas?
    Happy Easter! Thank you for all your help

  5. Jesus or the Pope?

  6. Haven’t seen the Simpsons dohnuts yet. I’ll have a look at my 7Eleven tomorrow.

  7. I’m struggling to earn 69 more donuts to get johnny tight-lips and the casino, but i just hit a brick wall while kem farming, (500000 xp per level), and i’ve slowed down. this week i have no donuts on the monorail, and to be honest, i’m scared about my prospects of getting my prize, since i only have 106 donuts. Can i do it? any tips?

    • nerd_alert2016

      He’s available the entire event, so you still have about 5 weeks to go. Do you have the money to do more KEM during the day? Do you have your XP collider going? Is your Bonus low? You might benefit from buying some Mystery Boxes to boost the bonus.

    • nerd_alert2016

      Also… one of the things I do is use the Google Rewards app. Answer surveys and get a little money for it. when it builds up, I buy donuts with it. I don’t know if it is available where you live or whether you’d earn enough for this event, but it could help for the next event.

  8. Pork chop would be on the menu! And sticky waffles with a whole pack of butter in the middle. Lots of dohnuts and beer to wash it all down! I think I’ll pass on that menu!

  9. We have trays of pink sprinkle Simpsons donuts available from Morrison’s every Monday in the UK ❤

  10. The Simpsons Dohnut looks AMAZING!!! Hopefully they come to the UK as well…

    Fun links and a great site. Thanks again Alissa.

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