Friday Filler – A Primo Video and My Family In The Mob

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Well…good ol’ EA has brought us a whole new bunch of characters guaranteed to offend. As I have said in tons of other posts,  EA/Gracie are equal opportunity offenders when it comes to making fun of cultures…and this one is loaded with ways to be offended, if you take the time to do so.

I don’t.

I guess it’s because I realize that the Simpsons have always been based on lampooning virtually every aspect of our lives in some way. So, unless they come up with a Cranky Old Gray-Haired, Fat Guy who is a TSTO blogger that laughs at anyone who takes the game too seriously, I won’t be offended.

That said, you have to admire a group who has no issue making fun of motor cycle gangs, religious figures, the mob and even the Pope…because they clearly aren’t in fear of retribution.

I was equally delighted to get Primo (who is a stereotype of a stereotype of Italian mob gumbas) and the Pope (who makes me roll on the floor laughing when he vapes a cross while “begin cool”).  They are both hilarious…and helps remind us to not take everything so seriously.

This is great…until real life comes into play, and someone gets whacked. My family has a story about this exact reality…
As the story has been told to us numerous times by my mom, my grandfather came a little too close to doing business with the wrong people, back in the era of Al Capone, and the Chicago-based mob. So, full disclosure, he wasn’t IN the mob, he just worked for them, without knowing it.

He had a tree nursery and landscaping business in Libertyville, IL. in the 30s and 40s.  It was kind of a “recession proof” business, because he did loads of work for the huge estates in Lake Forest, where many of the richest of the rich, had summer homes and vacation homes on Lake Michigan, and were relatively unscathed by the Great Depression. As the story goes, he was hired by a “newcomer” to town, who had taken over a lavish estate, and wanted to completely re-do the entry road to his home.  He worked for the guy for weeks, without really noticing anything too out of the ordinary, as far as who was coming and going.

However, one day, he saw several large cars come down the driveway, loaded with guys who didn’t look like the typical Lake Forest socialites. He mentioned to my grandmother that he was almost certain that a guy riding in the back of one of the cars looked a lot like Al Capone.  Capone, who was one of the most notorious mob bosses in US history, was well-known, as he had attained almost mythic status as a “good guy” who was in a bad business. The recipients of the St. Valentine’s massacre may beg to differ on that topic, but it was the case, nonetheless.

A few weeks later, the news headlines bristled that the body of the man who had hired my grandfather, was found near my grandfather’s nursery, in a ditch…with more holes in him than a loaf of Swiss cheese.

Needless to say, my grandfather didn’t get paid for his services, and lived for the next few years, looking over his shoulder, as his nursery was more than 25 miles away from Lake Forest.  It was clear that whoever “dropped off the package” had gone out of their way to do so. It was the depression…and until congress finally outlawed the sale or import of machine guns, the “Tommy Gun” was the ultimate “decider” of many disputes.

At least for now (yes…there may be one coming) Tommy Guns aren’t in our game. But, we do have PRIMO…who is not so much a “Mob Boss” as a “Mob goon” with a big appetite. I still love the fact that the “big boss,” is little Michael. Something about that just makes me laugh.

I admit to being a little bummed at the “big reward” we got for completing the scene.  A lot of crafting when into getting and placing everything to “earn” the scene. It seemed like a bit of letdown for a company that actually works with an animation company. But, it was free…and I won’t complain…as I don’t want to “sleep with the fishes.” That said, it is worth posting, even if we never get to see the “flying machine” actually take off, like I hoped it would.

Was it worth the grind to finish the crafting, to complete the scene? Maybe not…but it is better than getting whacked…or having your game glitch (sorry about that to all who have been cursed). EA is “working on it.”  Whatever that really means.

Although we did finally get the answer as to where a lot of Mob guys come from…and don’t want to go back to… New Jersey. I’ll let Alissa deal with that slam.  Frankly, my experiences on the Jersey Shore, is that they know how to run a very clean, “family friendly” boardwalk and amusement area. My daughter’s husband is from “down the shore,” and we have had a ton of fun on the boardwalks there. Gotta love it…Frankie says so.

But…I DID buy the Pope!  Instant buy…no thought went into it at all. And all of the “Hail Mary’s” in the world won’t save us from the “Young Pope’s” irreverent actions. But, again, that is what makes this game so consistently funny…it has no boundaries. Not exactly a traditional Easter buy…but makes me laugh like almost no other character.

Vaping the sign of the cross?  Can’t get more modern than that…he must be in the REAL Springfield, where “alternative smoking tools” are legal!

And breaking up a fight?  Nope…he’s more interested in showing of his “hip kicks.” Again…just plain funny.

Here’s to a wonderful Easter Weekend!  Nothing says “Happy Easter” like gangsters and Pope.  Man…EA really gets it. NOT!

NOTE- I am pulling the “video tour of your town” request…for now. I was inundated with a TON of players who want to participate in the first couple posts.  I’ll circle back and open up the opportunity again in the near future…but, will be busy with the 24 requests I got on Day One!  LOL!

This will be fun. I love seeing great designs!

35 responses to “Friday Filler – A Primo Video and My Family In The Mob

  1. Got Jesus and the Pope this Easter. Holy freemium gaming!

  2. The mob reminds me of Brooklyn family. Although our story was a crazy version of Married to the Mob. When I heard about it, it was like hearing about another movie script… And my dad’s cousin found out her father was the monster, not a pedophile cop at the age of about 30.

  3. Late to comment but it is possible your grandfather and my great grandfather met. My great grandfather was the jeweler to the Capones and lived in Cicero- fairly close to Forest Lawn. Frank Capone used to drive my grandfather to school. We have passed down some…interesting…family stories from 1930s Chicago.

    • Wow! Well…Frank and Al had a LOT of “associates.” And the poor guy in my story was someone who obviously got a little too big for comfort.

      That is wild about your great grandpa and grandfather. In the depression, people did what they had to do I guess. The ironic part of my story, is that the other big project my grandpa did, was installing a ton of trees at the huge convent near Grayslake. So…I guess he was working both sides of aisle so to speak.

  4. I’m struggling to earn 69 more donuts to get johnny tight-lips and the casino, but i just hit a brick wall while kem farming, (500000 xp per level), and i’ve slowed down. this week i have no donuts on the monorail, and to be honest, i’m scared about my prospects of getting my prize, since i only have 106 donuts. Can i do it? any tips?

    • Steve merrett

      Depending how much game money you have I would suggest putting the xP boost on and then buying a load of blood vans and then selling and then repeat you will find your Xp will shoot up and you’ll also get a load of donuts as you go

  5. Hoppy Easter Everyone !

  6. Well, there does seem to be a group they aren’t willing to offend… notably why Mohammed wasn’t a member of the BS league. Rather a glaring exception of about a billion-ish people…

    • I contemplated deleting this, but I don’t want to limit your speech. This doesn’t violate our Rules so it wouldn’t be fair.
      If you want an honest answer, my guess is Charlie Hebdo…

  7. Does anyone know why I am not seeing any agents to tap for paintings?

  8. Nice addition of the video, not the best event but certainly entertaining. JMO.

  9. I guess the mob can touch anyone, even my dad. This was back in the fifties. He was an oiler at a manufacturing plant. Every once in awhile our family was treated to steak, ice cream and Coca Cola. Later yrs I found out it was because my dad would get paid a small cut from running numbers for the mob, ( will not mention their family name as they still live in the area). I had no idea what that meant until I was older. I’m sure his cut wasn’t much but back then even twenty bucks got a lot at the grocery store. So a treat of ice cream and/or steak to feed a family of seven was like Christmas Day. I don’t think my mom was too keen on the idea but luckily he took an early retirement and “got out of the game”.
    Love your Friday fillers.

  10. What are you wanting in the amazing designs email. I can’t seem to attach a video to an email

  11. Great gangster story, I can remember watching the gangster films with my dad in the 70s, Cagney was my favorite, yeah!! Bummer primo didn’t fly the machine or have a task to do that, always enjoy reading Friday fillers on a Saturday listening to the sound of the 60s on the radio 😁😁😎😎😸😸 happy easter all

    • Thanks, Keith! I’ll be doing my FF on Thursday this week, because the Acts change on Friday, and we’ll a full plate of event posts.

  12. Being from Canada the only Mob I can relate to is when a large group of people enter a store in an orderly fashion.

  13. Off topic, but going to comment since this is the most recent post. I am being prompted to update my game by the tsto app. It kicks me to the App Store (iOS) but it’s already updated. I go back to the app and it just tells me I need to update again. Anyone else reporting this?

    Thanks. 🙂

    • Yes, same problem here

    • Same thing happening to me, it started on Friday. Glad to see it isn’t just me, but sorry to see it happening. Did you report to EA? I haven’t yet…

    • It happened to me too. I have an EA account, so I knew it was likely my game data was secure. I uninstalled the tsto app, reinstalled and signed in. The game was fine – no progress was lost. But I was nervous it might be a variant of the glitches people are suffering through, so I was relieved to see everything was fine. Good luck Hugh Jassole, Helena and Jo Anne!

  14. Off topic. I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying this, but…….this event is ridiculously easy. I just got Nana Sophie, and there’s still a week to go until act 2. Lots of bonuts I guess.

    • Hahahaha… I think its easy, sadly I have been so busy that at this moment I only have 21K just a littlebit behind, and I just log two times per day at much three 😳

    • I agree. I’m almost ready to get Nana Sophie. I can’t believe I’m almost a week ahead and I didn’t struggle.

  15. Many a bloodmobile bought me Jesus for Easter….since i didnt get jim at Xmas. That’s enough for me LoL….

  16. being from NJ, I cannot confirm nor deny that in some towns they teach how to hide a body in grammar school.
    just a friendly reminder.

  17. Thanks for this.
    I was still on the fence, but you have helped me decide I am getting the Pope.
    Happy Easter to all.

  18. Just to say thanks to the team for all you do 👏 and Happy Easter 😊🇬🇧🥚🐥🐣🐰

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