Addicts Want to Know: Rollback Glitch

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Unfortunately, it looks like the dreaded rollback glitch is spreading…and like wildfire!  We posted about the glitch here back in March. Actually a month ago today.  We gave you guys the steps to contact EA to have your games rolled back, and many of you reported that the rollback from EA helped but EA also said a patch was coming.

Well….that was a month ago.  To date, no patch has hit the games and the glitch is impacting more and more players each day.  Not only that, y’all are posting various reports from EA customer service.  Some are saying they won’t roll your game back, some are saying they will.  Some of you are saying EA says a patch will be here by the end of the week (that was several weeks ago now), while others are saying EA doesn’t know when it’ll be fixed.

It’s a HUGE mess!  Leaving loads of you ticked off and ready to leave a game you’ve been playing for years over it.  Need more proof?  Look at the app store comments for Tapped Out! Players are pissed about this and rightfully so!

It’s enough to make me break out my Angry Socks again…

EA needs to get their act together and fix it, because the worse it gets (the more players impacted) the more likely people are to stop playing TSTO.  I know personally, while not currently impacted, I’ve been playing TSTO for nearly 6 years and blogging for nearly 5 years and if I get hit with the glitch I’m walking away.  It’s just not worth it to me.  The THOUSANDS (and I mean thousands) of dollars I’ve spent on this game are not worth it for the frustration of not being able to play.  And I don’t blame anyone of you that quits over this stupid bug. It’s been long enough, it should be fixed by now.

So here’s what I want to do now.  We’re going to spend a good chunk of time on Saturday’s Addicts Live talking about the Rollback Glitch and I wanted to get some feedback from y’all on your experiences with it to use on the show.  So if you could take a minute to answer the series of poll questions below (if they apply to you, don’t answer if they don’t apply to you) and feel free to share more about your experience with the Glitch in the comments below….

Thanks guys!  And be sure to tune into Addicts Live on Saturday April 14th at 12pm ET to participate in the conversation about the Rollback Glitch. (don’t worry we’ll be talking about Springfield Jobs too)

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  1. Crazy cat dude

    I got impacted years ago and put some time into contacting EA. After several weeks, their best option was to roll back the game. I did not want to lose my England items, so after all the work the game demands and it took to get a reply from EA, that was enough and I quit playing this time consuming game for years and deinstalled it. I‘m now only back for the wrestling event and either tidy up my Springfield a bit afterwards or deinstall the game right away.

    Does the rollback glitch also impact the railyard and chili pot mini game? The railyard gives me nothing and the chili tortoise game cannot be selected.

  2. I have worked hard and very long on TSTO. I don’t want either option. I have been playing through the glitch in the hopes they will eventually come up with a fix. Does anyone have an idea if this is even something they are working on?

  3. Fer the Ferret

    Got my email too. Curious if they’ll actually read my whole reply or just until I mention my choice in options. Seriously, that big event had about a dozen buildings and they’ll no doubt reappear at around 50 donuts a piece someday. Might not have been the best, but I did earn ’em.

  4. I got the email too. Not sure what is the lesser of 2 evils. Why can’t they roll back and then five all the characters earned. Doesn’t seem fair at all. Certainly not offering enough donuts to buy characters especially some aren’t even available anymore.

    I don’t know what option to choose.

  5. Just received this update from EA re: the glitch. Below. Anyone have any experience with these options? I’m looking at a 10 week+ rollback as far as I know. Option 1 is tempting, option 2 seems super vague, I’ve asked some questions, waiting for some further answers. Thought I’d check in here to see if anyone has taken them up on these choices?

    —-EA Reply Below

    —Thanks for sticking with us. We’re sorry you had to wait so long on this issue.
    What happened?

    The idle character button caused problems for some players in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

    What are my options?

    We have two options for you to pick from:

    We can roll your game back to a previous save. You’ll lose progress and Donuts from today until the rollback date, but you’ll get 50 Donuts per week of lost data. If you have receipts, we can restore the Donuts that were bought during the rollback period. Just attach them to your case when you respond. You will also be required to remain logged out of the game across all devices for 48 hours after we confirm rollback. This final step can help prevent it from happening again.

    We can give you a brand-new Springfield: It won’t be the same as your current Springfield, but you’ll still have your level and can continue playing your game. If you have receipts, we can replace the Donuts you bought before the template land was applied. Just attach them to your case when you respond.

    We’ll also be giving you an additional 100 Donuts to get you back up and running.

    • I have no answer, but I got the same email this morning and I’m in agreement that option 2 is very vague – how different will the new town be and exactly what amount of money and (particularly) donuts will I have left, is what I would like to know. If I would lose ALL of the donuts (except for the 100 they offered) and money, then option 2 would be a no go for me. I could probably deal with an 8 week rollback because honestly the last two events were subpar, and I would at least end up with about the same amount of donuts if not more than when the glitch happened to me. I hope EA will give some clarity.

  6. Got hit yesterday. EA support was useless. I was getting bored with the game anyway, considering they seem to have given up on creating interesting content. I’m done with it for now, although if they fix it in the future I might come back.

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