Springfield Jobs 101: Act 3 Bonus Heist

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So now that things have calmed down slightly with the rush of Act 3 starting, I can catch my breath and take a minute to break down the heist bonus % awarded with the Act 3 craftables.

So let’s take a look…

As we learned about in the prize rundown post, the first prize of Act 3 is the Monte Burns Resort Casino.  This is the building that will be utilized best for Act 3 heists (although you can still use the Museum or Tower), and the one you’ll want to max out your bonus % on.

As a reminder, the bonus area around the tower is the area in the light blue color….

Placing certain craftable items inside that area will award a bonus %.  Each % you earn will help increase your Poker Chips (prize track currency) payout for Act 3.  Once you’ve reached 20% your characters will payout 36  for Freemium and 54  for Premium. (crafting currency payout is not impacted by the bonus %.  It remains 2 for Freemium and 3 for premium no matter what your % is)

Remember, you only have to have 1 square of the item touching the blue area to get the bonus % for it.  It does not have to be completely inside the blue area.

Also, if you overlap your Resort Casino with the Museum or Tower items can share the bonus %.  But keep in mind they will share it.  Meaning it gets split on each side, you don’t get the same % twice.

There wasn’t a ton of new craftable items that earn a heist bonus % introduced for Act 3.  In fact, there were only 4 items (yes, there are more than 4 craftables new to Act 3….but only 4 earn the %.  The others are just decorations/buildings/land tile)

First Bank of Springfield ATM- 300
Heist Bonus: 4.5%

Fancy Oval Fountain– 500
Heist Bonus: 7.5%

First Prime Minister of Australia Statue– 450
Heist Bonus: 6.75%

Race Car Statue- 400
Heist Bonus: 6%

And as a reminder here’s the list of craftables w/bonus % from Act 2 (they’ll still work in Act 3 in the area around the Casino):

Phone Booth– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

Police Call Box– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

Queen’s Guard– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

Beefeater– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

And here are the Act 1 items…

Terraced House (1)– 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (2)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (3)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (4)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (5)– 140
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (6)- 140
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Grand Canal (1)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (2)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (3)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (4)- 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (5)- 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Gondola– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Da Vinci Aircraft– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Cheese Truck– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Honestly, you’ll just need to craft the 3 items you’ll need for the Act 3 Heist Scene (Fountain, Racecar and Prime Minister of Australia) and you’ll quickly max out your Bonus area.  Super easy to do in Act 3!

As far as design is concerned.  I know some of you are really big into making these items work around your building for the bonus %.  Honestly, I’m not.  It’s a matter of making them items fit, maxing out the bonus % and moving on.  Once the event ends I have entirely different design plans for the buildings and craftables, so that’s when I’ll be moving everything around.

I just don’t think it’s worth stressing over the design right now.  Achieve the bonus % needed, craft what you like and make it work once the event is over. When in Italy do you see Gondolas around a museum?

And that is it my friends, the details on the heist bonus in Act 3!

How are you making the items work?  Are you designing now or just getting the bonus % and waiting till the event is over to make a design work?  Where is your bonus % sitting right now? Which items did you use to get there?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Roll Back Glitch sucks , can’t craft anything new EA Support says i have to roll back to 3 / 9 to solve the problem so much progress to lose. Thinking about quiting playing all together!

  2. Fancy Oval Fountain
    Fancy Resort Hotel
    ♥️ Crafting multiples of ’em in Act 3, but some of the Buildings are so HUGE in this Event (getting 20% Bonus asap on Monte Burns Resort Casino was easy, figuring out what to Craft and Store later when I have the Land? That’s a challenge!)

  3. I was never worried about space because i have a lot. After this event with so many huge buildings i can see why some people are complaining.

  4. Alias de la plume

    Which of the three heist locations is better to use for act three

  5. occasionally, i get signed out of my account. I sign back in usually, by saying “i know this is a comment”

  6. So I am currently in the get as much bonus % items as you can to eventually become a super farmer stage. I have roughly 350 donuts currently and I’m about to spend all (except 25 for the xp collider) on burns mystery boxes.

    According to multiple sources the burns mystery box is the best way to improve your bonus percentage in a quick manner. I’ve checked my vault and there’s nothing worth it in there. (Yes I’ve read all about farming on a few different articles, and asked Ebron already)

    My question is are there any bonus % steals that I should keep donuts available for coming up in this final act? Or are there any steal prices for characters like number 51 was a while back?

    • Without knowing what you already have… That’s a pretty tough question to answer.

    • Sorry, I have about 160 bonus % (yes I have all Springfield Heights bonus percentage buildings, hidden and not) so I’m still in the early stages of getting my percentage up. I also have about 5 mil in cash. I’m trying to keep it to the very best percentage deals until I can be more lenient on my bonus percentage collecting and and donut spending. I also have not bought any characters in this game ever except for patches and poor violet and number 51. There’s nothing worth while in my vault right now. I have not spent any donuts on this event at all.

      • In this event, the London Eye ferris wheel is an excellent buy for bonus % at a reasonable price. As for other xp% bargains, no one knows what will be in the vaults or mystery boxes until they show up, so hard to say what’s coming up. I would wait and see what shows up in your vault later in the event since it changes every week…the best bargains seem to be there.

        • Ohhh I thought people could go into the game and read the files to determine what’s been coded into the event, which is why I asked if there’s any bonus % steals coming for act 3. I feel like I read that somewhere, I’m probably mistaken though.

          • Alissa is able to access the event files, so she can see the upcoming prizes and characters. Don’t think she has access to event mystery boxes tho…and since the vaults are different for each person, no one knows what will be up coming in those.

          • There are “spoilers” sites out there (some sort of wiki something)…so if you really want a breakdown of the whole event, you can do a little searching. But you didn’t hear it from me 🤫…we don’t talk spoilers on this site.

        • Got the Aztec theatre and boardwalk fountain from the vault, 115 donuts spend with 2.75% for the fountain

          • The Eye is 3% for 55 donuts…pretty good deal.
            Since everybody’s vault has different goodies, we’ll just have to keep checking it for bargains. 😁

        • Got the eye, like the look and great %

  7. I’m done designing as my town is pretty simple. I am having some trouble with those houses, though–especially the corner ones. I can’t wait to see the show offs to get some ideas. I did earn the new casino today, and that fits in absolutely no where in my town. I’ll irk me, but I might have to store that one. *gasp*

  8. Seen this article in the BBC website, thought all the Simpsons fans might want to read it.


  9. Totally going to need to squeeze my town a bit to make more room for the next event or cut down all the trees that take up land space, I only have 42 pieces of land to get tokens for, I have been designing my town but think I will need to do something soon, pity ea couldn’t open SH or krusty land,???

  10. At least they made it easy to hit the 20% bonus right away in Act 3 if you save up your currency for a few days leading up to it.

  11. For now, i just put everything down. I will redesign after the event, that is is for God’s sake they give us some downtime. As for now it looks like i will finish the act with at least 7 or 8 days in spare but i stil want to craft, so no downtime there. I will move my french quarter closer and make a ‘little Europe’ Too bad they don’t have any Belgium things. The Atomium, or even better the Menin Gate (as conttibute to the 100 years of the end of WW1) would have been nice. Especially because i live close to the Menin Gate. I will need to reshuffle a lot tho, move my farm (not the KEM but my real farm to the back, but my KEM farm is there so that has to be moved too!!
    Quite a lot of moving, nuking is no opton. I might store most of the brazil stuff or future Simpsons stuff too. Don’ t like those area’s too much anyway.

    • And to be fair EA, i guess all the players who aren’ t affected by the famous Rollback Glitch would’t mind if you first fix the Glitch before you bring up something new

    • Downtime will exist in the form of a mini-event…or the last week of this event if you finish early.

      • Would like to see another superhero event or mini event, think it’s the last one I really enjoyed, infinity war just released here and would make a good event, with more characters 😁😀👍

  12. I made a little Italy, and i am proud of it, but now i am definitely running low on crafting material

  13. Haha, I read the header and thought this was about a secret extra mission! My bad. Thanks for the super clear breakdown!

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