Currency Confusion Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in real quick with your friendly reminder of The Springfield Jobs Act 3 currency.  Some of you have gotten confused with this event for some reason on the currencies.  This event is just like every other event when it comes to currency.  There are 2 different types of currency….Prize Track and Currency.

Prize Track currency is for unlocking prizes in the Prize Track.  This changes for each Act.  So each Act the Prize Track Currency will change to something different.  (you can see each currency on the neighbor’s screen)

For Act 3 it’s Poker Chips…they look like this:

Crafting currency is for unlocking/buying craftable items at Plunderer Pete’s.  This remains the same for the entire event.  Crafting currency will NOT change from one Act to the next. And this is the very last Act of this event, so use it or lose it.  Crafting currency is Plunders….they look like this: 

Oh and these guys… are also the same for the entire event.  And there’s no point in saving them up.  Use them when you get them since they only pay out Crafting Currency…

Remember, this is the very last Act in this event.  So use it all or lose it all…that goes for Masks too.

Hope that helps those of you having difficulty with this!  Remember it’s the same as every other event…

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  1. Wow! That new Event Currency almost looks as snazzy as my Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel poker chips! 🤣$5.jpg

    I think “the Glitch” is the worst that EA has not bothered to fix in this Game App (seriously, imagine being in Act 3, but being sent back to Act 1 – with everything you have obtained gone – that’s not fare to my fellow Tappers!) 🤔

    I DO miss when we were rewarded better for visiting our Neighboreenos (I’m guessing EA changed this to cater to the Noobs?). Some Events made it hard to find what your fellow Tappers sent into your Springfield (maybe those complaints are responsible for the lack of rewards visiting Neighboreenos?) 🤷‍♂️

  2. You only get rewards from 10 neighbours so it’s not really worth the effort to do so unless you really need the cash!
    Also not every neighbour finds the criminal(s) that’s been left for them before they expire so it is just a thankless task
    EA really need to look at the whole issue of neighbour visits because it really needs all neighbours to pay out event currency to make it worthwhile

    • I don’t understand why they “expire” after 4 hrs…lot’s of neighbors in different time zones, so the 4 hr time limit is ludicrous. I like dropping crooks for my neighbors, but it’s too bad most will never be found.☹️

      • Even worse than that! I’ve found REPEATEDLY, unless your friend is actively in their town when you drop the crooks off for a nice weekend…they seem to be lost forever! You can immediately go right back to their town and it’ll let you drop (i.e., waste) 10 more right away!

        Sad. This bug has been there since day 1, and they’ve never moved one finger to fix it. More than that, you should get a counter when entering your own Springfield, to know if there’s crooks to look for! The notifications don’t work…cuz they’re usually hours old and the crooks are “expired” by then.


      • Did not even realise there was a 4 hour limit ?
        Amazing that folks are still confused about currency though ?
        God help us if EA actually made things complicated.

  3. Jennifer Harvey

    Hi since act 3 was activated I have had various problems e.g. I can’t purchase act buildings and they are all locked. Also when characters have finished jobs I can not press the character icon on top left hand side.
    I have rebooted etc but nothing helps.

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    Is anyone else getting a low drop of bandit masks? I’ve gotten 3 in the last 2 days. Seems every event lately I get very little neighbor currency to spread out 😕🤨

    • No…but I have seen the glitch where if I drop bandits in a known friends land. If they’re not in their town hen bandits drop…they always just “get lost in the ether”. And, I could go right back in and drop 10 more…seems sad this bug was never fixed in 3 acts of this LOOOOOOOOOOONG event.


    • Has been like that for the whole event for me. 1 or 2 a day. With an occasional “off-day” with more, but very rarely.

    • Yeah, it seems like mine has also dropped off in the past few days. For awhile it seemed like I was getting 1 or 2 from every four hour cycle of clearing my town but now it seems like I’m only getting 1 or 2 a day.

    • It seems to me that you get a lot more masks from friends visits than tapping cops in your own town

  5. Maybe a slightly different analogy could help, for those who are confused?

    So how about this: while the Plunders are roughly equivalent to the in-game cash paradigm, wherein you can spend each on various in-game things, it might be more reasonable to not think of the Prize Track as a “currency”, but rather, as more analogous to XP points, in that it’s basically just a progress bar to track how far you are from the final objective. In the case of XP, the objective is to collect up enough XP to level up, at which point you earn *something* (whatever that particular level-up happens to award you) and then the bar resets. Parallel to that with the Prize Track: the objective is to collect up enough Act-specific “items” (Poker Chips, currently) to earn the final prize on the track, and then (when the current Act ends) the Prize Track counter resets.

    Of course, the most notable difference is that you have a fixed time limit in which to to complete the Prize Track — but other than that, I think this analogy is pretty sound.

  6. ‘No point in saving them up’?
    For what…Act 4? LOL

    Keep up the great posts…and how many years left for this event?

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