Itchy and Scratchy Land 101: Act 1 Amusement Bonus

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Arrangement Bonuses are back again and it doesn’t appear that they’re going anywhere.  This is now the third event in a row where Arrangement bonuses have been featured.  This time around it’s called an Amusement Bonus, same concept different name.

So let’s take a look at what this bonus is, how you max it out and what it’ll get you…

As we learned in the rundown post, one of the first items you’ll get with this event (for free) is the Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate.  The Gate will be your Act 1 “hub” so to speak for sending characters to Staff Rides (earn event currency) and quickly access the crafting menu:

The area around the gate is also the area known as your Amusement Bonus area.  Just like Bart Royale and Springfield Jobs, you’ll utilize this area to place event items to earn a bonus %.  That bonus % will go towards increasing the event currency you earn each time you send a character to Staff a Ride.

The bonus area around the gate is the area in the light blue color (And for this event it’s quite large. )….

Placing certain items inside that area will award a bonus %.  Each % you earn will help increase your Foam Knives payout for Act 1.  Once you’ve reached 20% (the max) your characters will payout 72 .  There (at this time) is no difference between Freemium and Premium Payouts.  Also, crafting currency is not impacted by the bonus %, it remains the same 25 per character no matter what your bonus % is.

Remember, you only have to have 1 square of the item touching the blue area to get the bonus % for it.  It does not have to be completely inside the blue area.

For Act 1 it’s mostly craftable items that will earn the Amusement Bonus, but there are a few others.  So let’s take a look at which items can help you max out to 20%…

Free Items…

Injury 500 Building- Free
Amusement Bonus: 0.25%

Placing the original Injury 500 from the Store, the Free one for the questline, will award 6.25% bonus.  The original (before crafting anything additional) comes with 1 long track (2%), 4 Corners (1%/ea, 4% total) and the main building (.25%).


Nurse’s Station- 24,900 
Amusement Bonus: .75% (can also craft more once you unlock on the prize track for 4,000 .  Same bonus % awarded)


Injury 500 Short Track- 600
Amusement Bonus:1%

Injury 500 Corner-  600
Amusement Bonus: 1%

Injury 500 Long Track- 1,200
Amusement Bonus:2%

Itchy and Scratchy Land Banner- 1,000
Amusement Bonus:0.5%

Itchy Parking Lot- 2,000 
Amusement Bonus:3%

Scratchy Parking Lot- 2,000
Amusement Bonus:3%

Itchy and Scratchy Land Ticket Booth- 1,000
Amusement Bonus:0.5%

Nurse’s Station- 4,000
Amusement Bonus:0.75%

The best bang for your Itchy & Scratchy buck for Act 1?  Injury 500 track pieces.  Everything else is way overpriced and undervalued for bonus %.

As far as design is concerned.  I know some of you are really big into making these items work around your I&S for the bonus %.  Honestly, I’m not.  It’s a matter of making them items fit, maxing out the bonus % and moving on.  Once the event ends I have entirely different design plans for the buildings and craftables, so that’s when I’ll be moving everything around.

I just don’t think it’s worth stressing over the design right now.  Achieve the bonus % needed, craft what you like and make it work once the event is over.

And that is it my friends, the details for the Amusement bonus in Act 1!

How are you making the items work?  Are you designing now or just getting the bonus % and waiting till the event is over to make a design work?  Where is your bonus % sitting right now? Which items did you use to get there?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land 101: Act 1 Amusement Bonus

  1. I believe I’m missing the Krustyland store icon. What does it look like, please?

  2. So what happened to my experience bonus for items I purchased for Krustyland? Please tell me I didn’t lose them. I had a Krustyland trashcan which gave me a .5% bonus and a windmill which gave .75% bonus. Are these bonus items just lost?? I paid real donuts for these items! Help!!

  3. Item limits and bonus areas Make for a bad combo in TSTO. I DONT WANT THIS MUCH TRACK!!! Lazy ideas lead to bad events that make you craft 100 of 1 terrible large item….

  4. PRO

    It is fair to note that we’ve come a long way from having to spend 1 Million Simpsons $ on a Building, then having to wait 4 Hours for a Build / Task (Free and 6 Second Build / Task deserves a thank you EA!) Getting to 20% Bonus (Arrangement Bonus) is easy!


    The maximum payout (72 foam knives, 25 craft currency) per Character was achieved at 18% – so don’t rush trying to get to 20%, unless EA decides to offer Premium payout at 20%! Obtaining Crafting Currency amount required to Craft certain stuff is ridiculous (2,000? 4,000? How about just cap it at 1,000 Max for Crafting stuff!)

    I’m not using any space over the Boundary the Bonus Zone takes up (Itchy & Scratchy Land is the DCA for Krustyland), although I did make it look like you have to pass through the Canada Border to get into the Itchy & Scratchy Land!😅

    • Good advice on the %, I lost most of the two first days on the event due to game freezing up plus a monster migraine, could not be bothered with waiting on the lagging game, so I’m only at 12% right now but will have 15% next time I log on, really close to buying a parkinglot. But I know not to rush after getting to 18 now, thanks!

      I also had the brilliant idea to put my Canada border on the road leading in to my Krustyland/Itchy& Scratchy lands! 🙂

  5. pinballinggrrl

    I keep thinking they should have put the new land on the other side of the mountains, where there’s alllllllllllllll that space. Use the Itchy & Scratchy gate as a tunnel through the mountains. It seems like it would be more compact and less cluttered. My Springfield is a train wreck right now.

  6. It tells me to make the stupid ride animate, i I can’t figure out how to do that. I’m not earning anything because I can’t get this thing started! HELP!

  7. Perhaps others have said this, but i just got on after getting the rollback treatment.
    300 donuts for the cat???? Outrageous!

  8. I’m already at the Max % so far. I’m not about to place race track pieces all over my bonus building area. Unless in Act 2 EA will give us another large section to build something else. Right now I think I’ll save up my event currency then I’ll be ready for Act 2 to quickly hit the next 20% bonus. Looks like we’ll need to hit the end of the prize track to start earning bonus doughnuts. I miss the last event that let us start mid-way getting some extra sprinkles. Ah well… Happy Tapping friends and I can’t wait to see some cool designs that you guys post on this site.

  9. Anyone else still having the warning for items on their Springfield coming up at 8400? I’ve been reading on here it went up to over 11,000 . Im at over 9000 and getting the warning still saying 8400. Im playing on Samsung phone (android).
    Not sure of I should write to them

  10. Anyone else having trouble getting the Injury 500 track pieces to fit together if you expand your track? It seems like the sizes aren’t standardized.

    • You need to connect the red dots on each piece. If they don’t connect, they aren’t correct.

    • I had this issue too. Your pieces that connect to the building? Can overlap. Like patric said you need to have the dots perfectly lined up. Took me 5 mins of building and moving to figure out

    • Yup. All was okay until I crafted more pieces and now I cannot create a loop. Short track too short & multiples don’t work. Long track not long enough 😤 I think it has something to do with the width of the building & maybe the corner pieces. Hoping someone has had the patience to figure out what the issue is. I’ve played around with a few designs but haven’t got as far as counting squares! NB this has nothing to do with aligning the red markers, it’s the length of the pieces… the expanded combinations don’t easily work. At least I’ve got fed up of trying.

  11. How large are the ticket booths? 2×2 or 3×3?
    I still have to decide whether to use the I&S design for the park entrance or including it into a larger Krustyland park. Booths and Parking lots are essential if I wanna go with the first option.

  12. I wish the bonus area extended a couple of squares in front of the gate too so that crafting parking lots made more sense. Yes, I can place parking lots inside of the gate for now and move them later, but still. I might just stick to the regular parking lots that I already had from Krustyland. Do the craftable ones do anything noteworthy?

    • Actually…there is a difference. The ones you craft earn a 3% placement bonus. Which helps with the event. They also have Itchy and Scratchy decorations.

      But…this is a looooooooooooooooooooooong event. So there is no hurry, if you have already hot the 20% am for this Act.

  13. Is there any reason to send characters on jobs for krustyland tickets?

    • There are items in the Krustyland category of the store that you can only purchase with tickets. If you don’t already have a nice stash of tickets and want to buy some of those items, then you might want to send characters on these tasks. Another reason could be that you like the animation. I send characters on tasks all over my SF that have lower payouts all the time because I want to have, for example, Agnes twerking her hip out of place rather than hanging out at the Swellderado with several other Springfielders.

      • Thank you!

      • I always have Agnes on that job, with Sideshow Bob in his western wear nextdoor doing lasso tricks…two of my favorite jobs👍😄.

        • I do too Ebron! The elderly Lard Lad is there too, ogling twerkin’ Agnes and trying to impress her with his donut lifting prowess. 😄

      • I assign my characters to lower paying tasks all the time. Currently I’ve been having fun attempting to get as many characters as possible doing visual tasks in a certain area, like around the Simpson neighborhood. This does depend upon how much time I have on any given day for assigning individual tasking. But I often don’t rush to finish events anymore & even once used some donuts to get the last prize track item.

        I’ve been enjoying playing my game once or maybe twice a day & spending a little more time on it w/ lots of redesigning. I get too burned out these days w/simply grinding events over & over like I used to. And now that many of us are approaching (or have reached) the item limitations (waves at ebron) redesigning’s obviously becoming a way of [game] life as we choose what to Store & what to Place. It must be difficult to be a TSTO completist these days unless half your stuff’s in storage & where’s the fun in that? Happy Tapping everyone! RachelS 🤪

    • Really?

  14. i’m working towards the bonus, but designing as i go…why not have the best of both? 🙂 plus i know me, and once it’s down, it’s not likely to move(no matter how many times i’ve sworn to redesign). Just hit 19% almost entirely from short track and corners

  15. Nice large area on this one!

  16. Just got back into the game recently after dealing being frustrated from the beginning of the event that I smashed my phone lol hope i have the strength to “NOT” smash my phone again hahaha teenage testosterone, am I right?

  17. Hello, out of topic, but, servers are down??

  18. William Swaney

    Any idea if track pieces (and other ride pieces) will be something we can make after the event? It would be nice, as you say, not to worry. Then later we can build the rides of our dreams 😉

    • No idea at this time, won’t know until the event is over (that’s something that’s generally part of the event removal coding).

    • It would be nice to have some sort of monorail-like option for it to be able to exapnd it later. Like send a character for a ride and get a piece (or it could be similar to the cauldron – sometimes you get a piece, sometimes not).

      Hope the right people are rEAding this 😉

  19. I cant help but try and design now. I know I’ll be rearranging stuff throughout this looooong event. But i can’t stand a mess of random stuff. Its all part of my OCD …. I just wish the KL ground was more open minded as to what we can place on it……😒

  20. Is there something that triggers the crafting option? I can only do staff rides when I click on the entrance. I have Injury 500 built and the Scratchy questline done, but can’t figure out where to go for crafting.

    • You have to click the icon down below…it brings up three boxes once you are far enough along in the Quest Line. One of the boxes is for crafting.

    • If I remember correctly, once you complete the task of visiting friends Springfield to clear three Itchy and Scratchy Park visitors (the first time) the Crafting option becomes available.

    • I needed Homer free to trigger the next task

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