Itchy and Scratchy Land Tips for Ending Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is going to enjoy their weekend, I know I will as long as the rain holds off!

Act 1 of the Itchy and Scratchy Land will be ending this coming Wednesday (so 4 days from now) at 10am ET…here’s what you should be doing to get ready for Act 2 to start.  Following these tips will help give you a head start when Act 2 launches…

These steps apply provided you’ve unlocked Diane and reached a 20% Amusement bonus

Starting MONDAY (June 11th), start saving your Daily Challenges.  This will allow you to have 2 built up and a new one on Wednesday…so 3 total Daily Challenge that will convert to Act 2 currency once Act 2 starts.  This should give you a head start of at least 4,500 Act 2 currency.  Not to shabby…
You can complete the challenge, just don’t clear it (ie claim the currency).  Only do this if you’ve unlocked Diane. If you haven’t unlocked her by Monday make sure you maximize your currency to unlock her before Act 2 ends.

Save Crafting Currency. Once you’ve maxed out your Amusement Bonus, at 20%, and you’ve reached Level 5 in crafting SAVE YOUR CRAFTING CURRENCY.  This will allow you to immediately start crafting Act 2 items when the new Act starts.  While it may not be necessary for Amusement Bonus, we’re not sure yet, it will be necessary to add pieces to your Act 2 Ride.  Plus, it just gives you a good head start.

And that’s it my friends, all the tips you’ll need to get a good head start when Act 2 starts on Wednesday!

Oh and…YES THERE ARE BONUTS WITH ACT 1!  As I said in the Turbo Tappin’ post, bonuts will appear when you’ve COMPLETED the Act 1 questline.  There will be a task for Diane to complete that questline.  So once you’ve unlocked her hold off on her questline (which is the dialogue you will see auto start when she’s unlocked) and finish the main questline.  Details on that questline are here.

Thoughts as we prepare for Act 1 to end and Act 2 to start?  Any other tips you can give fellow tappers?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Baldysinclair

    Hello! Looks I’m going to be short of Diane at 10:00 (first time ever!) so please tell me what to do: use donuts to unlock her before 10 or speed up jobs? I have a round of 4 hour tasks ending at 9:30 so I’ll see how many donuts are necessary. Will Diane be available for donuts after 10:00 or is she gone? What about her tasks? Any guidance would be appreciated!

  2. ethan waldner

    I’m kinda stuck like should I get a chance at tree donuts or start the event off early and right? I’m just not sure!!!

  3. I normally save 2 tasks like the post recommends. However, 2 tasks don’t usually = 3 donuts. Since I don’t have trouble getting all the prizes in 2 weeks, I think I’m going to take advantage of the high task payout and grab the 3 donuts while its available rather than saving the tasks for the head start in Act 2.

  4. I’ve tried to seach for this issue – but with no results. I’ve leveled to 6 on crafting, but i’m unable to craft any level 5 items – the log ride additions. I’ve contacted ea, and they say it’s a known problem, and they offered me 20 donuts for my inconvienience.
    However, I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this.
    i’ve noticed my neighbors dont’ seem to have any log ride secitons in their towns.
    i’m also wondering – maybe we can’t craft log ride additions until we get the Log ride base on act 2?

  5. I am extremely disappointed. This will be the first time I have not finished an Act I in I don’t know how many events that we’ve had over the last couple of years. I got an extremely late start because my iPad would not let me blow up Krustyland, so I ended up wait until EA forced us the do it. Just really mad! uninstalled – re-installed tried everything to no avail…

  6. Is anyone else repeatedly getting the “You have 8650 items in your Springfield, stay at 8500 if performance issues” pop up message?

    • It’s just a warning, everyone gets it when you get to that point. Ignore it. The item limit is well beyond that, when you hit it you’ll know. It’ll force you to store more items or you won’t be able to place anything.

  7. Another tip to get a good start on the next act is to save unfinished side quests that give event currency until Act 2 begins.

  8. Well I won’t finish act 1 cuz my krusty land wouldn’t freakin blow up. Crap I say

  9. If you aren’t a farmer, is it wise though to get the bonuts as much as you can by Wednesday and not save up for Act 2? Completing the acts seems doable without the head start and any time you can snag three bonuts feels worth it.

    Also what’s up with this update? It’s massive?!

  10. The one about “Save Crafting Currency” I’ve been doing for ages. Never thought to save the daily challenges payoff, though. That’s a cool idea. Will definitely do that.

    • I will also stop visiting neighbors (well, TBH I already did), but I Won’t after the counter hits less than 24 hours. It’s a small bonus, but I like to be as far ahead at the start of an act as I can.

  11. Diane does help some …. Bonuts are nice … and these Tips will definitely set a Tapper up for Act 2 (which I hope has better Event Prizes) 🙂

  12. Josephine Kick@$$

    Thanks for the heads-up Alissa, I
    ->always<- forget to save the daily challenges 😂

  13. Awesome. Got Diane today and followed the instructions to continue the event questline vs. the one for her character and the “Make Springfieldera XYZ” job to advance the questline keeps crashing my game. Can’t advance whatsoever. I’ve hard closed several times and have re-opened to the same scenario. Anyone experiencing this and/or have found a solution?

    • Ok, so after about an hour, I’m up $35M I’m in-game cash and earned 100+ donuts, so this is certainly a glitch you can exploit for your benefit, should you have the time/patience/desire.

      I read in another forum that a user resolved the glitch via the office of unemployment, but that didn’t work for me, as my characters didn’t show up as free even though I cleared the task.

      What did work was rushing Marge’s 4 hour event-related task and then sending her on the same one that everyone else was stuck on. That unlocked everyone immediately and ended the questline for Act 1.

      Hope this helps!

  14. If this is like recent Events, Act 1 is always the hardest to complete. Act 2 and Act 3 each get a little easier, respectively.

  15. Hey Alissa. Haven’t congratulated you yet so congratulations! Rain? Where are you?

  16. Thanks for the reminder to level up, Alissa! I had already gone into “saving” mode and had to start buying again. I still need another $3000 I&S bucks to reach Level 5. It is slow going, & I even spent the 300 donuts to get Scratchy!

  17. Whats a good cash far strategy and if houses are a way whuch ones?

    • Man i need to re-read before i post (farm* which*)

    • Characters as and when you can add them then houses but as for which it depends on your tapping routine. be aware the cost goes up the more you build though so they can end up seeming quite expensive as you start to build income.
      Build your bonus too, so you get more for every tap. 6 sprinkle Burns boxes give a good return for bonus per donut with the news vans and billboards, and you can sell the junk you don’t want.
      It might seem slow going but stick with it, you’ll be glad you did

    • When I was farming, I tried a few different houses but ended up with only the white ones… was able to maximize the return with a minimum amount of land, and I only had to collect twice a day. They were more expensive, so it took a little longer to get them, but worth it in the long run. Hope this helps, good luck with your farming.😁

    • I made a calculator for house / cash effiency which can be found at
      You can use that to figure out which houses to build to optimise your income for your play style.

      (p.s. Mods/TSTO bloggers I am more than happy for it to be rehosted here if you want it)

  18. I’m behind as well mainly because I waited until the last hours to secure as much Krustyland as possible before I blew it up to start this event as land is so rare now a days. It just means more tapping more often to try to finish it on time without spending donuts. My donut count is low but rumor has it there will be a donut special around the start of act 2 so holding onto my dollars for now.

  19. Is anyone else’s game down? I haven’t been able to sign in for two day

    • Try – force close the app or reboot your device.
      If it comes up with weird login or warning pop-ups ignore them.
      When you get the tap to continue screen after the Gracie… tap logout in the bottom left then login if it doesn’t come up with your ID

  20. Wait until after 3PM BST ( 10AM EST ) to claim any event tasks if you’ve set any going in the morning ( or overnight ).

  21. It’s frustrating that I’ve maxed out at 20% and need to burn 8000 tickets to get to level 5…

    • If you replace the 4 parking lots (that came with the KL nuke) with 4 Itchy and Scratchy lots at your park, you can use the plain ones in town somewhere (the airport?) and hit 8000/level 5 with usable items.😉

  22. Itchy has an 8 hour task that earns event currency so send him on that task as opposed to the 4 hour task when you’re sleeping or gunna be busy for 8 hours and earn some extra event currency.

    I’m not sure if other purchased characters have this option, but be sure to check it out. This option does not appear on the enterence, but it does when you select the character individually.

  23. Thanks for the great tips it never occurred to me to save the daily challenges!

  24. People are filling the bonus area with Krustyland items not realising that this is required for act 2 & 3 rides. Others are setting the bonus area into too small a space to enable completion of this event.

    • Bangles Dupree

      Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering whether I should take my Krustyland stuff out of storage yet. I guess not!

    • Going to replace my racetrack when act 2 starts with the log ride…putting the new ride in the same space close to the entrance, and moving my track to another area.

    • I place Krustyland items for the aesthetics: Tavern on the Scream and the ride with Scratchy swinging his arms around fit really well into the area.

    • Indeed. EA did make some important changes for this event: with such a large bonus area, I find myself wondering if maybe EA’s plan is going to require us to put pretty much *all* of the Itchy & Scratchy rides and such within that area, in order to max out the bonus for each Act… which makes me think that maybe the bonus limit is going to increase when Act 2 starts, rather than there being a new structure with an entirely separate bonus area, as in past events. (Those separate bonus areas were really a bit of a miss anyway, since players quickly realized that you could easily just shift around your bonuses without buying additional stuff and be maxed out instantly — and you couldn’t task people at more than one of the areas at a time, anyway.)

      So I decided to move all of my Itchy & Scratchy stuff to a largely open area far away from my Krustyland stuff — at least for now, anyway. I’ll probably try to merge the two in some fashion, after the event. (I’m thinking, different themed areas within the larger theme park, similar to the way many real-world theme parks are laid out.)

  25. I found for Act 1 that the prizes are quite hard to get. I don’t know what it is but I am doing the staff rides at least 3 times a day and a still finding it hard.

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