Itchy and Scratchy Land Tips for Ending Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  The first Saturday of the summer! (unless of course, you live in the southern hemisphere)  What are your plans for the day?  Something fun in store?  Or planning on staying inside and working on a little TSTO?

Act 2 of the Itchy and Scratchy Land will be ending this coming Wednesday (so 4 days from now) at 10am ET…here’s what you should be doing to get ready for Act 3 to start.  Following these tips will help give you a head start when Act 3 launches…

These steps apply provided you’ve unlocked Bort and reached a 35% Amusement bonus

Starting MONDAY (June 25th), start saving your Daily Challenges.  This will allow you to have 2 built up and a new one on Wednesday…so 3 total Daily Challenge that will convert to Act 3 currency once Act 3 starts. (Don’t clear them until Act 3 officially starts) This should give you a head start of at least 4,500 Act 3 currency.  Not to shabby…
You can complete the challenge, just don’t clear it (ie claim the currency).  Only do this if you’ve unlocked Bort. If you haven’t unlocked him by Monday make sure you maximize your currency to unlock him before Act 2 ends.

Save Crafting Currency. Once you’ve maxed out your Amusement Bonus, at 35%, and you’ve reached Level 9 in crafting SAVE YOUR CRAFTING CURRENCY.  This will allow you to immediately start crafting Act 3 items when the new Act starts.  This will aide in increasing your Amusement bonus (which is projected to raise to 50% for Act 3) and get a jump start increasing your currency.

And that’s it my friends, all the tips you’ll need to get a good head start when Act 3 starts on Wednesday!

Oh and not only will Act 3 hit Wednesday but it’s also projected that the 4th of July content will be coming back on Wednesday as well.  So for those of you looking for the Presidents…they’ll be here next week.  (and be prepared for another Mystery Box)

Thoughts as we prepare for Act 2 to end and Act 3 to start?  Any other tips you can give fellow tappers?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I’ve read thru this a couple times and just want to make sure i have this correct so as not to screw it up. I am on level 9 and have been just earning bonuts so should I complete the daily challenge but just don’t collect the prize or should I just not start the daily challenge at all? Thanks, great helpful site.

  2. Did they ever get a fix/patch for the lagginess? I’m still get ALOT of lag when I place my characters on jobs [especially for the monorail and now the staff rides]. Not only that, I can’t even play the maggie game anymore. The lag prevents me from finding maggie because the game freezes but not the timer.

  3. Hi Alissa,

    What happens if you missed Act 1?

    Unfortunately my phone died & I didn’t get any of the prizes from the first Act. My daughter also plays & she only managed to achieve the first 3 prizes in Act 1.

    Now in Act 2 we both discovered today that we’re on crafting level 4, each with around 5000/8000 items. Plus, because I missed out on the Nurses Station as a prize in Act 1, it’s limited my progress in this Act. Will it also have a negative impact on the rest of the event?

    Have you got any ideas/suggestions for the next Act, for us or any other players who might be having similar problems (slow progress for whatever reason).

    Any helpful advice greatly appreciated,

    Kind Regards,

    • It won’t limit your crafting progress, you just can’t craft more nurse’s stations.
      Doesn’t really impact much if you miss the first Act, you just miss out on the first act prizes. You should have been able to do Act 2 as normal.

      • Jayne Mansfield

        I can’t see myself getting close to crafting level 9 for Act 2 because of missing the first Act. I’ve seen a few mentions of reaching level 9 before the Acts change on Wednesday, how important is that? I think I’ll be lucky to reach level 6 maybe.

        I have 3 of the new premium characters helping with the staffing tasks (a total of 12 characters),

        Is it worthwhile saving the last 3 daily challenges even if not at level 9 & without having the last prizes including Bort?


  4. I reckon its better for most players to use their daily challenges for bonuts for two reasons.
    1, you should easily get all the prizes within the time period so for most people there is little added value to saving daily challenges, you just get to the same place quicker with fewer bonut opportunities.
    2, saving challenges from stage 2 to kickstart stage 3 means you complete stage 3 earlier and get more daily challenges to get bonuts in stage 3 instead of stage 2, but each round the bonut requirements get higher, so you get less bonuts for your money.

    For example If you saved 2 daily challenges in stage 1, they would have got you 3000 knives or 1 bonut offer. If they ultimately result in you completing round 2 earlier this may give you additional time earning 3000 additional axes for bonuts, but this will be 500 short of a bonut round, and probably 1000 short of a stage 3 bonut round.

    • If you finish the act that much faster you can make up for the donuts you didn’t get in the previous act. In the end the donut number evens out…

      • But the cost of bonuts increases in later rounds, 3000 in round one, 3500 in round two, presumably 4000 in round 3.

        • Yes because the bonus % in the amusement area is lower for act 1 then it is for act 2 and lower in act 2 then it will be for act 3. It essentially evens out…in Act 3 the bonus will be 50%. You’re better off unlocking the prizes quicker in each act and working on your bonus donuts sooner (even if it’s more currency per round, you’ll earn that currency much quicker because it’s earned at a higher amusement bonus). Even if it’s a higher # it’ll still take the same amount of time to hit each one, because you’ll earn with more speed thanks to the bonus % in the amusement area.

          • I was going to mention the balancing out of the bonus % that Alissa just did, but also that you never know when something is going to come up and slow you down by a day or two. A lost phone charger, sick kid, extra time at work, etc. could all set you back and having the extra 4,500 to start with is a nice insurance cushion against that.

            • I think most people who finish act 2 early enough have enough credit to buy the full bonus as soon as act 3 starts, i have 20,000 saved up, but i think having a good cushion in case you can’t access for a while is a good reason to save.

  5. I have a stupid question. I cant find the Pride Mystery Box anywhere? Where is it ?am I really loosing it? I know Im getting old but ……. eek

    • If you happen to already have all the stuff from previous Pride events you won’t see it. I didn’t even know they were doing a Pride mystery box until I read about it here as I already have all the stuff. 😎 RachelS

  6. I am going to beat that Las Vegas Heat (108) today by going to the cinema to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 📽️🐊…. then I’m taking a needed break from this Game App by enjoying a Monster Summer via Comet TV 📺🏖️🐲

    Baskin & Robbin’s or Ben & Jerry’s (or Dairy Queen) ?🍦🍨🍧
    Decisions Decisions 😅

  7. I got Bort yesterday and am already close to getting my first round of Act 2 bonuts so hopefully I can get another 1 or 2 rounds before Act 3. I am staying on level 8 in crafting and should only get the Zoominator short track and corner since the crafting prizes are expensive in Act with them ranging from 1000-5000 I&S Money each and I have no interest in crafting any other items at the moment but might craft a second Nurse’s Station, I have also saved up around 6000 I&S Money which would be useful on the new Zoominator items.

  8. I feel so stupid that I never thought about saving daily challenges during previous events to jump… Thank you for this suggestion.

    • Remember – nobody is stupid, we are all in this together, there are always great tips to learn in this group 👍😀

  9. Clare Holland

    Hi guys, gotta say a mahoosively huge thanks to you all for all the advice you put out there.. you’ve made this game even more amazing with all your hints and tips. I loved this game anyway but it’s even more better now I have you all behind me to aide me along the way.. I love, love, love this update as I was one of the few who went to krustyland everyday so now it’s even better.. so adios peeps and thanks once again for all you do.. Keep happy tapping 👆🙌

  10. Yea what about the dog that is coming? I really want him and might drop a couple of donuts on him… although I hope he is a prize on the wheel

  11. Also, on Tuesday, send all of the currency generating characters on their longest tasks. The goal is for maximum currency claimed just after the changeover for Act 3.

    • I do not understand why I understand what to do but not why to do it sorry

      • Since the each act changes the type of event currency (axes) we get, your currency will zero out on Wednesday morning and you will start over again with nothing. If you wait to claim payment for your 3 daily tasks until after the currency changes (after act 3 starts) you will get an instant payment in new currency of 4500 new “whatever’s”. Now instead of starting the prize track on Wednesday with 0, you start with 4500, which usually is about a day ahead of the calendar. Hope this makes sense.😁

    • sorry again it was meant for Kevin’s comment not about the post.

      • I think he meant Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning depending on your time zone) to start characters on their 8 hour tasks

    • Yes like Diane and Itchy 8 hour currency earning tasks for example, check to see if other characters have greater than 4 hour event currency earning tasks as well to help you get a jump start on act 3

  12. A little off topic but, does anyone have any tips for getting an EA help rep in North America?

    • Click in the first link even if it doesn’t apply to you and call at 1 pm you time saying that what every time zone you are in you’ll get a us caller

  13. Thank you for all your help.

  14. WHAT ABOUT POOCHIE!?!?!?!?! Do you think he will make an appearance in act 3?

  15. Thank you 😊

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