Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prize Guide – Prize 4- Child Care Center

OK. So we had “Parent’s Isle” which was a way for parents to escape your children while attending Itchy and Scratchy Land, now, as another form of escape, we are offered the Child Care Center as a Prize.

Actually…at this point, the primary escape I would like, is from this event! I know…everyone has said it. But, the fact is, prizes like these are less than motivating to say the least.  But, for those who wonder what the full value of ths prize will be to both the event, and long after the event, I have the details.

Prize: Child Care Center
Size: 5×6
Earns: $90,10xp/4hrs
Build Time: 4hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +5
Can Be Placed: Grass|Pavement|Boardwalk|Pier|Dirt
What Does It Do: When unlocked Homer has a task there. After questline is over no permanent tasks there.

Child Care Center Task: Homer starts
Homer: Ball pit! Let’s do it!
Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Marge: Homer, there’s a sign on the wall which reads: CHILDREN ONLY
…Which you’ve just removed…
Homer: Wee-hee!

TASK: Make Homer Test Ball Room in Child Care Center- 4hrs, Earns I&S Currency

So…another decoration…with no real association to the update, except serving as yet another way to dump the kids. (Wasn’t an orphanage, another day care, a military school, a boarding school,  and a babysitting service enough?).

OK then. Uninspired, yet admittedly addicted, we will grind on…to the next prize of More Crafting Currency (ugh), and the FINAL PRIZE!  Corporal Punishment!!

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  1. I’ve just finished Act 3 and should now be collecting for bonuts but the tracker for this hasn’t appeared, same happened after Act 1 where I also didn’t have the chance to collect bonuts. Act 2 for whatever reason was okay.

  2. I finished the event and am now earning bonuts. I ungrouped everything and rebuilt my Krustyland from scratch and put the I&S entrance the way I wanted it even though it reduced my bonus area to 22%. My old KL was much better and spread out, but I managed to ram everything including the new rides into a small area. The only thing that I stored from this event was the parent’s island sign.

    I hated my new KL at first, but it’s growing on me the more benches and flowers that I add. I frequent an amusement park on a peninsula, so my crammed use of space is kind of realistic to me. At any rate, I enjoyed this event!

    • I am also surrounding my whole KL/ISL with water to give it a Cedar Point feel.

      • That’s awesome! I’m leaving this morning for three days at CP, so now I wish I had thought of water when planning my park. I did more of a Universal Florida theme with the two entries.

  3. thanks. i disconnected my rides and now my game is finally playing at speed. smh. i wish i had purchased all the land in KL before nuking. now everytime i want to purchase land all i see are those spots that require tokens. >.< oh werl. plop, plop.

  4. Child Care Center

    What a let down! I was expecting EA to offer a new Building with permanent Tasks for our Springfield Kids that would generate Krustyland Tickets Revenue …. but just like the Nurse Station, nope!

    Can I just say once more that this Event gets my nomination for “Worst In 2018” (add to that with the fact Corporal Punishment Character is not worth the Grind, as he does not generate event currency / crafting currency – just like Bort!) 🤡👎

  5. I haven’t connected anything yet, just piled everything in the bonus area. I have an ancient IPad so memory is probably my problem

  6. I prefer this building to the Nurse’s Station because it has a task (one time only sadly 🙁 ), a quest and some dialogue which is more than the station ever did. It would of been great if Maggie (and other babies) had a 16 hour task here to get lost in the ball pit like in the show. I like the look of this building with Itchy & Scratchy on the roof but haven’t came up with any ideas on how to design it yet so I’ll see what people have done with it in the showoff next week.

  7. I like this event, only, this 14000 I&S money for level 9, has been an eternal collecting and tapping, I still need 3,500 more, I just collect Child Care Centre, I still have a few ideas in mind to redo I&S and KL 🙂

  8. 500 crafting currency as the next “prize” is pathetic. Wow, that’s enough to get you 1/10th of a set of rollercoaster weirdos.

  9. Alias de la plume

    Wasn’t the ball pit a joke from the episode

  10. Just picked up Corporal Punishment and immediately stored as much of I&S Land that is possible. Game is running smoothly and no lag! Yay!!

  11. Keith1Roon991

    Not impresses with any of this event, if the next event is the same it might be time to call it a day, love the game but to many problems.

  12. I found this brilliant idea in one of my neighbour’s towns – a great use for both the injury500 parts and a way to ‘corner’ the highway parts. I might just get a few extra corners before the event ends for future road designs.

  13. I’ve got the last prize. I’m not insured by the crafting prizes and I can grind more donuts than I can possibly win. I’m calling that an end. I’ll take a day off and then see about making it look nice and playing everyone’s questline.

  14. Am I the ONLY one who loves this event?!

    I think it’s been brilliant… from the NUKE and grand redesign of Krusty Land in Springfield all the way to building three amazing rides in a huge Itchy and Scratchy theme park. Whats not to love? ❤

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      I’m enjoying it. It is nice not to have to ‘travel’ to K-Land.
      Wonder how long EA will retain the iconology of it on the Neighbor screen.

      Only issue is LAND. I had all available so I received 100 tokens.
      I currently have 18 tokens in the bank but I need ~140 to buy all the land and sea.

      EA must have a plan – logical or demented though it may be.
      (Then again, this is K-land and I&S-land. Demented goes with the territory)

    • Well, we built rides, alright… my descriptive terms for them would be different – then again, maybe if I saw them run…
      I wouldn’t call my park huge – it’s a boatload of stuff crammed into a bonus area that makes me cringe when I see it because it looks like a plopper designed it…
      Oh, I did get introduced to the too many items popup due to having to recreate the Krustyland I spent so much time on in a new and differently sized area in my Springfield that was already getting full…
      What’s not to love?

    • My only real complaint is that recreating my Krustyland (in even a much smaller version) has caused me to hit the item limit again. I am cut off from placing anything again. 👎😕

  15. Is it my shitty tablet, or is everybody else’s Springfield running insufferably slow? Wasn’t like this pre-I & S, and it seems to be getting worse. ..

    • The animation of the rides is showing things down for everyone. The lag used to just affect some people but now it has gotten much worse. Many people are opting to not connect the pieces for their rides so they don’t have the animation. You can still make it look how you want. Just flip a corner a different direction so the red dots don’t align and that should help with the lag.

    • Mine is too. I thought it was my android phone so I went on my iPad and same thing. Very annoying. For one week everything was running smoothly.

      • Keith1Roon991

        Use a amazon fire tablet which lags but my 6s edge phone works great, think it’s older devices

        • I don’t think it’s older devices at all. My iPad is running new ios and my phone has Oreo 8 the newest update for Android. It’s the game itself for some players.

          • It’s not the operating system, but the processor speed which will determine how badly each device will perform. Older devices generally have slower processors and usually less RAM space to work with.

      • nuklearbanana

        Disconnect the i&s rides and your game will run Smoothie again.

        • It’s not just the I&S rides, but all the KL ride animations all running at once that made the sudden noticeable lag increase

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