Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prize Guide- Prize 6 – Corporal Punishment

There are some who would say that we have been “punished enough” with this event. A LOT of grinding to get a character with a questionable amount of screen time to warrant being named as a prize.  However, we got BORT, who had less than 10 seconds of full screen time, so a guy who has had several random appearances seems like it makes sense.

If you have done your due diligence, and logged on 4 times a day and cleared/resent your Ride Attendants, you should have had no problem earning the final prize.

Good News! This is an actual (and seemingly scarce) FREE FULL CHARACTER!!  Whooohooo!  Let’s take a look at the details…

Prize 6: Corporal Punishment

Comedic and Unusual Punishment Pt. 1
Corporal starts
Corporal Punishment: SIR! YOU WANTED TO SEE ME, SIR?
Krusty: Corporal, I like you. You work cheap. More importantly, you don’t seem to REALIZE you work cheap. I want you to be my new sidekick.
Krusty: Ew, no. Not yet, anyway. Maybe later. Almost certainly later. Anyway, let’s see a smile there, soldier.
Task: Make Corporal Punishment Struggle to Smile- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Krusty: Oh God, that was horrifying! Why did I hear creaking and popping noises when you tried to smile?
Krusty: Can we turn down the volume, please?
Corporal Punishment: Sir, yes, sir.

Comedic and Unusual Punishment Pt. 2
Krusty starts
Krusty: You’ve obviously forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. Let’s practice. Play with these hand puppets.
Corporal Punishment: How shall I play with the puppets, sir?
Krusty: Just make up a scene: a tea party, a ball game, or a silly cowboy adventure!
Corporal Punishment: Making up scene now, sir. Captain Puppet, sir! The Nazis have broken through our lines! They’re using some kind of chemical weapon! It’s eating my skin! Auugghh! Auuugghhhh! Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!
Task: Make Corporal Punishment Play with Hand Puppets- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Corporal Punishment: Dead. All dead. These men were the only family I’ve ever known, and those Nazi SCUM took them from me. I want BLOOD. Am I playing with puppets correctly, sir?
Krusty: Sure. The kids in my audience love stories about the horror and futility of war.

Comedic and Unusual Punishment Pt. 3
Corporal starts

Krusty: I’ll make you an entertainer yet, Corporal. Let’s try some stand-up comedy. Every great stand-up has a funny stage persona. What do you think your persona should be?
Corporal Punishment: Humorless giant who considers comedy a waste of time?Krusty:Well, I haven’t seen it before…
TASK: Make Corporal Punishment Practice Stand-Up Comedy– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Corporal Punishment: I gotta tell ya, the fastest way to clear a village of armed insurgents is to ask them to take a BATH. That, or call in a coordinated strike of Boeing AH-64 Apache ATTACK HELICOPTERS.
Krusty: Ughhhhh…

Comedic and Unusual Punishment Pt. 4
Krusty starts
Krusty: You’re the worst stand-up I’ve ever seen. You’ve got no talent, no material, and no timing. As far as I can see, there’s no aspect of entertainment you do well. Which makes you the perfect clown. Trust me on this.
TASK:Make Corporal Punishment Try to Clown Around-8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Corporal Punishment: Clowning mission successful, commander. All japes and gags present and accounted for.
Krusty: Actually, that was pretty good. Which makes you a threat to me. If you ever pick up a pie again, you’re fired.

Comedic and Unusual Punishment Pt. 5
Krusty starts
Krusty: I’ve got it! You’re not funny, Corporal, but you ARE funny-looking.
Corporal Punishment: Sir, thank you, sir!
Krusty: Imagine a hunk of vibranium like you petting an adorable little kitten, and saying: I wuv my wittle kitty….It’ll kill!
Corporal Punishment: My mission is to kill a kitten?
Krusty: No, that’s probably a downer. Let’s try it first without the killing
TASK: Make Corporal Punishment Cuddle a Kitten- 2hrs, Earns $110,27xp
Corporal Punishment: I wuv my wittle kitty.
Krusty: Aww, the kids love you! I’m a genius!
Corporal Punishment: When do I terminate the kitten?
Krusty: Never! Never kill a bit that’s working. Just keep doing it over and over, for years, and years, and years…

Corporal Punishment’s Permanent Tasks:
Task …………………..Task Length… Earns,,,,,,,,,,,, Location
Clean Up After Krusty – 1hr – $70, 17xp  – Just walks around outside
Play with Hand Puppets 4hrs -$175, 45xp –  Outside/Visual
Try to Clown Around – 8hrs –  $275  70xp –  Outside/Visual
Watch Military Shows on ViewTube –  12hrs – $420, 100xp – Brown House
Watch Cute Animals on ViewTube 24hrs – $600, 150xp  – Brown House

(Also has tasks to Overpay for Sex on the Beach, Try to Win at Blackjack, Drink and Babysit and Dance the Senor Burns (if you own the buildings associated with those tasks)

And Yes…his “play with hand puppets” task is hilarious!

There you have it…the BEST prize of Act III. Take it or leave it…or put it in the brig for inhumane treatment of a wittle kitty!

What did YOU think of Corporal Punishment?  And yes…I’m talking about the character, not the “good old days” when a teacher could paddle a kid!

32 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prize Guide- Prize 6 – Corporal Punishment

  1. I have tried to search the answer to my question, so i apologize if it’s been answered already…but, my comedic and unusual punishment pt. 2 won’t continue.
    It’s got a red NO symbol, even tho my character is free and has the option to do the puppet task. Any suggestions or ideas to keep the quest going?
    Please and thank you!

  2. CaptainRobertz

    Ya’ll think he’s worth the 65 donuts I got him down to at the end?? Didn’t finish the event…

  3. Corporal Punishment wasn’t worth the Grind for me …. but Kem Farming so that I could spend Sprinkles on some gems from each Mystery Box was totally worth it (like totally!) 😀

  4. wordsleadmeon

    I really enjoyed his questline. Can’t say that about much this event, but at least the borderline unplayable level of lag seems to have subsided with this act. Should be able to get one last round of bonuts before the clock runs out. Then I’ll start trying to design the mess. Lag made me just want to get things placed in the bonus area so it’s a disaster. And that’s without unpacking anything but the wheel from KL to get Princess Penelope back.

  5. How many saws I need to make Bonita? When you get the final prize, they sometimes give Bonita for certain amount of event currency. So, I would like yo know how much I need, if someone knows, please.
    As for the corporal, I am getting him soon, and yay! Done with the event (close eyes, shudder)

    • Autocorrect. How many saws do I need to receive bonuts? Bonuts for extra event currenct. How much currency do I Need? Thank you

    • You need 4000 chainsaws each time to get bonuts, unless you can get the extra chainsaws within 16 hours until the event ends then they are not worth the effort for 3 extra donuts. To add to the matter, you need to wait another 8 hours (complete two 4 hour tasks) for the bonuts to activate. You’re better off getting your donuts from the Rail Yard, Playdough Factory (Maggie), Sideshow You (every 300 balloon pops guarantees 5 donuts), friend visits and daily challenges.

  6. Bangles Dupree

    Love the hand puppets! Y’all motivated me to keep grinding this last day of the event. Almost there!

  7. I love the hand puppets! The McGriff Crime Dog puppet is from “The Springfield Connection” (the one where Marge becomes a cop), and Snappy the Alligator is from “Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk,” but I always assumed Snappy was Mr. Burns’ own personal hand puppet. I guess both are commercially available if Corporal Punishment has them now! And yes, I am thinking about these tiny details way too much….. 😀

  8. Glad to have him actually. He always kinda stood out on the Krusty set I think despite not having anything to really stand out about.

    But I think it’s really time we start getting some actual characters of the show like Sarah Wiggim.

  9. The hand-puppet job is really funny! Almost all my characters now go on 24 hr tasks everyday, but Corporal will be one of the few with specific shorter jobs that I love…Maggie as a pinata in the outlands, Caveman Moe serving drinks, Sideshow Bob doing lasso tricks, Duffman flying over the stadium, Plopper climbing the silo and Bart controlling the mechanical ants to name a few 😄.

  10. I wanted adult Bort (since we got kid Bort). They could have had joint tasks like fight over license plates. I know they are only 10 second characters, but so is Rosco. Sometimes I think the value in the character is the value in the Simpsons memory.

  11. Having served, the Corporal is now one of my favorite characters besides all incarnations of Ralph Wiggim.

    • Every time I see Ralph, I think of the old Carol Burnett character Mrs. Wiggums (the goofy secretary to Tim Conway’s character Mr Tudball)…they just have to be related😂😂.

  12. Can anyone tell me why my tsto app keeps having to do a full re-download everyday, I have more than 2gb of space available on my iphone, is this a common occurrence, When I play on my ipad its lagging as it is an old ipad but my phone is much more upto date and I have no issues prior to this event and been playing since Whacking Day.

  13. Wish we got Poochie the Dog!

  14. What quest should I concertrate on to start earning Bonuts ?

  15. Had to read this post to get the pun of his name, because it doesn’t work in Spanish, and strangely enough he has been promoted to sergeant in TSTO. And I read in the wiki that depending on country and media he has been captain and just “punishment”. Quite a career!

    Funny character anyway.

  16. This character is so forgettable I’ve already forgotten about him and haven’t seen him since I finished his task. Lol.

  17. I find it funny (unlike the event 😂)

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