Itchy and Scratchy Land Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Itchy and Scratchy Land Event Ends TOMORROW July 11th. 

This means that you will want to make that final push to gather up all the things you want from the Event before it goes with the Event.

As far as what is going to happen AFTER the Event… well, we can’t know… until it is over. Until then all we can do is speculate. So, patience. We all have to verify what happens after together.

Now as far as to what is going with the Event, here is a brief rundown…

  • Questlines linked directly to the progression of the Event will go. Like the Main Questlines that pulled you through all 3 Acts.
  • However, the questlines linked directly to the prizes and Premium Characters you’ve won will remain. (so Corporal Punishment, Tina etc)
  • The event removal will require an app store update to fully remove it from your game.  So don’t panic when the timer runs down and the event isn’t out of your game…  It will require an app store update to remove everything.

I know some of you still try to push that last few minutes of the collection as far as you can. However, with the last few events EA has really shut off the ability to play on “borrowed time”.  In other words, once the timer runs out the ability to collect prizes ends.  So don’t count on getting any extra time with this one.  Try to finish everything up before the timer runs out tomorrow morning. 

And don’t forget to craft! Use em or lose em!

So tap those last few park visitors and relax and wait to see what EA has next in store for us.

Additional note:

Some of you are asking if you’ll still be able to craft ride pieces (log ride, injury 500 & Zoominator track pieces) once the event ends, like we can with Monorail tracks.  We won’t know until the event ends, but I wouldn’t count on being able to do it.  Craft the parts you think you’ll need now before the event ends. Don’t plan on being able to craft additional track pieces after the event, because odds are you won’t be able to do it. 

Oh and don’t be surprised if we see a mini-event hit tomorrow with the removal.  As we’ve been saying for a long time…mini-events are downtime.  There’s never going to be a period where nothing is going on in the game, they’ll constantly update to keep players engaged.  They may be small updates, designed to finish quickly and then enjoy some downtime before a timer runs out, but you’ll never see a massive amount of time without new content in this game.  You may get a day or two, but not weeks.

Are you sad to see the event go?  Or ready for it to finally be over?  How did you do with the prizes?  Get everything you wanted?  What are you hoping to see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

60 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Nearing the End…

  1. Well, it’s been over 48 hours since I nuked my Springfield and buried Homer for good. Not wasting any more time on this glitchy mess of a game. Been playing for 4 years and this whole Itchy and Scratchy mess was the end of the line for me. Couldn’t make any progress in the event, EA customer service was absolutely no help. Frustration level peaked after takedown/ removal and the game was still unresponsive. Gave it the chance to cure itself and that never happened! Bye y’all.

  2. Worst event. I got all the prizes for act 1 and then didn’t really care after that. It was laggy! I’m so happy that once I was able to store all the I and S stuff that my game started moving faster. Now I can enjoy playing it again. Pity! This could have been a great event!

  3. Does anyone know if the I&S Land Park-goers (attendees) that are now available for 50 donuts, do they stay in the amusement park area or do they roam all over Springfield?

  4. fiendish thingy

    Worst event in recent memory. Put what little I earned into storage. Best part of this event was all the land tiles -still have 22 tiles in storage, plus several new chunks to expand my Halloween and Christmas areas, plus more for future events.

  5. So is there any reason to keep all these rides? I know from the past special events the buildings themselves give me money, but these rides take up a lot of space. Can I store them away.

    • I stored the extra pieces I had crafted for the event bonus percentage. Now that the event is over, they no longer add a bonus, so I see no other advantage in keeping them. So store them if need to do so.

  6. wow. barely finished this last act. that lag was a killer until a few days ago; no currency left to craft the zoominator loop or crowd. … *smh. hope the small break won’t be overwhelming. lesigh.

    • karenskuality

      Wow, so sorry… Makes me wish the had “friend sharing” in the game!

      Cuz, I had finished everything with about 10 days left and over 60,000 extra currency until late yesterday when bought many extra loops and drops. Now I have a “super huge” coaster and log ride!


  7. I had such high hopes for The Itchy & Scratchy Land Event, but in the end? It was as bad as the Spin the Prize Wheel for Meh from years ago!

    I learned to play this Game App differently – if it’s not worth Grinding every 4 hours for Event Prizes during an Act? Go back to Kem Farming for Premiums! Take a day (or 2) off from Tapping!

    Go ahead and Plop, then go back to re-arrange things! Remove anything that’s a waste of space (over the years we’ve had several things that are not useful, so it’s okay to store them)! I just wish EA would change it so that we could sell off everything we have Stored!

    Let’s see what Poochie will offer (please be a new character please be a new character please be a new character please be a new character)!

  8. Just saw an announcement on the official Facebook page that Poochie is coming to TSTO. I wonder if this is something that will be available to purchase immediately after the end of the event or if it will be part of the next mini-event. I don’t think they mean the mascot. I think it’s a full character, but I could be wrong.

  9. I’ve got an app store update (android). This seems a bit early.

    • Following on. I’ve done the update and the only change I can see thus far is that there’s a park visitor bundle for 50 doughnuts. The event is still ongoing.

      • Wait, there’s also an option when you click on the rides to “turn ride animation on/off”. Hopefully this means that we can have all our toys out without everything going lagtastic.

  10. I really enjoyed this event but now I’m glad it is over and saw it on the forum and looked myself and I think we have a possible hint at what is to come.

    This is right off the games facebook and was posted 39 min ago. Look below the photo’s and video’s. Also going to enjoy building a hell of a park especially after they turn on the supposedly on and off switch for the rides.

  11. hassenpfeffer

    The “roller coaster tycoon” portion of this event was a let-down for me. Making ALL of the pieces a specific design, depending on orientation, is a disappointment. There is so much more that could be done if they had simply allowed users to choose from the possible layouts for each piece. I know KL is *supposed to be* a crappy, over-merchandised theme park, but my town is not. As soon as the event ends, it will probably go into storage, never to be seen again. Such potential, completely wasted.

  12. Finish off two days ago. I would saw through whole event logged in 3 times a day average. Some got 4 times, some days got 0 or 1. I caved and made a small KEM farm, so kinda dedicated to logging in every 4 hours for that.

    Defiantly say I didn’t grind. Log in tap park arch, clear rest of my town, tapping any park visitors as I go around. Clear KEM farm and restart and out. 5 or 6 min play time each time in.

    I don’t design just open up a section of land and craft in the area. Move some stuff in if it fits with the theme. Drop and play. I could stop playing and not care (as I don’t really play), but then I feel I would be missing something in my life if I didn’t tap for 15 min a day.

  13. I was a bit shell shocked by the major changes that came with this event, but in the end i learned to adapt. Heck. I did more than adapt. I completely changed my game play. From super efficient, to a sprawling town, designed more like a town, rather than organized by tax turnover times and proximity for character tasks.
    It was great only having to scroll to the 4hr section, the 8hr section, 12 hr section, etc, when those times were up, and not having characters have to walk really far away to get their tasks started. But i am getting used to the scrolling, scrolling, scrolling around to collect my taxes and the characters taking forever to find where they are going.
    I kinda hope they don’t make ride pieces craftable after the event or I would’ve crafted a bunch of nurse stations that make money every 4 hrs instead of crafting a zillion race car track pieces so the ride could surround the entire park.
    But wowee, there sure is a lot of work to do because of this event. I got a whole town to redo and two parks to fit in. I like it.
    Speaking of, i like it. I’m sure this is a stretch. But there was an episode where a female character said “ I like it” a bunch of times and i have been mimicking her ever since. For probably 20 years or so. Anyone have any idea who that was or what episode i am talking about? It’s the only thing i remember. She would pause and then say, i like it.

  14. Keith1Roon991

    Will there be a fix for the lag or will a newer device be needed

  15. Done the event, trying to figure out how to get everything set up.
    Trying to decide if I should do another shot at the mystery boxes. I’ve done 2 for each and gotten 2 things I wanted, but not my top pick from each. Now the KL one has 1 I want and 2 that are eh at best. The Music one has 1 I really want, 2 that are eh and 1 I don’t really want. What would you do?

  16. Josephine Kick@$$

    This has definitely been the most lackluster event ever. I am only crafting the roller coaster weirdos now & don’t even care much about those. )It also ticks me a little that they can’t be place on KL road.) Due to the monsoons our power was knocked out for over 12 hrs Sunday night. Normally I freak if I can’t play for that long, but didn’t even care. I hope EA changes things up for the better once this event ends. Item limits are still ridiculously low making designing really blow. I’m going to be scaling down a lot, more duplicate buildings will go into storage. I’m starting to subscribe to the thinking of “smaller is better”. I thought I’d never nuke again after the 1 & only time I did, but am not caring much about the in-game $ loss. Need something to change, after all of these years I still love the game, but it’s getting boring. 😐

    • I’m starting to think controlled nuking myself…doing group storage for each section of the whole town – organized by a grid plan – pulling all the trees, fences, flowers and shrubs out of each group back into inventory as I go…then replacing section by section into a better town plan. I can store the buildings I don’t want as the group is re-placed in town, and re-organize the rest of the buildings into a smaller area. If I do it right, I should have no more problems with item limits for the forseeable future. A really big task, but the alternative is sitting out the next few events to conserve pieces. I did a smaller version of this when I moved all my “around the world” stuff to SH…it worked pretty well, and I was able to keep the key pieces of each area and decorate them nicely. Not ready to nuke, don’t think I’d ever find everything again with the inventory set up as it is, but controlled nuking seems a little less formidable.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Sounds like a good plan. I really wish we had better options for our inventory. A search feature would be awesome, & the ability to select the qty when selling an item. I sell my ant signs, but it’s time consuming when I do because I can’t sell a large number at once.

      • Wow good luck seams a lot of work but good luck It really sounds like a good idea to it that way. I have played this game since the recycle castles have no idea when I started but I am to big to do all that work or nuke my town I would get over welemed and just quit playing

  17. I liked this event okay. The track prizes were so-so but I’ll take any new characters. I don’t know what I will craft with my remaining currency because I don’t need anymore track pieces – they’re big enough as is!

    Looking forward to creating a Krustyland with an I&S subpark inside.

  18. i need lots of friends

  19. This event had its ups and downs. Guess that is perfect for a theme park event. Overall enjoyable, now have to find the time to design a full theme park area.

    Don’t particularly like the trend of forced crafting options. I use to look at them as go with how you want to design your Springfield, level up for more options etc, now it appears more of you must craft this or that to complete the quest.

    Hope as mentioned already, spread the tasks around with other characters. Use some of the characters from past events, except for “send Springfielders to do ….” most never have any interaction with any quest/story lines after their event.

    Bring on the next event

    • There was only forced crafting if you forced yourself to do the crafting. The crafting had no bearing on the main questline. There was a little side quest where you could craft things, but you, by no means, had to craft those things to progress further in the event. If you skipped that crafting quest, you could still get everything else from the event and earn bonuts.

  20. Enjoyed the event but will probably store the 3 rides when the event ends seen as I can’t have them connected without my game lagging horribly. Was slightly disappointed that the itchy and scratchy topiary bushes in the background of the splash screen weren’t made available in the game at all though.

  21. I enjoyed the event but am equally happy to see it end…

    I hope that the next events are equally as good but explore new formats…I’d really like to see the community prizes make a return as it made friend visits more meaningful.

    I’d also like to see crafting reworked if they want to keep it….I don’t like having to grind like crazy for difficult to find tappables. I don’t like having to grind or spend donuts on it…like to get a meaningful and fun race track and zoominator I had to spend donuts…I think another thing that should be implemented is a way to scrap craftables you’ve bought accidentally or bought and no longer need….for example: the initial setup I had for the zoominator was way to large so I had to downsize and rework it…because of that I had to donut buy several corners and am left with half a dozen short tracks that I have no need for taking space in my inventory. Having the ability to scrap those out (I’d be cool with something like 85% of the crafting materials returned for doing so…I don’t expect 100% back) so that I could then re-craft what I do need.

    Another thing: we have well over 100 characters last I knew… Why the eff are we still using the same ones over and over? Better yet, why are we under utilizing characters….. You do an event centralized around Krustyland’s destruction and the introduction of itchy and scratchy land but do they include Krusty, Sideshow Mel, Sideshow Bob, or Mr. Teeny in any way, and you don’t include tasks to have the kids enjoy the rides that could be used to gain additional crafting or event currency? That’s the dumbest thing ever, and flat out lazy planning and programming.

    As for future events? Not really sure what I’d like to see…

    Just a few thoughts and hopes.

    • Completely agree with the insufficient use of characters (I think there are around 300 in the game now + skins…). I understand that they want to make the event playable even for new players, that is why events use the same low-level characters as the base characters. But nothing stops them from using also higher level characters, event characters (from previous events) etc. Or add side quest (not essential for the event) that will use other characters to make it more fun for us players…

      As for the future, I would like an SH expansion, its so out of balance now with the land available on “the other side”. And wider sea part. Now they introduced a building that can go on land AND on water (without tiles), so they could explore it more. Make an island-based event for example…

  22. I think if they dont allow us to craft parts for the rides it will be a big mistake. The park will then just stagnate as we will be able to do nothing with it. After the event ends ill nuke it and re design it as (and others too) i dumped stuff in the main area to get the 50% bonus.

    • Why would you not be able to do anything with it? It would still function…

      • karenskuality

        I think they mean… Crafting additional parts for the rides, even after the event? Kind of like we can still do the rail yard?

        If possible, then we could make the log ride or coaster as big or complex as we wanted. Maybe this was the idea?


    • I crafted enough parts to build three large rides. I managed to build all of these within the 50% area and make it look like a theme park. I will be merging ISL into KL and getting rid of duplicate KL buildings that were once used for Krustometer.

  23. Just a silly question, right now in the store they’re selling the donut truck and boat for donuts. Is that just their decorative versions or do you actually get the equivalent donuts as well? Thanks

  24. Push to the end…?
    Really? I’ve literally been done for 10 days… just thought this was a very very boring event 🙁

    Next mini-event? LOL

  25. Thanks Alissa, another great and informative article. After initially feeling meh about this event, I ended up enjoying it. I actually like Krustyland in my Springfield, it’s great to be able to incorporate other items into it. Overall I think it was a good event. Some things that I am not keen on are having to keep items in the set area to earn bonus etc. I know EA have done it for the last few events but I am not keen as it means that you have to wait until the end of the event before designing can begin. That being said, I finished this event a few days ago and have redesigned my Krusty / itchy and scratchy land and am really happy with how it looks. I was delighted by the Krustyland mystery box, finally got the log flume, which looks great. I am also delighted that I finally got the Springfield National Park – been wanting that ever since it came out. If EA could sort out the Krustyland paving and let all items on it, not just Krustyland items, that would be great.

    I would love to see a event that has items to beautify our towns. I want more trees, you can never have too many trees! Big trees please like the Japanese Maple trees which I missed out on (😕), Flowers, bushes, taller hedges, waterfalls, fancy bridges, maybe birds and butterflies (like Halloween bats), lily pads with frogs on them to go on water tiles, ponds etc. I would also love EA to sort out a few niggling things such as the cobbled road to create bridges over water tiles like the normal roads do, paving to match the cobbled streets, and other paving too. Oh and to get rid of that darn item limit please!

    • Oh, new beutifying items, that could be with a SH expansions, I would love to have new items to spend the SH currencies on.

    • Bangles Dupree

      Great ideas, Blue! My Springfield is kind of a Tree City USA. I love decorating with trees! I especially like the way the trees change in the fall. They have some ribbons that will decorate the hedges and normal green trees in the spring, but we didn’t see them this year. We do need butterflies!

    • oktober10aussie

      I also missed out on that Japanese tree’s (the pink ones – are they the maple?). Would love to see new decorations added.

  26. This is definitely one of the better events they have done recently, provided it wasn’t to buggy, mine ran fine. Every event lately seems to drive criticism and numerous threats to quit, some have been a tad mediocre or repetitive but i enjoyed this one.

  27. Was quite a good event I think. Got everything I wanted, my Zoominator takes 8 tiles in my game 😉… only issue is the item limit still annoying me, EA should have abolished it when moving all the KL stuff to SF… @ Alissa and Patric: thanks for all the good tips and advice for this event! Without you guys, I would have just nuked my KL before buying all the KL tiles! Keep up the good work!

  28. Best event they ever had was Stonecutters. Reading those hieroglyphs and running corresponding character tasks. That was the best time I ever had with TSTO. Wish they’d have a Part II of that.

  29. I feel this event stretched a little too long, like Monkey D. Luffy 😄
    Remember to NOT complete event quests if you finished the event and value standard daily challenge rewards more than event ones.

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