7/10/18 App Store Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like EA released the removal update a little early, as there is currently an app store update available in Android (I can’t check iOS and Amazon at the moment) that preps for the removal of the I&S Event.  However, I want to stress downloading this update will NOT remove the event from your game at this time.  The event will not officially end until the timer runs out tomorrow.  So don’t panic.  This update will, however, change your app icon and splash screen back to normal.  As well as make a few other changes.  So, let’s take a look….

WARNING Potential next mini-event spoiler at the bottom of this post…

The park visitors have been added to your store…

for 50 donuts you can purchase all 3 Park Visitors that have been invading your Springfield over the last 6 weeks.  And before you ask…yes, all 3 are NPCs (animated when tapped, nothing else) and no I won’t be doing a SIB on them.  They’re NPCs…if you like them get them.  Otherwise, pass, they add zero value to Springfield.

Another change is the ability to turn ride animation on and off.  If you tap one of the rides associated with this event you’ll see a toggle switch to turn the animations on or off…

And that’s it for now.  Most of this was just prep for what will be (likely) hitting our games tomorrow.  Here’s a hint from EA’s Facebook…

Looks like the Itchy and Scratchy theme will continue…for a little while longer anyway…

Thoughts on what’s to come?  Thoughts on the teasers in the App Store description?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “7/10/18 App Store Update

  1. I’m not reading any of this. Sorry. 4 of my long time neighbors dropped out.

  2. Awww- I would have bought the wanderers with balloons if they were real income-producing characters like the tourists (who came in a bundle of three, but are separate characters although they never participate in events).

  3. After the update yesterday my game crashes before it ever comes up. EA has been less than helpful. Rebooted, reinstalled, rolled back 2 days (meaning I probably lost the last prize from the last event), reinstalled again, (used at my data for my cell phone plan), and still nothing. Any ideas?

    • oh and now im missing time on the new event

      • Time won’t be a big factor, this one is pretty easy. So don’t stress there.

        You did all the major things, the only thing I can think of beyond that is try installing and logging in on another device. If it works, it’s a device issue and there’s not much that can be done unless a device specific patch is sent out. If it doesn’t work then it’s your game and that’s a direct issue with EA.

        • Tried that too. Anonymous game works fine, but when I log in it crashes on other devices as well.

    • After several rounds of useless “solutions” from EA, I received this:

      We have been reported by number of players experiencing the same problem. Our development team is already aware of this issue and they are still investigating the cause of the issues. They are working to address it as soon as humanly possible, However, we don’t have an estimated time of resolution right now. I hope you understand.

      • Yeah, ive gone round and round with them as well. So, I guess I’m going to miss this whole event (if they ever get it working again at all).

  4. I’m really hoping they do the rides ala the monorail and allow us to keep crafting after the event. I still haven’t even unlocked the loop and drop for the zoominator.

  5. Well, one thing is gone if you update prematurely – the pride and 4.July mystery boxes. Only the Krustyland mystery box is left…

  6. Keeps telling me TSTO app has stopped working after update, logged out and in again. Cleared cache. No luck. Any advise would be grateful.

    • Same here. I reinstalled it and it still won’t work. Just reports that the app has stopped…

  7. Keith1Roon992

    I have poochie npc already?

  8. The iOS app automatically updated early for me, and now I’m locked out of the game entirely because it immediately crashes after logging in. I’ve tried the standard restarting my device and deleting/reinstalling the app, but it still crashes before my Springfield can load. I haven’t been able to play for the last 8+ hours due to the crashes. I might not be able to cash in the 3-K crafting currency that I’d saved up during Act III. Grr…

  9. Thank you EA for allowing are Crafted Rides to have their animations turned off! 👍

    I will wait and see if it’s another worthwhile Mini Event, or if I’m better off Kem Farming for those Premiums of interest (thank you EA for bringing back some gems at Discount).

  10. Poochie!!!!!!

  11. Phyllis Patterson

    since you joined the fair with the town it is next to impossible to play , inhave spent hard earned money on this game and feel riped off, i am done, dissapointed.

    • 🤷‍♀️ I didn’t do it. This site has zero affiliation with EA…

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        We know that you are getting kick-backs from EA. That’s how you can afford your Ski Chalet in Staad that I’ve stayed at….
        That was YOUR vacation home that I snuck into, wasn’t it?

    • I am sorry to hear that, yes it is fustrating when we invest money in a game and it becomes unplayable. That sucks, a lot of people are having that issue as well.

  12. It’s nice that Poochie is finally coming to the game since he was one of the few things missing from this event, hopefully the Itchy & Scratchy topiaries will appear in this next event, fingers crossed for them. 😀
    The teasers in the description sound very interesting “Monster matches” sounds like a teaser to this year’s Halloween event. “An old school super summer” is probably the next (and last before Halloween and Christmas) major event for this summer. “An education in prop comedy” could be the next mini event.

  13. What about the glitches when you put your rides together ? It laggs in the game very badly. Will this change after the event and the update ?

  14. Mine just updated on it’s own. I was hoping to get another three donuts from the mystery box and spend my extra event cash 🙁

  15. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Not yet available on my iPad – Alas & Alack
    Crafted everything I can think of possibly wanting, let the rest of my crafting Currency lie fallow
    Will stave off collecting tomorrow’s Daily Task as I won’t need crafting Tickets, but can always use Game Currency.

    • I’m on iPad and I can, if I want to, update my game. But I didn’t because I still wanted to buy one more extension for my LogRide, so I turn the Auto Updates off. I’ll wait until the Timer runs out, if I’m lucky I may still get a little longer. This event has been far more interesting than the Museum Heist. That was so boring, and I still didn’t get Fit Tony because the event ended so abruptly. Add me please. I’m on level 323. Thanks

  16. I heard about the update through the Simpsons’ Instagram before I heard about it here :0

  17. The update removed all the Fourth of July items from the Store, even though they were supposed to be available through tomorrow.

  18. Josephine Kick@$$

    Yay animations off is a start! Thanks Alissa😁 I’m going ahead & doing the update now on my droid tablet. I’m passing on the NPC’s, 98% of the ones I have are already in storage due to lag. Can always see them when visiting Brooders 😂😁😁😁


  20. Just a note that this will also remove the Pride Week and 4th of July boxes, but not the Krustyland box, from the store. I had meant to buy Reagan tonight, but now will have to wait for next year.

  21. More spoilers available in the character groups should anyone want to look.

  22. I’ve noticed an immediate improvement in game responsiveness with the function that lets you turn off the I & S ride animations with this update. Bravo EA! 🙂

  23. Keith1Roon991

    Did the update on both my devices but it didn’t solve my lag, was able to join the dots then had to switch the animation off, in another note what are the extra rewards for the visit friends pass for 30 donuts, just curious as i haven’t bought a pass before. Thanks

    • It doubles your rewards (gives you 300/day instead of 150/day) for the 10 neighbor visits during an event…it’s never worth the donuts.

  24. Nice to see Poochie coming to the game was actually surprised they didn’t add him to the event itself, but as some on the forums were saying they saved the best for last when it came to adding Poochie.

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