Friday Filler – The REAL Importance of Everyman

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

Whoa…it’s been “one of those weeks.”  Wall-to-wall-to-wall work commitments and launching new “re-wirement” projects.  And in the middle of it all, I had to sit back and chuckle at the timeliness of receiving one of my favorite “Super Heroes” in our game…Everyman!

Wait…hold on…I hear you rolling your eyes.  And yes…you have really loud eyes!

I have seen the comments.  You were all a bit disappointed that this “mini event” was so mini! You didn’t want another Super Hero event, unless it was truly SUPER!

But for me, there is simply no doubt that Everyman may be needed more than ever.  And in fact, it may be when we keep relying on “heroes” to get the work done, instead of relying on an Everyman, we may be dooming ourselves to failure.

While it’s easy to discount or forget Everyman when someone like RadioActive Man is flying around, when push comes to shove, and it’s time to get things done, give me Everyman, every time!

As the caption in the main graphic implies, I am not a fan of the current “multimedia star worship” syndrome.  Sorry…but we all started losing any semblance of the true meaning of “star” or “hero” when we became fans and followers of such vapid, do-nothing morons like the Kardashians, any of the “Real Housewives” (real? really???) or any other number of idiots from the various “Real World” shows on MTV (remember MTV?).

Even worse, are the new breed of “superstars” who have cropped up as “YouTube” millionaires, and Social Media tycoons. Is it any wonder that actual critical thinking, problem solving or public discourse are a thing of the past?  But, I digress…

The fact is, we have become “sheeple”…lazy as heck…and inclined to worship sports stars  and pop stars, rather than those who actually do something of value in the world (LeBron and a handful of others being the exception).

The point being…the REAL work these days is often done by unheralded, mostly ignored “Every-people” who see a problem, and then dive into finding solutions.  After a lifetime of working in the media, and working on countless political campaigns and special interest committees… I finally did something that matters. 

I joined Rotary last year. I won’t go into a sales pitch about why Rotary is a great organization…just trust me on that.  But what I really found out, is that while Rotary in fact “Get’s things done, while having fun” it is a conduit to loads of Social Service organizations that I had never heard of…who are dedicated to countless points of action.  In our area code alone (541) there are more than 3,500 Social Service agencies actually DOING something, rather than just chattering away about politics on social media.  Every one of them is worthy.

But in the end, every single one of them exists and is supported by “Everyman/Everyperson” kinds of people who do something important through donations of time, money, and volunteer support.

Look…I know this a blog about a silly little online game. ( I can still hear you rolling your eyes!!).

But…………. since starting our work in Uganda in 2014, it has been the gracious support of TAPPERS who have made the majority of our work possible. More than 80% of all money donated over the years, has been from TSTO Tappers.


We are Soooooooooooooooo close to finishing this round of school supplies…and the deadline to get the money to Uganda in time for the fall term is literally days away.  Please consider doing something that matters…….

We have tens of thousands of visitors to this site every day… THESE 37 did something that matters…

Add YOUR name to the amazing people who have supported us in this important effort to change the lives of 270 children in a remote, ignored, part of Africa. Real lives. Real heroes. Real people.

Yes…there are a couple of folks who have donated twice this round…and who have supported our work for a while now… THEY are heroes. 

Lori B.
Martha B.
Maureen C.
Frank VL
Jackie H.
Sebastian K.
Alissa R.
Karen B.
Chris M.
Mary Martha R.
Jeoffrey D.
Dan M.
Alex A.
Rachel S.
Jennifer B.
Fred H.
Andrea S.
Mark W.
Keith R.
Bob O.
William Z
Donna S.
MaryEllen C.
Isabel M.
Christopher B.
Barbara M.
Elaine B.
Karen Groske
Maureen C.
Sampson P.
Denise R.
Marjorie W.
Jackie H.
DeeDee F.


It’s time for all of us to become “Everyman/Everyperson” and get to work…

27 responses to “Friday Filler – The REAL Importance of Everyman

  1. I’m a bit late to the campaign and you’ve hit your target but more can only be better! It’s only a small donation but I hope it helps. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. It’s my birthday today and it has been the best gift to receive the news that we have reached the target!

  3. I’d like to add sports “heros” to the list not to be worshipped.
    Are many of them talented? Absolutely. Do they risk personal injury? Sure. But, no matter what the sport, they are way overpaid for playing games.

  4. We need a way to tether npc’s to certain areas of the town. Getting tired of my tumbleweed tumbling through the futuristic part of town and my donut-lady in Springfield heights.

  5. I am shocked by the percentage number of visitors vs donors. Only 37? However was pleased by the 80%. Maybe it’s time for the wrist band again. I lost mine a few years back and would love the opportunity to get a new one.

  6. 10s of thousands using this site donating £1, dollar or euro can make a difference and not break the bank, the amount of joy and information from this site is surely worth that so dig deep, I personally will donate again when the payroll hits my bank, a worthy cause, I am a regular giver to many charitys WWF, Cancer research, SANDs Lothian, Scotland, children in need, all worthy causes, it’s good to give. DIG DEEP tappers 😃😍

    • Thanks for the shout out!
      Unfortunately…statistics don’t lie. Worldwide, it is only 1-3% of those who could afford to give something…who actually do. Loads of non-profits exist by the generosity of people like you, who give to many.

      • Woohoo, just checked your giving page and the target has been met, 😃😄😎😍🤩🙂🙂😁 well done those 42 people

      • That is such a depressing figure. We’ve talked before about how limited my funds are yet I still have a World Vision Sponsor Child. Because as much as it would mean to me, it means so much more to them. I guess this is how most of the comfortable stay stay? By not paying it forward/looking out for those who aren’t in a position to do it for themselves? Sigh.

        Still wish I had the money to help you get those books. I don’t get my disability cheque until next week and it’ll be another after that before I’m sure I have any play money this time. So many worthy things in need of help, so little money to live on in the first place.

        Sidenote, thanks for making a slight exception to the sports stars thing for the ones that do some good, too. I know in Vancouver there’s a long tradition of several current/former players being actively involved in local charities, and there have been times like when the Sedin twins donated millions to BC Children’s hospital that they wanted it to be anonymous and the hospital asked if they could reveal it to encourage others to donate. Even after they retired this year they were out promoting a charity drive for the hospital. Not saying every sports star is a great humanitarian, but it’s really nice when you can be proud of your favourite players both on and off the ice/field/court.

        • So didn’t mean to post most of that twice. My phone is being weird, apparently. Comment box wasn’t empty. So sorry!

        • All good points. We hit our goal!

          • Yay, I’m so glad you hit your goal! Yay for the school! So many in North America take education as a given, at least to a certain point. They forget or don’t know that there are a lot of places, especially for girls, where it’s almost impossible for a myriad of reasons. What your charity does is awesome.

  7. People that ask for likes are so annoying… like if you agree😴😴

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