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Friday Filler – Dear EA – An Argument for a Premium Plan

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

Dear EA,

I did my best. Even though we get nothing out of this one-sided relationship with you (no money, no donuts, no credit for our work), we continue to hope and support the future of TSTO.  I made an attempt to bring “reasonable minds” to the fore, and come up with some solutions that would help you do a better job of maintaining and fixings some of the game issues we face. However, the reception of my “chip in $1.99 for every 500 farmed donuts”  concept fell a  bit flat. People understood the problems created by taking for free what others pay for (at least some understood), but most said, “when you fix it, I might start paying!!”

OK then.

So, I am going to propose something that makes a lot more sense to me. Something that really cuts across all sorts of players…but mostly the “Super Players” who log in repeatedly, have huge towns, and are the largest drain on the server resources.

It’s not that unusual…especially in the face of successful franchises like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s one, short, solution…
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Friday Filler – Behind the “Behind the scenes” – Two Options

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I’m hoping you all had a wonderful 4th of July week…as it always feels like a week, instead of a day or a long weekend, when the 4th falls in the middle of the week.  Unlike half of the country, who took off a couple of days before or after the actual holiday for an extended break, Deb and I stayed put, and just golfed, had a traditional meal (burgers and potato salad), and watched the rest of the world try to celebrate, while under heavy restrictions for the fireworks, due to the unseasonable hot weather. We went to a “hometown” celebration for a couple of hours in Harrisburg, a small town north of Eugene…and watched were planning to watch fireworks from a river bank. But, we both succumbed to a rash of “fair food” (elephant ears, ice cream, shave ice and a hot dog) which conspired to bring us home a full two hours before sunset. I was reminded that mixing spicy with dairy isn’t a great idea (I had a “firecracker burger, slathered with jalapenos for dinner). Nice. Woot. Woot. Boom!  TMI? 

With the regular TV season over…and being completely saturated in movies (we have the Movie Pass app, and have been seeing almost everything that comes out). I have actually been reading a BOOK! OK…so, not a real book, but a real book that has been digitized, so I can read it on my Kindle, my iPad, my cellphone, or any other padular or digital device at my disposal. Real books feel great in your hands…but take up loads of space in the landfill…or your shelves…or the landfill on your shelves. But I digress…

It’s a book that I HIGHLY recommend…even though it didn’t make “Oprah’s Book Club List,” (but should have). This is why we have not chosen to invite Oprah into our book club.  You can only read so many books by Deepak Chopra and other self help gurus. I’m almost 65…my self help days are turning into self preservation. But, I digress again…

The Book??
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Friday Filler – The Trouble with Interpreting Stereotypes with Google Translate

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

This has been a wild week for the “Crankster” and his extended family! As I may have mentioned, I am in New Jersey, visiting the latest addition to my Patric Miller Progeny, one Jacob (Jake) Patric McGuire, who is a heart-breaker already!

I will post pics after the fold…for those who love cute baby pictures. Because…this kid is adorable by any standard! Yes. I am biased…but, he is also grandson #6, so I have a pretty clear metric for measuring “adorable.”  He is. Period.

Getting away from the insanity of the worldview of day-to-day has been an amazing blessing, at a time when it seems that almost every possible thing that seems relatively harmless, isn’t.  Or, at least has come into the cross-hairs of a group that is “offended” by something or another. The Simpsons have been in the news over the past couple of weeks. It has been interestingly “cringe-worthy” on a couple of levels.

And then…in the middle of it all…I was contacted by a TSTO reader/fan from France…who seemingly refuses, or is incapable, of emailing to me in English. I get it. If I was trying to write to him in French, there could be all sorts of mistakes made. Thank Grog for Google Translate (I think)!  It helped me unravel a whole range of questions that needed closer examination, and perhaps a couple that beg the question of, “should I be flattered or offended?

It started out with this reader sending me some 3-D examples of his town…

Let’s take a look…

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Friday Filler – A Primo Video and My Family In The Mob

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Well…good ol’ EA has brought us a whole new bunch of characters guaranteed to offend. As I have said in tons of other posts,  EA/Gracie are equal opportunity offenders when it comes to making fun of cultures…and this one is loaded with ways to be offended, if you take the time to do so.

I don’t.

I guess it’s because I realize that the Simpsons have always been based on lampooning virtually every aspect of our lives in some way. So, unless they come up with a Cranky Old Gray-Haired, Fat Guy who is a TSTO blogger that laughs at anyone who takes the game too seriously, I won’t be offended.

That said, you have to admire a group who has no issue making fun of motor cycle gangs, religious figures, the mob and even the Pope…because they clearly aren’t in fear of retribution.

I was equally delighted to get Primo (who is a stereotype of a stereotype of Italian mob gumbas) and the Pope (who makes me roll on the floor laughing when he vapes a cross while “begin cool”).  They are both hilarious…and helps remind us to not take everything so seriously.

This is great…until real life comes into play, and someone gets whacked. My family has a story about this exact reality…
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Friday Filler – When TSTO Gives You A Badly Needed Break

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

No. I REALLY mean it!  If it wasn’t for this being Firday (yes there are drinks involved)…I’d be in deep trouble. It’s been one of those weeks…when “catching up” is not gonna happen. Mostly because last week had 11 days in it. Don’t ask me how it happened…but it did. Big events, and time/space have a way of doing that to you.

So, you are freaked out, because you are behind on “the Act II Calendar?”  Come on. After the week I’ve had, I am starting to think those of you who are behind, aren’t trying. But then again, maybe EA is specifically giving me a break, and letting me stay ahead on this TSTO event, simply because I am so behind in the rest of my life.

It certainly seems that way…because when I needed it…when I rEAlly needed it…I was able to “get it all” in Act I, and stay ahead in Act 2, without tapping for 3 full days. I had more important things to do…like get my daughter married, and not fall off the ladder, and make sure that the stain on the hangy things matched the wood from the other thingy, and that the gold feet on the love seat didn’t look cheesy…and that the idea for wrapping the building in plastic was really going to work…and that the plastic wasn’t going to blow away in the wind, and that the heaters weren’t going to burn the place down…

Don’t believe me? Read on…
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TGIF – When Is a Memory Issue Really More Than a Memory Issue?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Well…when we last checked in with my Springfield, I was lamenting the fact that purchasing the Hellfish Bundle caused me to do all sorts of things that I don’t usually do. You can read that post here, if you missed it. And, as a true confession, I wasn’t even aware that the Hellfish bundle was actually a retread from a past update. Since the Hellfish episode is from Grandpa’s past as well, the whole past/present, and how it affects the future, gets murky at best.

The most interesting thing starts to happen when you start getting old in Springfield (as in too many items for your memory to handle), some of it predictable, and some of it downright random. But, it may ALL have to do with Grandpa and Mona leaving their posts at the black hole.

Let’s follow along the events in the last week, even though I am writing this almost a week early, due to it being “wedding week” at the Miller household. But, as we will see, time is indeed relative, and at the time you are reading this, our house will be FULL of relatives, old and new…so time, here and now, is indeed relative. Mostly. (yes…I need some sleep).
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Friday Filler – Thanks for Thanksgiving…Hold the Turkey

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

Yep. Been “one of those weeks” when the combination of work, tapping, charities, and volunteerism has colluded to make my life a bit insane. And then…there was the whole iOS debacle with the Thanksgiving takedown/launch.

I’m not going to take the blame for this. Even though, there was a part of my paranoid “lizard brain” that immediately seized upon the “EA is doing this to me because of the things I have said about their lazyassprogramming (EALP) in the last event!” But, would they penalize an entire subset of players (millions of others who use iOS padular devices) just to get at me????   Well…like I said…it was likely just my “lizard brain” talking.

But, this time of year, due to a wide range of reasons, I prefer to admit to calling my “lizard brain” my “turkey brain.”  It’s not that great a leap, as I’ll explain.

But with the NEW THANKSGIVING MINI-EVENT gobbling up our tapping time, it is not so much  a question of IF we are going to succumb to turkeys, but how MUCH turkey we are willing to endure? And do we really want a Turkey NPC roaming our towns?

And…perhaps Lisa is on to something!  Maybe it’s time to Turn Away From Turkey, and look for an alternative. If for no other reason, than to help stem the rising Rural Turkey Invasion!
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