Should You Buy the Witch?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So something EA’s been slowly rolling out over the last year or so is this new bonus for actually spending cash on donuts. (instead of just farming them)  Where they attach a premium, limited-time, character to one of the donut bundles in addition to bonus donuts.

This time around we’re being offered the Witch,  a premium character, for a truckload of 300 Donuts ($19.99 in the US) bonus this time around.  While it’s hard for me to sit here and tell you if you should or shouldn’t spend actual cash on the game (spoiler, I think you should always spend at least a small amount…even if it’s $.99/year on the game if it brings you joy and you want to see it continue) I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of the Witch, her tasks and other details you may be curious about.

So let’s consider this an abbreviated Should I Buy….

So what is the deal?  When you can find it in the Currency Tab of your Store (also by hitting Get More)…

Basically spend $19.99 on a Truckload of 300 donuts and you get the Witch character.

And yes, for those outside of the US I know my price is probably lower than yours.  EA only charges 19.99 USD for this package…anything over that that you are currently paying goes to Google/Apple/Amazon for Tax and Duty etc.  EA only collects the 19.99. 

So, personally, I think this is a terrible deal.  $19.99 is WAY to much to pay for a character, especially a one-off character.  EA needs to have these back at $9.99, a much better deal then.

So here’s a breakdown on the Witch…

-She is NOT voiced
-Comes with a complete set of tasks
-Comes with a questline
-Some fun visual/animated tasks
-Will not earn event currency
-All of her indoor tasks take place at the Brown House
-Visual tasks are 4 and 8hrs

Here’s a look at her task list

Witch’s Permanent Tasks…

Task Length Earns Location
Whip Up a Batch of Cold Brew 1hr $105, 26xp Brown House
Curse Indiscriminately 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Make Long Distance Curses 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside/Visual
Take Adorable Cat Videos 12hrs $600, 150xp Brown House
Host Ladies’ Night for Coven 24hrs $1000, 225xp Brown House

And here’s the Turbo Tappin’ version of her questline…

Curse Craze Pt.1
Witch starts

Make Witch Curse Indiscriminately- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Curse Craze Pt. 2
Witch starts

Make Witch Make Long Distance Curses- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Curse Craze Pt. 3
Witch starts

Make Witch Set Up E-Shop- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Curse Craze Pt. 4
Witch starts

Make Witch Respond to Customer Complaints- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Curse Craze Pt. 5
Witch starts

Make Witch Curse Indiscriminately- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

That’s pretty much it on the Witch.  A premium character for Springfield and while she’s fun, I don’t think she’s worth the cash.  I’d pass.

What are your thoughts on the Witch?  Have you purchased her?  Will you purchase her? Thoughts on her questline and tasks?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

42 responses to “Should You Buy the Witch?

  1. I like her, but I won’t be buying her. In Australia these deals are AUD $30, it’s a lot for only one character. At least if she was cheaper.

  2. I was thinking about it because she reminds me of Witch Hazel from Hanna-Barberra cartoons and fond memories with my mom, but then I got Suzanne, and now feel satisfied with my Springfield witch population.

  3. The witch I want is Marge the witch.

    I’ve let it pass by 2-3 times and regretted it after each time.. Waiting for her to make her next appearance

  4. I bought her, but I used the donuts to buy a bunch of mystery boxes. So I like to think of spending the $20 on her and everything I received in the boxes 🙂 it helps a little

  5. Kevin O'Donnell

    I agree. If you want the game to continue you should support the devs by making purchases in game occasionally. They don’t work for free after all. I bought the Witch bundle but I didn’t find the writing particularly clever for this one. Her outdoor tasks are fun though. I’m happy with this Halloween event and all the classic movie monsters joining up with the Springfield version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I need a Mr. Hyde, Headless Horseman and the Invisible Man and my Springfield Halloween life will be complete!

  6. I’m curious to know that with all the real cash items that have been available over the year, what would happen if they reappear so if the Witch makes another appearance she could either: 1) comeback at the same price as she is now, 2) comeback but at a lower price of 9.99 or 4.99, 3) comeback costing donuts or in a mystery box or another option.

  7. I tend to buy 60 donuts every 3 to 4 weeks at a cost of £4.99 GBP. It is possible to avoid buying donuts at all using farming methods. But I think the updates would soon disappear if we all went 100% freemium.

  8. talon8770 // rick

    From EA ” Eastern US, can connect to play the main game, but all friends vanished AND EA’s tech support site is down.

  9. Darn it, I should know by now that I should read the blog before buying anything. 😡😤 But no, I had to jump the gun and buy the witch.. it’s just that I’m in the middle of moving and have fallen way behind. For act one I had to spend doughnuts to get the Countess , for Act 2 I would’ve had to spend over 100 doughnuts for the she werewolf. No way I could justify that purchase because 1- I don’t have Mr. Werewolf and 2- I didn’t have enough doughnuts. Plus she’s kind of dowdy looking.. I had a really hard time parting with that amount of money but I don’t farm and would really like to finish act 3 without wasting doughnuts. But at least I got just the item I wanted from the thoh Halloween box. !!!!!!!! The nightmare house or whatever it’s called. I got it on my first try which floored me. My odds were really bad because it was full of stuff I don’t have. So in the end I guess I shouldn’t complain. Lol

  10. Bought because I was going to spend $9.99 anyway so I just upped it and won’t have to buy again for a while. Or I could take up KEM farming…

  11. Aaaaah server is down for me (Canada) and I keep getting reload screen…. Just cause halloween is over doesn’t mean my Simpsons is…. What do I waste time on now?

  12. talon8770 // rick

    Has anyone else lost ALL the friends Springfields. Mine went blank today.. Tried everything I can think of .. P.S. I do have the witch but I buy donuts anyway.

  13. I am a successful farmer…..BUT….I always look to look for deals to spend $10-$20 a year on the game because even at that, I get my money’s worth of time spent in the game and I want it continue.

    The $9.99 for a character with donut bonus is what I will go for every time.

    But $19.99 for a non voiced one off character with no donut bonus is certainly NOT a deal for the masses of paying players.

    I am in business and I just don’t get company’s mentality sometimes…….getting more of less is better than less of more. I mean, I have little doubt there would be a significantly more amount of people who would pay $9.99 for bonus package of donuts that came with a premium character than $19.99 with no donut bonus.

    I would think most other players who are willing to pay (even farmer paying players) have their tipping point of walking away. Some it may be $4.99 and the rest are probably $9.99 with only a small percentage remaining at $19.99…..and if it is over that $9.99 (or $4.99) max tipping point, they will never buy, hence loss revenue from that MAJORITY of paying players.

    if you haven’t guessed….I passed on this deal….

  14. Bought this. Not sure it was worth it. Have spent a bunch of money on the game this year. Had a three year gap of not playing. When i came back, my neighbors had all this cool stuff i had missed out on. So have been playing catchup the last 6 months. And didn’t want to miss anything for the big Halloween event. But spending money has helped me enjoy myself. Didn’t like missing out on things years ago when there was no donut farming and i had no money to spend. However i will be spending much much less in the future.

  15. I bought her, I thought after using the kids at Tween Lit, I should give something back. I wouldnt have if there wasnt a character…

  16. I can’t justify spending any more cash on this game, especially not at that price for a stand alone charachter and no bonus or %.

  17. Every now and then to support this free game, I drop $20 for donuts and whatever comes with it. It’s a very meh purchase this time around and I hope for a better buy during the Holiday event.

  18. A bit off topic but not sure where else to post, a very interesting article about the controversy surrounding Apu from British newspaper The Guardian :

    • One of the things that I like about Apu’s character is that he is treated like just any other citizen of Springfield, at least he is now. No more “Please don’t feed peanuts to my god” comments. The episode where Manjula has the octuplets – that could be anyone. Apu is not treated special because he is Indian; he’s treated like anyone else. Isn’t that what we all really want?

      • I think perhaps what is often missed when accusations of racism are banded about is that of the original intent of the accused. I don’t believe for a minute that the writers of The Simpson’s ever set out to maliciously mis represent the entire population of Indian immigrants. I hate to imagine how bland and unsatisfying entertainment could become if the over riding concern became the complete avoidance of potentially insulting any particular group of individuals.

    • Thanks for posting this!

    • I think its funny that having the drunk/lazy stereotype and the overzealous theologian neighbor is okay to mock or laugh with, not to mention Asians, but Apu is suddenly horrible to be a stereotype to have fun with.

      It’s all character traits taken to the extreme for all our Springfield friends. Society has gotten so easily offended

      • Agreed! Everyone is SO quick to jump on the ‘i’m so offended by…’ bandwagon. If the Simpsons got rid of every stereotypical charachter on the show… There would BE no show! I always felt that the reason the show was so successful was Because Of the stereotypes…no matter who or where you are, there is a charachter on the show like you, that helps you laugh at your own place on this big blue marble.

  19. I picked her up – but I’ve budgeted a few $$ per month for donuts, so I was always going to spend the money – I just wait for TSTO to throw a character in

  20. I was about to pick it up, but i was also waiting for your post. Thank you :).

  21. Ouch! I have to agree that $19.99 for 300 🍩 ‘s + a Character that doesn’t seem Premium (to me) feels like $9.99 for 132 🍩 ‘s is a better deal (yes most will take 10 of those 🍩’s for Kem Farming and easily earn back 300 🍩’s in 2 to 3 days).

    So, support the game for $ 9.99 (then use the extra 🍩 ‘s earned on better Premiums) and maybe we can convince EA on a $14.99 = 200 🍩’s with a true Premium Character (that doesn’t hang out at the Brown 🏠 ) which earns Event Currency!

  22. My take on it is is to expensive, think a deal with character combo should be 10 dollars, with at least 400 donuts, I would gladly pay

  23. I bought donuts a few times already this year. I’ll wait and see what’s offered at the Christmas event. I have more donuts than I can spend. I just do my bit to keep TSTO profitable and active.

    Alissa, would you consider doing a survey on who bought the witch?

  24. I was about to spend money on donuts anyway and this is the tier I usually go for. So the witch came as a nice extra.

  25. I’ve gotten all the “cash” characters so far from Shelbyville Manhattan to Hans Mechman but I don’t think I’ll be getting this one.

  26. Halloween is over. You’re living in the past. Quit living in the past……

    (actually halloween should be everyday….but this deal is pretty meh.)

  27. Thanks for the post, Alissa. I think I’ll pass on this 🙄

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