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Friday Filler – What I’m REALLY Thankful For…

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I am writing this early, as on the “real Friday” I will be in California, helping to celebrate the 30th Birthday of my daughter Ali, the 59th birthday of my amazing wife Deb, and hopefully, the day after a Thanksgiving that required us to drive through the night to Cali, through loads of remnants of wildfires, freezing rain, over a mountain pass,  to a remote house in the woods, that was just 30 miles away from the devastation in Paradise.   So…yes…many, many things for which to give thanks!

Of course, Thanksgiving is also a time for reflection…and looking back on how things have changed in our lives, and in TSTO.

This also comes on the heels of what has to be the most convoluted, and greedy Black Friday event ever. An event that is so egregiously transparent in it’s avarice, that it sets a new low bar, even for EA. However, by now…those of you who impulsively bought the silly donut factory for $50, have already done so…and those who listened to us are thankful. But, I digress.

The fact is, when I looked back on the first Black Friday I wrote about back in 2014, I was shocked at how angry I was about the whole thing…in compared to the apathetic, complacent, calm I feel today.  What was different?  Did the game change? Or did I?

I was a really different person a few years back.

Don’t believe me?  Well…read some portions from the Thanksgiving post I wrote back in 2014…and maybe you’ll agree that I have changed…
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Black Friday 2018 Should I Buy Round-Up Part 2: Women to Gold

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So typically when it comes to a Mystery Box I lay out all of the details for each box in a separate post, however, Black Friday brought us SIXTEEN total boxes and a whole lotta stuff inside of each one! So to do an individual post on each box seems a little crazy, at least to me.  (especially since it’s nearly Thanksgiving and I’ve got a ton of stuff to prepare)

So rather than do my typical Mystery Box post, for each box, I’ve decided to do two big posts.  Each post will cover 8 boxes, their contents will be linked to a previous post and next to each item I’ll include the original donut cost (if applicable).  This will help you get a sense of what’s inside and what the value of each item is.

Since you can’t pick and choose what to buy from each box, you’ll have to make your own decisions based on what you like/want and what you can afford to spend.  Hopefully, the linked posts (and original costs) will help you make that decision.

So here we go with the second (and final) round of boxes, everything from women to gold!

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