Should I Spend Donuts on the Returning Gravedigger Billy or Hollis Hulburt?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween is back in Springfield!  Yes, the water is murky, the screen is slightly darker, monsters and minions are roaming our towns…is there anything better than Halloween in our pocket-sized towns?  Of course loads of returning content! Lots of items to drop those sprinkles on…

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Returning Gravedigger Billy or Hollis Hulburt to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your town…

Leaves stores November 4th

Item: Gravedigger Billy and Cemetery Plot
Cost: 100 Donuts
Earns: Plot earns nothing
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What Does It Do:
 Full character for Springfield. 
My Opinion On It Now:
 YES!  I’ve said it once, i’ve said it 1,000 times…anytime you can get a character combo for right around 100 donuts BUY IT

Leaves stores November 7th

Item: Hollis Hurlbut & Springfield Historical Society
Cost: 150 Donuts
Previous Post: Should I Buy
Earns: Cash and XP
What Does It Do: Full character/building combo for Springfield
My Opinion On It Now: 
For now, during this event, Hollis is a pass.

What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Will you be spending donuts to bring any of these throwbacks to your Springfield?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

14 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Returning Gravedigger Billy or Hollis Hulburt?

  1. Quick update : Really enjoying the Gravedigger Billy character who is a slightly psychopathic version of Groundskeeper Willie! ( his cousin )

  2. Just a quick reminder ( I had to check myself ) Gravedigger Billy is Groundskeeper Willie’s cousin.

  3. Another plus about this guy is he’s another Scotsman!

    Not the reason I bought him…honest. 🙂

  4. Got billy in a box, and i dont regret it

  5. I can’t get into the game either and my friends are all gone too. Does anyone know how long the the servers will be down.

  6. I got ’em both on mystery boxes in the past. They’re both good, but the gravedigger’s 24h job requires willie, so it won’t work with the unemployment office, be aware of that 😊

  7. I am so thankful for this site.

    I sometimes think EA doesn’t send any characters back from the dead. It makes the stretches that much harder with nothing to buy.

    But then I find out I have them all. At least I am content knowing they are offered.

  8. Gravedigger Billy and Cemetery Plot

    I’d have obtained this Character Combo, but 100 sprinkles? C’mon, this is a 50 sprinkles Mystery Box item! I won’t frown on anyone who snags this …. it’s just there has been better already in a Mystery Box. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Hollis Hurlbut & Springfield Historical Society

    150 sprinkles, maybe if this was 120 sprinkles I would consider, but I think this should’ve been an 80 sprinkles Mystery Box item. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Lots of good Premiums during this Halloween Event (and we have more coming up)👍

  9. Overall, I love Billy. Buy him!
    The only drawback for me is his lack of a 24hr solo task (needs Willie).

  10. Get out of my Mom and Pop operation

    I love Billy. He’s been digging graves for 30 years!

  11. AndThereGoesSwifty

    I purchased Gravedigger Billy thinking the plot would add to the bonus %, disappointed it doesn’t. I’d be ok with the purchase still but from what I can see (haven’t finished the quest yet) his 24 hour task requires Willie. That makes me regret the purchase since Willie is either recycling or occupied with the current event like he is now. I don’t want to take him away from either of those so Billy basically has no 24 hour task unless something changes after the quest is finished

    • I just let him wander around, so he can be turned into a minion.
      I have 4 characters with no 24hr tasks, so they wander around and give the monsters something to do.

  12. I was on the fence about billy and the grave plot. And while it’s not exactly a combo since the grave plot earns nothing, your enthusiastic YES has pushed me over the fence. I’m gonna pick him up. The other one i have. I don’t remember how i got him, but it was fairly recently, maybe a mystery box.

    Hope you all had a happy halloween!

    • I got Hollis and the Historical Society the last time they were available for 50 donuts in a mystery box from the zoo event. I had Gravedigger Billy and the Cemetery Plot for about 2 years now and he is a fun character to have but the only things I don’t like about these items is that the plot doesn’t have a bonus (a 2.50% bonus would be enough) and Billy doesn’t have a 24 hour task to himself. Happy Halloween.

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